Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 4

HK3: 8 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on FOX
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Day 4 tests the palates of the remaining chefs as they compete in a blindfolded taste test. The losers must face a difficult punishment while the winners dine with Chef Ramsay. At the dinner service, the dishes are critiqued and rated by the diners

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  • Pallets? hard.

    Well Rock, Bonnie and Julia really have great pallets. It's all Josh's fault that he couldn't identify the ingrediets. At least Brad and Melissa got ONE food correct. The punishment, it was so disgusting and pig's feet? Ew, it's a good thing that the men have barf bags. I've never experienced dinner in the dark for I could never see anything unless I have nightvision goggles. At dinner, I think Vinnie was so hiding garbage of wellingtons? It was disgusting as well. Josh has not made anything and finally shut down. Melissa is so bossy but I do think Bonnie is weak though she had good pallets. In the end, Vinnie is gone.moreless

    In Day four of this madness, Chef Ramesy challenge the team for a blindfold test. the men lost and their punishment is to eat the stuff that are terrible. the women went opff to eat in the dark with Chef Ramesy. With dinner back at hell's Kitchen, it's more of the same, with the chef screams at everybody. One chef Bonnie is crying that wants to go home, Chef Ramsey will do anything to keep her in hell for least another 2, 3 episodes. Chef is at his best when he is at his foulest. write that on the bathroom wall.moreless
  • Chef Ramsey brings the pain in another great episode of one of my favorite reality shows evar.

    You know, nothing tears at my heart string quite like hearing Chef Ramsey call someone or a group of people "donkeys." I love it! I laugh out loud every single time he does it. This episode finds Chef Ramsey testing the palates of the men and women. Of course the women won. The men are imbeciles. Once again they open the doors to Hell's Kitchen and once again the two teams fail to serve. At least this time one of the contestants didn't retrieve food from a garbage can. Sheesh! You know, I cringe every single time someone walks up to the kitchen and demands to talk to Chef Ramsey. Hasn't anyone who participates in the dining room ever seen the show? It has to be a plant because even a woman who is stupid enough to walk up to a kitchen to complain about her food has to know that nobody cares about her complaints, especially on a reality show. Ug. Chef Ramsey to Phillipe to "escort the giraffe back to her table." Priceless! Donkey!moreless
  • Things getting crazy!

    Things are only going to go from bad to worse, even before it gets any better. As Ramsay critiques the teams and picks them. He also shuts down the restaurant which is something that he rarely does. Diners will rate the food and the winners will have a wine dinner with Ramsay. Imagine that. Because if he criticized me, I would feel like throwing the wine at him!
  • This show is great but when did it turn into fear factor?

    I thought that was lame they had to eat all that stuff, even though they were actual foods which made it a little better. This episode also told me, people form some countries will put anything in their mouth it seems, really just people in general. I thought it was funny that the girl who just last week picked spaghetti out of the garabge, washed it off, and tried to put it in the pot was the one who got to pick who went home this week. I personally like Rock, I think he is good, not too arrogant, but he is confident, and I think he knows what he is doing too. I really don't have much of favorites this year yet like I have in the past seasons. Why is the Chef rude to customers, is that how he is teaching them to act when they work for him, if so I won't be going to any of his restaurants anytime soon. That is stupid to do that for ratings and it seems kind of phony.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Service Challenge: The customer's comment cards were used to determine who won this challenge. Neither team won, so one contestant was nominated from each team.

      Nominees for Elimination:

      Josh - Blue Team (nominated by Rock, overruled by Chef Ramsay)
      Melissa - Red Team (nominated by Jen, overruled by Chef Ramsay)
      Vinnie- Blue Team (nominated by Chef Ramsay)
      Bonnie - Red Team (nominated by Chef Ramsay)

      Eliminated: Vinnie

    • This marks the second time the "Best of the Worst" have been overruled upon their elimination nominations. The first time was in the second season episode "Day 2" when Garrett was overruled on one of his nominations.

    • Reward Challenge: Blind Taste Test. Competitors must correctly identify the foods in a blind taste test. The winning team gets to share a special dining experience with Chef Ramsay - Fine dining in the dark. The losing team's punishment is to prep both Red and Blue kitchens, and to educate their palates with unusual dishes, such as tongue and tripe.

      Winners: Red Team - 5
      Losers: Blue Team - 3

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Chef Ramsay: (when three of the women work on two orders of Wellingtons) Too many cooks have ****ed the Wellingtons.

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Bonnie) Do you know what, every time I ask a sensible question, you give me a dumb blond answer!

    • Brad: (on the struggle to keep their lunch down) The domino effect of puking crossed my mind. I was afraid, though, if Rock puked, then Vinnie was gonna puke. And then if Vinnie's gonna puke, then Josh is gonna puke. If one throws up, everyone's gonna throw up.

    • Chef Ramsay: Vinnie talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. The bottom line with Vinnie is, he's a crap cook.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Vinnie: (referring to Chef Ramsay) He's Oz, he sees everything.

      Vinnie is comparing the Chef to The Wizard of Oz, from the L. Frank Baum novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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