Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 1

HK3: Day One

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2007 on FOX

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  • Season Premier!

    Watching the premier, I would've never guessed who won. Most of the aspiring chefs claimed they were experienced chefs or had some cooking experience. Regardless, their food was still bad accordeing to Chef Ramsey. Dish after dish he tried and he failed to like to them. Melissa proved to have the best dish. Dinner service was a let down yet again. The ktichen was closed before the service was completed. Melissa proved again to be the best of the worst, and nominated 2 for elimination. Though everyone was ganging up and Julia for elimination Melissa's choices were Joanna and Tiffany. Chef thought Tiffany had to go and she was eliminated.
  • Hell's Kitchen is open for business! Egos collide, tempers flare, tears drop, just another day in the office - err, kitchen.

    The show starts off with all contestants preparing their signature dish right after arriving at Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, most of the dishes disappoint chef Ramsay. Not disappointing to the viewers though, apart from the harsh criticism, Aaron the asian cowboy was quite entertaining to watch here.

    The prize is revealed to be the job of head chef at the Green Valley Ranch resort in Las Vegas, with a starting salary of $250.000 + a share of the profits. An opportunity of a lifetime. After this, everyone is divided into two groups, the women (Melissa, Joanna, Julia, Jen, Bonnie & Tiffany) forming the red team and the men (Josh, Eddie, Brad, Aaron, Rock & Vinnie) forming the blue team.

    The next day, the teams get to work in their respective kitchens and start preparing for service. In the red kitchen, Julia is ignored by the others for being a "mere" short order cook. Aside from that there's no real communication going on, only bickering. In the blue kitchen, Aaron is having trouble with the preparations and gets some help from the others.

    Before service starts, Gordon gathers both teams for a little peptalk. Julia tells him about the lack of communication, but Tiffany denies this even though it's true, and the rest just keep quiet about it. On the blue team, Aaron breaks down and starts crying, clearly showing he's not up to the job.

    During service, the red team starts bickering again, which of course pisses off chef Ramsay. He also sends back Tiffany's quail eggs, who refuses help from Julia several times which, along with the way the rest treated her, causes her to cry. Tiffany manages to ruin the eggs several more times, and Bonnie doesn't do much better. Finally, Tiffany is relieved of her station by Melissa while Julia does the eggs. With that, the appetizers finally get going. The blue team has problems as well, with Vinnie messing up pasta and risotto and not getting any food out. On top of that, he talks back to chef Ramsay on several occasions and we all know what happens when you do that. He's sent off to wash the dishes after several mishaps and Brad takes over and finally gets some good risotto out. Unfortunately, Aaron makes a shambles of some chicken, gets told to wipe the snot off his face, and later on walks off feeling dizzy.

    Finally, Gordon has had enough and closes the kitchen. Both teams have barely gotten any food out, but he decides that the Red Team are the losers, with Ramsay calling them Hell's B*tches because of all their bickering. Melissa gets to pick the nominees for elimination. Most of the red team put down Julia for working in a waffle house and suggest Melissa nominate her. When it's time for the nominations though, it turns out to be Joanna and Tiffany. After some thought, Gordon picks Tiffany for elimination.

    Well, that was one hell (no pun intended) of a first episode. Lots of drama, crying, and of course a fair number of expletives from Gordon Ramsay. But very entertaining. Aaron was an embarrassment, and aside from not performing well in the kitchen, he seems to have some health issues. But the blue team barely won out (although you can't really call it a victory) so he's safe for now. Same for Vinnie, who talked back way too much and is just begging to get kicked out. The red team aka Hell's B*tches lost to themselves with all their bickering rather than trying to communicate. The nominated two deserved to be up for elimination, Joanna did a lot of the b*tching in the red kitchen, and Tiffany was no good either and totally failed at her station. Either pick would have been fine by me.
  • It started off with the contestants making Ramsay their signature dishes, and nobody impressed him. Problems escalated throughout the first evening of service, ending with Chef Ramsay declaring that there were no winners, the girls were the loosers.

    I love Gordon Ramsay, I've watched the previous seasons of Hell's Kitchen, and his other shows, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (UK) and The F-word (UK). I still think Hell's kitchen is the best of them.

    This episode started off with Chef Ramsay showing his colors when the contestants were presenting their signature dishes, and things escalated through the episode with problems mounting in the kitchen throughout the first evening of service at HK. There were fightings (the red team didn't agree on anything) and tears (Aaron melting down). I think this season will be a good one, with plenty of drama.
  • No, it doesn't make the viewer cry, but man was there a lot of crying in it.

    Oh man, I thought it would be a long summer, but I am glad to see Chef Ramsay.

    I have never seen so much crying in any episode of this show, and I sure would expect it in the first of the season. The Soup had a great name for Aaron, a self brining ham.

    Unless one of the girls are packing serious heat under her kitchen whites, there is no eye candy this season. Melissa, however, seems to believe she is hot, ummmmm whatever babe.

    Looking forward to more showdown between Ramsay and the big mouth guy.

    This is one hundred words.
  • Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay is the best. I'm a fan of his BBC shows "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" (US version coming soon), "The F Word" and "Gordon Ramsay's Boiling Point". The more he tosses the curse words around, the more I love him! It's those words that make you realize the passion he has for cooking. I don't think he's abusive at all, contrary to what many people say. He can curse me out anytime.

