Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 7

HK3: 6 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on FOX

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  • Now its down to the top 5...

    Who would have thought that a line cook would make it as far as she has come. A few more weeks remaining, can she hang on to make it to the end, or will she get eliminated at the end. Can she run an entire kitchen using all of the previously eliminated people; if they follow suit of last season; or who knows what Ramsey will have for them...

    Rock is starting to shine and getting pretty bold with the elimination proceedings. Another female gets saved and another man goes. Is this headed toward a female against female finale like last season???

    We wont know, you just have to keep watching....
  • the ladies crumble and then pick it back up. the men rise and then crumble again. at least they completed the dinner service.

    so for the challenge they've got to create 3 dishes from leftovers. as expected the ladies crumble because of indecision and julia creates good, but not fine dining, cuisine. the boys win.
    at the dinner service they've got to create their own "fine dining" menu. once again the ladies have no idea what they're doing, and random jen is all aggressive and tries to shut out julia and bonnie. she's either really on or useless. thankfully julia gets her steak on the menu and it ends up being the most popular item on the menu! she may not be fine dining, but she knows what people would want to eat.
    the boy's have the mentality "every man for himself" so predictably they fall apart. julia wins and gets to nominate bonnie or jen and no one wins on the boys so they have to nominate anyone.
    julia nominates bonnie (smart choice she's inexperienced, but jen is so irritating) and the boys nominate brad. when brad is defending himself rock interrupts and tries to call him out. rock was making a good point but he just seemed completely out of line. he's really got to get himself together.
    bonnie and brad go up and out of nowhere brad goes home! so unexpected.
    so sad!
    it was an ok episode, the dinner service and elimination were fairly interesting though. top chef has been a little dull this season, thankfully chef ramsay is always entertaining. GO WAFFLE HOUSE
  • another elimination.

    tonight was a real shocker.

    first the boys win a challenge with leftovers, and get the chance to paintball against ramsay (good for them, REVENGE!), while the women clean the kitchen.then they get to make their own menu.

    during the dinner service, all of them (except julia) failed. there were then 1 nominee from each kitchen.

    mild shocker alert!

    brad was nominated. as well as bonnie.

    ramsay then decided: brad goes home.

    and im kinda surprized. josh did a tad worse. the only thing i can say as to why he stayed and brad went was because brad and rock refused to help josh with the lamb. however, josh got out of that mess on his own, which i believe actually saved him.

    now, (spoilers) we get down to the last 5, and there isd no longer any teams.
  • To go from Top Chef to Hell's Kitchen sometimes can leave a disgusting feeling and sometime the antics upsets more than entertain you. This was one of those episodes for me.

    This isn't one of my favorite episodes. Ramsay really didn't stick out that much in this episode for some reason. In this episode, Rock and his attitude really irritated me. He's a one-man show and even when his own butt is possibly on the line and he's extremely irritating. Out of the blue team, I give him the medal for having the knowledge and the ability to execute while the other two are cold, cold, cold, hot, cold, cold, and then maybe hot again. But I have enough humility. Help them out a little but I think he just makes the situation worse. And then out of the Red Team, I think you Jen who I think is most definitely fine dining who executes the majority of the time, Bonnie who doesn't really know what she is therefore I don't and she openly admitted in this episode that she has the ideas but she really can't perform in the kitchen. Well, that's a very important aspect of this job, so she's not going to fare too well even if she makes it to the end. Julia is great @ what she does, but as it was reiterated over and over in this episode, she's not fine dining, but she's the best @ what she does and you have to give her that. Because many times in the past, the refine chefs can't pull off the most simple things. I like her attitude in the kitchen. I just wish she had a little more fine dining experience. I would then have more hope for her making in the end. Josh and Brad are both a mess. I think one is more realistic than the other one while the other is complete delusional that he's actually performed to a point where he doesn't deserve to be the "whipping boy". But they're equally horrible. Sometimes I can't tell one from the other one. I guess overall this episode just got on my nerves. I say read a recap of the show and let that be it.