Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 9

HK3: 3 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on FOX

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  • I hate to see Bonnie go but....

    really, could they have kept her till the end with the garbage incident. They'll put her behind some big restaurant in Las Vegas only to see that some people might be afraid that the same thing would happen to them. I wish her the best of luck in her job but she really really messed up with that one. I'm still not rooting for Rock, but I'm really not seeing how Bonnie is going to win. She's admitted to not being able to deliver in the kitchen, but you never know with these sensationalist shows like Hell's Kitchen. I guess we'll see in the end.
  • Bonnie saved again.

    Started watching this show a couple months ago and it seems like week after week Bonnie is somehow saved from elimination. Doesn't surprise me though, seems like its more the producers' decision to keep her because she's the most attractive person on the set -- pretty lame. She also really lacks the confidence in herself to lead a successful restaurant if you ask me -- always breaking out into tears and crying about how she's going to be the one eliminated for the night. Well, now that Bonnie has been dragged out to the last round with an actual strong competitor like Rock, she should finally be eliminated for the finale. At least I hope so, otherwise I'm not watching this show anymore or its spinoffs.
  • Jen got a raw deal!

    Jen got a raw deal IMHO and that despite the spaghetti incident, she really has done good. And that Ramsay was a jerk that he dismissed her. Now it is the ditzy Bonnie and Rock that are in the final two. I will pick Rock as he is the "lesser of the two evils!" Jen really didn't deserve to go home.
  • Bonnie in. Jen out.

    This episode's elimination was such a big surprise. Honestly. I had already predicted Jen and Rock to be in the final 2 not BONNIE and Rock.

    Jen has more experience, drive and talent. I wish everyone could get past Jen's little Spagehetti Incident because she hasn't made any major mistakes since. Plus, she won the food challenge this episode.. doesn't that count for anything?
    Bonnie is a complete ditz in the kitchen despite her fine palette. Bonnie was cooking when the stove wasn't even on! How more spaced out can you get?

    Jen got a $1000 shopping spree, I'm happy for her! I believe Virginia got the same thing last season.

    Ramsay's decision: Smart? or for personal reasons? He could've eliminated Jen because he has a thing for Bonnie (similar to last season's Virginia) OR he eliminated Jen because it makes his decision easier in the end. O well.

    Good luck to the Final 2, I'm rooting for you Rock!
  • good episode...

    The top three have to compete to try to become the top two. The competition was to make a well known comfort food into something that could be served at a fancy restaurant. Jess won and got to spend time with her mother. The dinner service was when the top three were able to take the hot pass in their control. Jess was voted out and Rock and the nanny are in the top two. I liked this episode because it was really cute to see the chef's mom. No cursing around her. It was sweet. However, it was exaclty what happened last season and it was predicatable. Oh well, good episode, good show.
  • The Nanny is in?

    In a weird twist of events in which the Nanny has made it into the finals, by beating out a Pastry Chef. I think Chef Ramsey is starting to lose it in the mind. That is some crazy stuff going on. I knew Rock was going to make it due to the fact that he hasnt been yelled at seriously in the past 9 weeks. Both of the girls have been yelled at continuously. It could have been the fact that when Pastry girl took the noodles out of the trash way back in the beginning that came back to bite her in the butt.

    Now its Nanny vs Executive Chef, and now who will they pick to be on their teams next week, and what kind of deals will go down; and bigger question, will they sabatoge the chef to lose???
  • It down to the final 2.

    I figured Ramsay would keep Bonnie around as long as possible as its likely Ramsay has the hots for her. She has repeatedly wondered why she was still there. Though Bonnie has improved alot - Rock will end up being the winner not just because he is proper demographic (in relation to past winners) but because he has the best long term potential and is already an executive chef.

    In this episode, it was a total joke that when his mother showed up he was telling everyone not to curse around his Mum! LOL! Hey Ramsay - your Mum already knows you have a potty mouth! Its no longer a secret.... It was nice seeing the top 3's mothers though.

    The only thing that would shock me is if somehow Bonnie is chosen as the winner. I think theres 0.0000001292923% chance of that.
  • This was a great episode, and it was kind of a suprise to me who went home. (contains spoilers)

    We are now toward the end with only Rock, Jen & Bonnie left. It was cool they got to see their parents and all that stuff. I have some of these people never watched this show in previous season, or maybe they tape out of order. I would have known when I was calling out orders that they were going to pull a test to see if you're watching just from watching the last seasons. They also seemd surprised to episodes ago when they switched to one team, when they do that every season too. I was surprised Bonnie beat out Jen, but she did do a better job in the kitchen that night. It will be intersting to watch the final episode to see who will win Rock or Bonnie. I personally think unless Rock really screws up or gets too cocky that he should be able to beat Bonnie.
  • say hello to the final 2...

    lets see... a nanny vs an executive chef...rocks pretty much got this in the bag.

    today, jen won the challenge of serving gourmet food made from plain american ingredients. then at dinner service, the three of them got to each lead the kitchen.

    anyway, after a great dinner service, ramsay was left deciding the final 2. rock was safe, then ransay shockingly declared jen placed third, and had to leave. bonnie definitely isnt as good as her, but i would admit this: i dont think shes quite the same as virginia of lastseason, mainly because she actually had some good dinner services, and never quite screwed up as big as jen did, witht he spaggethi incident. anyway, its bonnie vs rock.