Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 8

HK3: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on FOX

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  • That's it. This season is over for me.

    Julia, what can I say. From the very first episode, she rocked. HARDCORE! And Bonnie sucked like 4 times, and was nominated a lot, but Chef gave her an opportunity. And to see Julia go just because of ONE bad performance... it pissed me off. I can't believe it. The true winner of this season just left. That final scene was so touching. One thing I appreciate was the fact that the Chef recognized her talent, her value. But she could have won that thing so badly. I hope she gets back and wins that whole thing. Julia Always!!!! Til the end. I still can't believe it.

    Now I hope Jen wins it. It's not that I love her, but it's just the fact that I hate Rock. He's so cocky, thinks he's the best. Bonnie will eventually fail. I miss Julia already.
  • Chef makes a promise that made me a die hard fan!

    Okay... so all season, I've had it up to here [insert picture of hand OVER my head] with everyone dogging Julia because 'she's just a Waffle House Chef'... well folks, she's managed to win challenges for her team AND she gets food ON the table!

    So, really, what can Bonnie the Nanny (who cooks for four people tops) say about her? Nothing, without seeming like a total hypocrite!

    So, in this ep, Julia makes a killing at the first challenge with over 51% of the vote and when she suffers during the dinner service, even I wasn't surprised to see her leaving... but what I was surprised about.. is that he promised to send her to Culinary school and predicted that when she finished, she would come back to the competition and win HANDS DOWN.. .

    now, I've seen him chide and belittle and scream at the chefs that are leaving... but this was a shock and a good one at that... I'll be back to watch, Chef!
  • What can I say? This is exactly why I watch this show.

    The contestants cater to High School kids, and Julia wins, and decides to take Jen with her to Las Vegas. We meet Season 2 winner Heather, and she gives advice for the two women. However, what really stood out in this episode was the dinner service. The pressure in this episode overloaded the meter, with Chef jumping down their throat almost every minute. Josh gets dismissed in the most terrifying and horrible way possible. Chef pretty much screams at him to leave his jacket behind and is discharged from the kitchen. Rock's short temper sparks some arguments and Chef is at his wits end. Thankfully the four remaining chefs complete the dinner service, and reluctantly, Chef sends Julia home. One of the most intense episodes yet, this is exactly why I watch this show.
  • Classic series!

    Josh and Julia both get the boot leaving it down
    To the final three. As Jen really impressed the people
    100 HS students with her cooking. Ramsay was stressed to the
    Limit with Josh. And despite getting the boot, Julia would be going to culinary school. Neat chefs outfits that were black with five people becoming a team. Now down to three!
  • Chef ramsay shows human side finally.

    Well the final 5 are pitted against each other as they turn in thuer old chefs coats for a new one lined in black. Julia is able to impress thier judges in the prize contest, ( hs kids) and gets to see with Jen the restaurant they will get to run if they win. In the service portion Josh finally get the boot after stressing Ramsay to the limit. What I thought was pivitol was that Chef Ramsay realized Julia was out of her element yet still did very well, He eliminated her but revealed she was going to culinary school. The final 3 are going to be hard to find the winner each has good qualities.
  • I was laughing at this episode with all the trash talk, it made it almost into a comedy.

    I wasn't too surprised at him getting kicked out during the service, especially since it was in the previews last week, but that sucks that Julia left. I thought it was really cool that she gets culinary school paid for her, and it would be cool if the show is stil on when she got out if she came back on the competition again. I hope Bonnies is the next one gone, even though Rock is kind of getting annoying I think Rock and Jen are the best chefs on there and will make the last epsiode very interesting to watch. This was a really good episode I think, and we saw Heather I believe who won last season, in her restaurant.
  • Wow, two people were eliminated this week!

    Julia and Josh were eliminated. I can't believe Josh was eliminated during service! I had a gut feeling that he was going to be eliminated this week but definently not this way! I'm really disappointed that Julia was eliminated, but I'm glad she gets to go to culinary school. Chef Ramsay did a very generous deed. I think Rock did poorly this episode but he has wayy too much talent to be eliminated. I really don't understand why Bonnie is still in the competition (maybe its ratings) because shes horrible at cooking. If you put her palette aside, she would have nothing. This was a pretty good episode overall. Good luck to the Final 3! Jen, I'm rooting for you! (:
  • 2 people gone in one episode...

    Josh got the boot midway through dinner sevice, that was I think a Hells Kitchen first. Later big guy...

    Julia, yanking the carpet out from the other chefs at the high school. Nice going girl, man I am so glad she made it this far. I know at the end she was eliminated, however, I think chef sent her home at extactly the right time. Because now this is where the high end dishes will come in to play and the fact that she has no fine dining experience this was the end of the road for her. HOWEVER, on the other hand, upon elimination, Chef Ramsey, gave her a free ride to a culinary school. I thought that was so awesome, and I hope she is finished by the time Season 4 comes on, because I dont think she has to resubmit a video, I think she can be a walk on.

    Anyway, we are closer to see who is going to reign supreme in the Kitchen of Hell..
  • A lot happen in this episode that kept things going and was much better than the previous week regardless of the way decisions went.

    In this episode, the team has a challenge to feed high school students who will decide who has the best dish. Julia wins the challenge which isn't really a big surprise since she's a really good cook just not really knowledgeable about fine dining. She chooses Jen to go with on the trip to Las Vegas with Chef Ramsey. During dinner service, Rock starts being obnoxious again and getting an attitude with the girls. He doesn't want to talk to other people even though they have to work together in order to get orders out @ the right time. Josh was finally canned right in the kitchen due to what I guess was nerves. He was cooking stuff before the orders came in and then the food the customers sent out was undercooked...which I don't really get. But in the end, Bonnie was the best for the night and she decided to put Rock up for his attitude & Julia because it wasn't on best night either. I was sad when Chef chose Julia to go, but happy after he told her he would send her to culinary school and then wants her to come back and win Hell's Kitchen. It was a good show but I really, really hope that Rock doesn't win.
  • Better than last week - 2 people get canned.

    One gets the axe in the middle of a dinner service. No real suprise that Josh got the boot after Ramsay kicked him out and threw a spoon or something at him. The other one wasnt a real suprise either when Julia was shown the door - though Ramsay did that one in a nice way sending her to cooking school - she might return next season.

    Rock wasnt at his best but avoided getting the axe. He kept letting Jen push his buttons and really lost his composure. At times it seems like this is an act as he didnt act like this early on. Its as if hes doing it to increase the tension for the cameras - it seems forced. At one point they were all going at it acting like a bunch of children. Are they being told to do this by Ramsay or the directors? I wonder. Im pretty sure Rock and Bonnie will end up as the finalists only because I think Ramsay has the hots for Bonnie but really wants Rock as the winner. So he will keep Bonnie around as long as possible (she herself inferred as much tonight, wondering why she is still around).