    One thing that I can't stand are the people who go on his show and complain about his behaviour. I don't feel sorry for those who cry and whine when Ramsay unleashes his anger at them; Ramsay reputation is legendary. These people know what they're getting into and for them to complain about it is really stupid. It's been almost a week since I saw the episode so I can't recall if anyone did complain. Anyway, I'll be listening for that throughout the season.

    I'm not sure I like the fact that this seasons contestants are all some kind of chef. I liked it when he took ordinary people instead. I know Michael (season 1) was already a chef as was Ralph (who were the remaining 2) but it made it more fun to have others competing.

    So far, the one person on the blue team that is annoying me is Vinnie. Everyone on the red team is irritating except for that girl that works at waffle house. Just because she works at Waffle House she has no idea what she's doing? Just because she doesn't hold a "chef" title means she can't contribute? I hope she's one of the two finalists. I'll be rooting for the blue team to kick the red teams ass unless they stop treating this girl like she's inferior because she's not a "chef".
  • Crying cowboy-Asians, an angry Englishman and a short order Waffle House cook make this a strong beginning to Season 3.

    Although the start of the show looked a little rehearsed the rest of it shined brightly! Any time someone cries as bad as the Asian cowboy then you know there are fun times to be had for the rest of the season. He totally lost it and it was great! The more precise thing would be to say that almost everyone on the show at one point cried or was about to cry. That is awesome reality TV! I'm not sure why a team (TEAM) would leave out one of their own and try to make them look bad. What they tried to do to Julia backfired and the woman that was kicked deserved it! At least the men tried to have some teamwork. DONKEY!
  • Another fine example

    Again this is what we can expect of the mean Chef Gordon Ramsey. As people have indeed come into
    You know where when you deal with him. Just really the guy Is so obnoxious. But you love to hate him.
    Really you can tell how some people want to stand up
    To him but can't because he is of course the boss. Will get even harder.
  • How many weak links does it take to destroy Hell's kitchen?

    I love Hell's Kitchen and thankfully I feel in love with this based on the host alone because nobody does it like Chef Ramsay. There is never gonna be a season without what I'm looking for because Chef Ramsay is a mainstay. As for this season's new hopefuls, somebody must have been drinking when picking them. There had to be better people signing up unless people have grown afraid of possibly looking stupid on TV. I understand if you have one really big weaklink, but so many seem to be either on the edge of a breakdown before everything got rolling or actually had a breakdown beforehand. People are reacting like other contestants in other seasons usually do in the last few episodes. Nothing has happen yet, why are you crying. And the resumes of some of these cooks really don't seem that impressive. The female team as usual has already lost their cool as a team, but the asian guy on the other team is crying like a baby and taking breaks in the mist of dinner. You can't do that in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. Vinnie cooking is for home and his mouth is the only thing for TV. The guy with the kidney problems I think is going to come out strong. Aaron, the Asian guy, is a complete mess, but Ramsay is back and his regular crew of overlookers are with him, so just like the first episode, I think this entire season will be fill with drama and entertainment but the cooks need to bring their game up if they ever hope to run a successful restaurant one day.
  • Fear the Short Order Cook!

    I love how this episode started and ended. The short order cook dropping bombs on everyone in the red kitchen. And the Asian Cowboy that cant handle the heat. Both of them broke down when just asked, how are you doing?. Especially when Ramsey asked the short order cook and she said she just wanted to help and that no one was communicating to her. BOOM!!!!! Hows the guy at the end that fired back at Chef Ramsey. Woah, crazy or what? Cant wait for next weeks episode. Woohoo
  • Gordon Ramsey: A cross between Donald Trump and Bob Knight!

    I saw last night's episode of "Hell Kitchen," and it's wroth the title of the series. Gordon Ramsey has teken 12 chefs and is taken them though boot camp. I fell sorry for the 12 chefs, especially for one who can't stop crying. I bet that neither one has every seen "hell's Kitchen." Neither did I until tonight. Maybe I'll watch next week. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll keep the volume of my TV down. Maybe I won't But whatever the case, I'll watch. I like "Hell's Kitchen! Not the best reality show, but I'll watch. Back to Hell next week.
  • Season 3 is off to a bang...

    One guy that likes to talk back, one girl that is so scared she is scared of peeing her pants, One China man who cries over everything. A girl who can't make eggs, anotehr who can't make rice. Both suck, one of them may go home must watch this episode to find out. It was a good start to this season. Usually this takes a while to hit the kitchen and make the top meals. I think this season it has more to do with laughs rather than actual cooks. China man is a dork. Another girl that looks like a weirdo as well but we can wait and see.
  • it was about the same as the other ones, they make a big deal about stopping service and everyone goes crazy trying to get their meals out, tasting good, while doing it fast.

    The one difference is that they have a lot of cryers on this cast, man I was wondering who wasn't going to cry, it was only the 1st day. The Maitre D' (sp) John Phillipe takes so much crap from Chef Ramsey, I almost feel bad for him. I think he said last season he wasn't French, so if he is French it's ok to pick on him if not I feel bad for him. Don't get all mad that was a joke. This season looks about the same as always they always say someone is going to stand up to chef Ramsey, and they do for a second and then stop it's the same ole same ole as far as the season looks, but it still will be interesting to watch. I just jumped right in this season instead of saying well I will watch one and if it's good I will keep watching, who am I fooling, I actually like this show now, so I might as well admit it.