Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 5

HK3: 7 Chefs Compete Part 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • what a comeback!

    The shopping was great. The teams worked together well and duck? It takes too long to cook especially in 30 minutes. I usually hate seafood, but I would defintely eat Brad's crab salad. It looks very delicious. Julia's seabass looked good. However in the end, the duck was so lame. I feel bad for Jen, she didn't make the duck and it wasn't her fault that it was her turn to serve. I think that Melissa is bringing the team down. The massage was so envious. I didn't expect punishment to be bad it just was kind of fun. The men deserved it.
  • The the chefs must cook the first wedding at HK, and must create original dishes for the tasting. The ladies kitchen just keeps shooting themselves in the foot! The guys see the ladies struggling and the makes them bond.

    Wow, Melissa was my pick from the start, and what the hell was that duck dish? It looked like a pig kidney from Fear Factor. Then she tries to take control and just kills her kitchen. The whole ep I was like bye Melissa, but wait! Gordon moves her to the guys team...oh crap. The look on Rock's face was priceless when she got a blue jacket. They finally completed a full service which was not mentioned, but it was a wedding, but they still were serving the signature dishes along with what was chosen at the tasting. So now that no one was cut this week, that means there will be a double cut somewhere down the line. Due to the number of eps vs number of contestants. Simple math.
  • A funny episode that looks more like a scripted show than it does a reality TV show.

    Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorite reality TV shows. Recently though the show looks more like a regular TV series than it does a reality TV show. Melissa looks like she is acting and doing stupid things on purpose more than by accident. Nobody, and I mean nobody, would put a wedding reception at risk by putting these contestants in charge of it. Up until now they hadn't even completed a dinner so the chances of them getting this one right were astronomical. Don't get me wrong, this episode had it's funny moments and it was good to see the guys win a couple but if we are supposed to believe that the network would put a wedding reception in harms way for a realty TV show stunt then we are more gullible than ever. Also, Melissa should have been kicked! What kind of bull crap is that? The guys finally win a couple and they are stuck with that red-headed stank? That is unfair!
  • halarious episode...

    A bride and groom have their wedding party at Hell's Kitchen and the teams have to prepare food for them to taste and then cook for them for the dinner. The men start off well because Melissa is being stupid. She became an annoying dictator in like one episode. She was so annoying and I wanted her to get voted off, but Ramsey just switched her to the men's team. Oh well, the men also won the dinner service. Overall, this episode was halarious, as usual, and Ramsey had plenty of fun ny bad word moments and screamed a lot.
  • "*&%#!!!" "*%$()^@*)" "&$%*(&*^#$@" "(%#$@#%&(!!!"

    Once again, another awesome episode. BLUE TEAM: Rock is starting to get a swelled head and the other two guys are hopeless so I'm not even going to get into it about them. Blue team should consist of Rock because the other two don't have a shot. Rock needs to come down a few pegs and stop tooting his own horn. Actions speak louder than words dude.

    RED TEAM: Julia is classy. I don't care if she's a hash slinging diner short order cook. I like that she doesn't take crap from the others. Bonnie gets on my nerves. She, like Melissa, need to shut up. Two weeks ago Bonnie had Melissa's back about how Julia doesn't belong there. Give me a break, you're a freaking NANNY, Bonnie. Ugh. Jen...I can't stand the way she looks. I don't know why but maybe it's that oblong face she's got? And this brings me to Melissa...ah yes, the red haired Melissa with the goatee. The Melissa who took 10 years to learn her herbs...the Melissa that could run a one Michelin star restaurant (in her dreams). Gag me. From the beginning of today's episode, she looked like a drowned rat. What was up with her hair? I can't believe she was telling Julia, "you're supposed to listen to me, not Bonnie"...who the hell died and left you boss? I have to commend Julia for not having the very first ass kicking scene on HK. Surely if it was I who had to put up with the verbal diahrrea Melissa was spewing, I'd have punched her in the head until she shut up. When they were doing to wedding favours, OMG I kept shouting SHUT UP! SHUT UP! at my TV! I already disliked Melissa from two weeks ago and this episode only made it worse. I'm glad Rock ran her out of the blue side.

