Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 3

HK3: 10 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 18, 2007 on FOX

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  • Women dominate and men dwindle.

    Well Aaron's evacuation was't surprising, but this episode was so out of character. However, the Veterans season is here. Breakfast is easy to serve. Julia is the hero yet again cooking. Serving the army and navy is a huge honor. Aaron faints and is out of the competition. At dinner, it became true that The Blue team men had done well obviously and the women especially Joanna made rancid crab. Even the sous chefs had called it smelly. Jen shouldn't have thrown the pasta out she should've just left it there. In the end, Joanna's bad decision just got her ousted. Finally she's gone.
  • chef Ramsey sadist?

    I believe anyone who watches this series and has never worked in the food buisness might think that Chef Ramsey is a bit of a sadist. Having worked in the food buisness both in the kitchen and as a server I know he is trying to steel them toward the time when the winner will have his own restaurant to run and will then realize that this is no picnic. It is hard work and you have to deal with all types of personalitites both in the kitchen and those being waited on. To succede you must turn out good quality food in a good time. Great job chef Ramsey
  • The women's team is a wreck and reckless.

    Well, this episode, the mens teams really doesn't do much better than usual, but I think due to fatal mistakes made on the women's team, they were chosen for elimination. During the first challenge, in which, the two teams have feed our men and women in the service, the red team greatly outshines the blue team. The blue team is having a hard time making eggs of all things. I assume the blue team's troubles isn't due to skill but for some, the inability to function under Gordon Ramsey's and others are just not really working together to get things done. During dinnertime, the women fall apart. At some point, Joanna attempts to serve rancid food and ignores Gordon Ramsey, while another teammate tries to feed the customers food out of the trash before Julia intercepts her. The girls have to vote together who is going to be on the chopping block. It's pretty obvious what two people that is going to be, but some people are still concern about Julia's abilities and Julia, Jen, and Joanna end up on the chopping block. Ramsey sends Julia back to the line-up. In the end, Joanna goes home on this show. This would have been a hard one for me, but I think my pick might've been Jen, but Joanna was messing up during breakfast service also, so everything combine is probably what sent her home. And poor Aaron finally went home after being diagnose with an illness that preventing him from coming back to Hell's Kitchen, so Jen and Aaron was sent home. Great show. Crazy, yes, but still good.
  • Another great episode with Ramsey giving hell to the contestants!

    The crap these contestants are taking is well worth the prize but a few times I thought a contestant or two were going to ring Ramsey's neck. Julia got to shine in the breakfast portion of the challenge. I like her. I don't quite think she is up on running a restaurant but I hope she goes far. All of the women in this episode were a bunch a whiny brats as far as I'm concerned. The only one who stood up the entire time was Julia. The men, they can't get it right to save their lives. The only reason they won anything in this episode was because the women messed up far worse than they did. Last, but not least, what kind of idiot pulls food out of the garbage to serve people? What kind of idiot pulls food out of the garbage to serve people while they are being filmed on camera? She deserved to be kicked! Donkey!
  • I hate to be around Chef Ranasey when the health inspectors shows up!

    Day three of Hell's Kitchen has the cooks serving the military and Aaron fainted and he will not return. I didn't see all the hour's episode, I had to be elsewhere. I took off at the 38 minute mark after one of the cooks try to get pasta out of the waste paper basket. I didn't want to be around when Gordon Ramsey blows his top. It's tough for me to watch Chef Ramsey screamed at his cooks. Well, they probaby deserve it. they sign up, they know the conquences! They had to live though it. Next week, Day 4!
  • This was a great episode

    I know he can't do it but that one lady has no knowlede of what a dish is should go the lady that took the spaghetti out of the trash should go, and the guy that was sick did go which is good too. I don't think he was cut out for it. I think this will be anothr good season. I'm not kidding myself this year by saying I will watch a little and see, I'm gonna watch the whole thing. I just wish they didn't advertise that people are going to fight back with the chef, they say that every year,just like every year this is a first in Hell's kitchen. This year it was breakfast I think this should be good, and it's interesting to see who improves their skills enough to win. I'm pretty much on track with the people they got rid of so far, even though I think Chef Ramsey should have gone with his initial statement and gotten rid of the lady who threw the spaghetti in the garabage and then washed it off and tried to re-use it. She should have been gone in my opinon.
  • Shut it Off! The best new line in my Vocab.

    Another great episode of Ramsey at his best. The man was on fire today. First the gang had to prepare a breakfast for the Navy and Army of USA. This was Julia's time to shine and she did as she took over both kitchens. For that the boys got left of preping patatoes and onions for the dinner service. Before that Mr China was kicked off the show due to an illness. This left the remaining to fight it out. The guys did better whihc means one of the girls is going home tonight. Watch and figure out who the girls have it out for.
  • Two contestants sent home.

    Still nobody emerging as a favorite to win it all but Julia is coming close. I can't wait for Bonnie and Melissa to bite the bullet. They are snooty and think they are superior to Julia. How dare these two think that Julia is not in their league! Melissa says it took her 10 years to know her herbs and spices...I have news for Melissa, 10 years is way too long. I worked in a supermarket when I was in high school and part of the training we got (for a week) was a crash course on different kinds of produce. We had to know the different types of apples, herbs, pears, etc before we were even allowed to get to the cash register to ring people up. 10 years?! You gotta be kidding me. I doubt Melissa could survive at a Michelin star restaurant either. Jen did something unforgiveable. I don't care who you are or what kind of restaurant you are at. One rule you always have to follow when serving food to people...IF YOU WOULDN'T EAT IT YOURSELF...DON'T SERVE IT!!! Taking pasta from the garbage and washing it off and then boiling it at 212 degrees to "kill the bacteria" is N-A-S-T-Y. However, she gets two thumbs up for nominating herself at the last minute and owning up to what she did (not that Ramsay wouldn't have found out). Joanna needs to get her nasal passages cleared out. If you've got (as Ramasay said) rancid seafood, you should be able to smell it. It would make you want to hurl. How do you even cook with that? Ugh. And the risotto being overcooked...this is the third season of this show and I can't understand how people haven't figured out that you have to TASTE the food you are making!!! It's not that difficult! You take a spoon and taste it while it's still cooking. If it's bland or over/under cooked, you can tell!!! How can you call yourself a "chef" and NOT taste your food??? Sad.

    What is up with Aaron? I've not searched to find out exactly what his illness was yet. From the first time he started feeling dizzy, someone should have mentioned that perhaps he needed medical attention. Last week when he spaced out in front of Ramsay, he should have been sent to the doctor. I hope he's okay because he seemed like an okay guy even though we only saw him crying and whining about not feeling well. So far, this season is exactly what I expected from a Ramsay show. I can't wait until his Kitchen Nightmares premiere here!!!