Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 4

HK3: 8 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on FOX

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  • Pallets? hard.

    Well Rock, Bonnie and Julia really have great pallets. It's all Josh's fault that he couldn't identify the ingrediets. At least Brad and Melissa got ONE food correct. The punishment, it was so disgusting and pig's feet? Ew, it's a good thing that the men have barf bags. I've never experienced dinner in the dark for I could never see anything unless I have nightvision goggles. At dinner, I think Vinnie was so hiding garbage of wellingtons? It was disgusting as well. Josh has not made anything and finally shut down. Melissa is so bossy but I do think Bonnie is weak though she had good pallets. In the end, Vinnie is gone.

    In Day four of this madness, Chef Ramesy challenge the team for a blindfold test. the men lost and their punishment is to eat the stuff that are terrible. the women went opff to eat in the dark with Chef Ramesy. With dinner back at hell's Kitchen, it's more of the same, with the chef screams at everybody. One chef Bonnie is crying that wants to go home, Chef Ramsey will do anything to keep her in hell for least another 2, 3 episodes. Chef is at his best when he is at his foulest. write that on the bathroom wall.
  • Chef Ramsey brings the pain in another great episode of one of my favorite reality shows evar.

    You know, nothing tears at my heart string quite like hearing Chef Ramsey call someone or a group of people "donkeys." I love it! I laugh out loud every single time he does it. This episode finds Chef Ramsey testing the palates of the men and women. Of course the women won. The men are imbeciles. Once again they open the doors to Hell's Kitchen and once again the two teams fail to serve. At least this time one of the contestants didn't retrieve food from a garbage can. Sheesh! You know, I cringe every single time someone walks up to the kitchen and demands to talk to Chef Ramsey. Hasn't anyone who participates in the dining room ever seen the show? It has to be a plant because even a woman who is stupid enough to walk up to a kitchen to complain about her food has to know that nobody cares about her complaints, especially on a reality show. Ug. Chef Ramsey to Phillipe to "escort the giraffe back to her table." Priceless! Donkey!
  • Things getting crazy!

    Things are only going to go from bad to worse, even before it gets any better. As Ramsay critiques the teams and picks them. He also shuts down the restaurant which is something that he rarely does. Diners will rate the food and the winners will have a wine dinner with Ramsay. Imagine that. Because if he criticized me, I would feel like throwing the wine at him!
  • This show is great but when did it turn into fear factor?

    I thought that was lame they had to eat all that stuff, even though they were actual foods which made it a little better. This episode also told me, people form some countries will put anything in their mouth it seems, really just people in general. I thought it was funny that the girl who just last week picked spaghetti out of the garabge, washed it off, and tried to put it in the pot was the one who got to pick who went home this week. I personally like Rock, I think he is good, not too arrogant, but he is confident, and I think he knows what he is doing too. I really don't have much of favorites this year yet like I have in the past seasons. Why is the Chef rude to customers, is that how he is teaching them to act when they work for him, if so I won't be going to any of his restaurants anytime soon. That is stupid to do that for ratings and it seems kind of phony.

    Well, the crew is at it again, they start off by the crew doing taste test. The girls kick the guys ass again, so the guys are left trying these disgusting things like cows tongue and etc... The boys then prep for both kitchens and prepeare for dinner service, the teams both suck so bad that Ramsey shuts it down and tells Rock and garbage girl to pick one person, they pick but both are overruled. The people that are on the chopping block are down. Vinnie says he is the most quilified and Boonie is barbie and is good to look at.. Vinnie go home..
  • This get crazy as the wanna-be chefs drop one by one...

    Ramsey takes it to the next level, and again for the third week in a row, shuts down the kitchen. I dont remember him shutting the kitchen down in season 2. Ramsey then goes to over rule both teams and their picks, another HK first. Cant wait until next week when they wreck a wedding. My goodness, I cant even imagine how pissed Ramsey is going to be. Making the bride cry at her wedding, and that embarassing the heck out of Ramsey. That is going to be a crazy night next week here in Hawaii while I watch it. Cheehoo!!!
  • The show was worth watching, but not much stood out, but my pick got voted off tonight. :)

    Well in this episode, the chefs in training gets their palettes tested and the men lose the challenge. The palette that they were tasting seem a lot simpler than the previous season's choices. Which basically confirms my beliefs that this season's arsenal of people is a lot less qualified than the previous season. But the choices were too simple to be missing. I believe the men feel a lot of pressure on them to perform since their previous performances haven't been that good. Plus, as a group, they have yet to gelled. Vinnie and Brad don't seem good for much. The beef wellington was consistently bad. As for the girls prize, a dinner in the dark with Chef Ramsey, the idea seemed really lame although the girls seem to have a good time. And I knew it was a bad idea for that customer to go up to Chef Ramsay, but she figured it out. I was happy when Vinnie was voted off, I like Bonnie more. Vinnie just talks to much sometimes. Win something and then try to talk noise, but he was like that from the beginning. Overall, the episode kinda left me wanting more, but it was alright for what it was. Thankfully, Top Chef comes on the day after. Maybe that will settle my appetite for this week.