    A few last comments...when Melissa took the duck (which btw, was a stupid choice because you can't just say you're going to cook duck if you have no clue...a simple chicken dish would have been best here) and shoved it back in the oven (proving Melissa had never cooked duck before) I would have gone to the oven and taken it out. If she had said anything to me, HK would have turned into HBO Friday Night Fights. When it was time to present it, Bonnie (or was it Jen?) should have just taken it up to Ramsay instead of standing there like an idiot listening to Melissa yammer about how she shouldn't take it. As usual though, Ramsay sees through the BS and usually makes the right call.
  • Melissa needs to go!

    I think that Melissa is really mean and that she doesn't take responsibility for her behavior. And blames everybody except one person....herself. And what is worse, she is getting even on Ramsey's nerves. Has Ramsey met his match in her? The men get her unfortunately. If she was working for me, she would be looking at another job. Makes you feel sorry for the women team.
  • Headline: Red-head loses her mind. She's transferred to normally losing team of Hell's Kitchen. Is she tired of just being the bridesmaid?

    In this kitchen, we see a bossy unproductive side of Melissa, the red-head, who doesn't know to say sorry or take responsibility for her actions. In the mini challenge, she messes up and doesn't want to serve the food which starts to irritate Chef Ramsay. Turns out her dish stinks big time. Where are the great skills that she's suppose to possess that Julia doesn't? After losing the mini challenge, she doesn't act apologetic or like she did anything wrong. The girls are responsible for decorating the dining room for the wedding. She irritates the mess out of her teammates and talks constantly. During dinner service, she blames her mistakes on Rock. I'm started to think she's full of hot air as far as her skills go, but thankfully for her, nobody is eliminated this time around. She's transferred to the boys team which makes me wonder how long is this winning streak with the boys now that they have to deal with Melissa's attitude.
  • Lunch is on Me! All over me!

    Chef Ramsey is planning a Wedding part for a couple whom aren't celebrities. but anyway, they getting the stuff togehter including a tasting contest. the girl's flop when they made something that the chef is steamed over. thje men won for the first time since whatever. At the Wedding Party, it's Chef Ramsey at his best as he screamed at the chefs at the top of his lungs. He loves to scream every time his food doesn't fil his rules. Still I feel nothing about the chefs. they should have know noit to take part in Hell's Kitchen. Besides the series has made me hungary.
  • No eliminations and transferring one of the women to the mens team?

    I guess they did this because previously they eliminated 2 in one week when the asian cowboy went belly up. One last chance for Melissa? Does Gordon have a thing for her? He was dropping F Bombs like a drunken sailor, calling the women "bit-ches" 100 times then decides to give Melissa a 2nd chance? Somethings not right here. I did suspect that Melissa and Rock would be final two. Looks like that might happen and Gordon will stop at nothing to make sure it does.

    Of course there was the whole ridiculous thing with dried out hunk of meat the women didnt want to present and Ramsay was never as embarrassed as he was then...on top of that they tried to beg for supplies from the men... but still not a single woman got the axe, just a transfer to the mens team? Unreal.

    It seems like all hell is breaking loose then all of a sudden its the end and everyone is served and happy. I know they edit this show to squeeze it into an hour but it was like "Whoa! What happened? How did these incompetents manage to pull this off?" Was there a B team waiting in the wings to make sure everyone go served? And I couldnt believe Ramsay was cursing in front of the couple when they were tasting samples of the food. Good episode but very weird.
  • When you that the red head was out...

    Man, just when you thought we got her off the show, darn it, she gets put with the men. Darn it Chef Ramsey, crazy man. The wedding party went okay, I so thought they were all going to mess it up. Previous week trailor had the bride crying and I thought that the cooks were really going to trash it.

    As for next week, it appears that the short order cook has gone as far as she can go, and that red head, is probably going to get worked over by Rock.

    I so cant wait for next week... Woo hoo.