Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 6

HK3: 7 Chefs Compete Part 2

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • Professional Wrestling is less scripted. For the second week in a row, Melissa's actions are out of character. And Ramsey's arbitrary breaking of a tie offends my sense of fair play.

    Professional Wrestling is less scripted. Each successive episode had owed to reality and more to some committee's guess as to what will play well on TV. For the second week in a row, Melissa's actions are out of character. A gifted chef in all previous episodes, abruptly she's lost it. Prediction: next week Jan will act out of character.

    Ramsey's arbitrary breaking of a tie offends my sense of fair play. Frankly, I feel cheated. I thought this was a competition--but it's not. I'll give it another week to get real and then I'm gone. I'd rather watch reruns of the Iron Chef.
  • ha ha goatee, that thing bugged me too. I'm also glad she is gone and I think I sort of have my favorites.

    One of my favorites is Rock, he is cool and seems to know what he is doing, plus he doesn't take crap, and I don't blame him for being pissed last week, since they other team barely won that was BS that they had such a horrible punishment when they barely lost, and it was worse that the chef made it worse by making him come over there. I would have beaten him down if I were rock, but I'm glad he held his temper, so he didn't get kicked out. I also like the chick who worked at waffle house, maybe it's just her personality but I liker her and think she can become a decent chef as she has beaten out people with more experience than her already. Those are my main two right now at least but we will see I guess.
  • Finally Goat-Tee Melissa is outta there...

    No matter how many chances Ramsey gave her, she dug her own grave, and with good riddens as well.

    It was funny as usual, when Ramsey is ranting and raving and shuts the kitchen down yet again. I mean I watched season 2, and I dont remember him shutting a kitchen down at all. Now this season, he has shut the men down 6 out of 7 times. The short order cook is on a roll, however, this week she had a little hickup. I mean as the weeks roll on and she continues to learn and gain respect from Ramsey. Its only a matter of time before the dynamic blonde duo boot her out. I think it will come down to the Pastry Chef and Rock.
  • Disappointed!

    I'm sorry, I hated this episode. They hyped it up (as Fox does) with the "I'm not done yet" quote from Ramsay. When he did that and pulled Josh and Brad back out I was so wanting Josh to go. He has to go! Then to just yell at them and send them back in line was ridiculous. What the hell was the point of that? Apparently he was done. I just hate the bait and switch. Give a real twist. Not an invented fake twist.

    Finally, so glad that Melissa did go home. She totally imploded. Too much attitude, not enough cooking. She shut down under the pressure and was toast 3 weeks ago.

    Overall, a good episode that was ruined by the hype and clips and fake surprise ending.
  • FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! and the Bearded Lady gets the hook.

    Ok, Melissa didnt have a full blown beard but did sport a tiny bit of facial hair under he lower lip. Bonnie almost burned down the kitchen but the women won any way -I guess she never knew you should toss a lid on top of burning pan then run - not run around with a flaming pan like a chicken with its head cut off. They overcooked the fish but won anyway. Both teams started out good but flopped in the end. Rock was the only one half way decent as usual. Just tell him he won and be done with it.

    Rock did wig out when as a penalty for losing the lobster cook off he and the Blues had to sort trash. But that seemed forced and more like acting than genuine emotion.

    Ramsay once again gave 2 of the guys second chances despite a horrible dinner service. He just did this so the show wouldnt end early. It was a fairly good episode with some FIRE, the usualy ranting and raving by Ramsay as he nearly pulled out his hair - and Melissa the bearded lady getting the axe.
  • Another great episode in the series that finds yet another contestant kicked out of the contest.

    Sometimes I feel bad for watching this show when I see the abuse that some of the contestants have to go through in order to see if they have what it takes to run their own restaurant but then I remember that they asked for this and knew what they were getting into before joining the show. Then I laugh because some of this is the funniest TV ever and to see Chef Ramsey yell, cuss at, throw food at and degrade these contestants leave me waiting for the next episode to come so I can see some more. The men once again lose which is not a new thing. They did have the burden of having Melissa (with a beard like another reviewer said) on their team so what did anyone expect. At least the girls team started a fire. That at least gave the guy's team a little hope if not for a couple of minutes. Melissa is gone so there is now one less annoying, bearded woman on the show. I can't wait until next week!
  • Melissa performs badly again even on a different team of people, Rock emerges more as the most skillful on the men's team.

    At this point, I'm pretty sure who the most skillful is on the men's team, because in the beginning the waters was so muddy it was hard to see if anybody had any real potential, plus I think there were too many weeds there to begin with. But at this point, I would say Rock is most definitely the most skillful. And then Melissa does no better on the Blue Team's side than she did on the Red Team's side. It was surprising to see the short-order cook do better and stay longer than Melissa, a person who had looked down on Julia's skills for a while. I don't know whether she fell apart @ some point and just couldn't get it back together or what, but when the high-end dishes were expected to be done, the last thing I expected was for her to thrown on garnish by Chef Ramsay due to her mess-ups. In the beginning, I figure it was going to be between Josh & Melissa as to who was voted off, but near the end it was pretty obvious. Melissa was no good to either side. It wasn't who her teammates were that resulted in bad performance but simply her. I still wanted know though can she cook while not under pressure. Plus Jen emerge as the leader of the Red Team and just might be a big contender against Rock despite her previous attempts to serve recycled spaghetti.
  • Melissa made things even worse!

    Don't know how Ramsay at all could had thought that moving Melissa to the Blue team would help her. When it only made it even worse for her. As for the blue team
    Glad she is gone though. As I knew Ramsay was about to lose his patience with her. Red team really did well and are kicking some booty.
  • Out of the frying pan and into the fire

    Melissa was almost eliminated in the previous episode but Chef Ramsey gave her a chance by switching her over to the Blue team.

    To be honest, she SHOULD have been eliminated. Moving her over to the blue team was a big mistake. Did it help the blue team? No. It just made it worse. And to be honest, it was the worst performance I've ever seen the Blue team do this season. Mashed potatoes were all thin, the fish looked like reguirgated dog s**t and the Blue kitchen basically ran out of food at the end. What a s**tload of f**k.

    The red team on the other hand blaised through the night. The only huge problem I can recall is when Bonnie accidently started a fire, but that was put out pretty quickly. So yeah, the girls won again...

    Now for eliminations. Melissa is thrown out immediately, but then Brad and Josh are brought up as well by Chef Ramsey. Another Blue Team member eliminated?! No, he gave them one last chance. Although, by the looks of the next episode, the Blue team may probably end up losing again, but I don't know. It would be nice to see Bonnie from the red team finally get thrown out. Red may have made a steelar performance but she's just another Sara.