Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 10

HK3: 2 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • Nothing really happened.

    This episode was a big filler. Unlike other seasons with 2 hour finales, this was split into 2 episodes. Nothing happened in this episode. Chef Ramsey gave Rock and Bonnie a challenge but thats all. It was good to see the previous winners of Hell's Kitchen come back as judges to taste the finalists signature dishes. Also, as with other seasons the previously eliminated chefs came back to form teams with each finalist. It turned out to be the battle of the sexes again as Bonnie chose all of the women and Rock chose all of the guys. Overall, this episode was merely a filler.
  • Losers come back and it really isn't fair!

    Just when the two were about to win it as They had to not just cook their specialities but
    Had to make the best Las Vegas cooks really like it.
    Two of the seven chiefs were also former HK's winners which
    Really made it pretty interesting. Jen got the praise most of all. As next week, will determine who will really be the next winner of HK 2007.
    But what I really didn't like is that they brought back the losers. Which didn't seem fair. But that is the way Ramsay wants it and wouldn't have it any other way. Battle of the sexes is coming. Rock indeed has the better leadership skills that gives him a sligth edge.
  • The Losers come back!

    During this episode, Bonnie and Rock are the Final 2. This episode is the first part of a two part finale episode.

    During one of the challenges, Michael (Season 1) and Heather (Season 2) return to help determine whether Rock's dish or Bonnie's dish tasted the best. Bonnie won.

    I thought Rock should've won even though Bonnie's dish looked more appealing.

    Anyways, by the end of the episode, the eliminated contestants come back! This time only a few of the contestants come back and not all of them. For example, Eddie and Tiffany did not return. The two chefs chose their team members and it appears that the genders are seperated once again.

    Rock's team: Brad, Vinnie, Josh
    Bonnie's Team - Jen, Melissa, Julia

    -- Overall, this episode was kind of uninformative and it wasn't special. I can't wait for the 2nd part!
    You go, Rock!
  • Hell's **** Return!!!

    Bonnie wins what I hope is her last challenge. However, it appears that its Red vs Blue again. Its awesome that some have returned, but not so much for the others.

    I still believe Rock should have picked Julia regardless of her emotional mind set. I think that she would have been a great asset. She even admitted that she wants Rock to win, so maybe she will sabotage Bonnie. That would be sweet, but it would look bad since she just got a free ride from Chef Ramsey. Now its up to next week when Rock wins..(I hope)
  • Gordan Ramsay put the two final contestants to the test, the had to cook there signature dish for 7 of the best chefs in Vegas. The scroe ended out being 403 and Bonnie won, they also choose who they will work with for the final challenge.

    The only thing that could have made this epsisode better is if there was an elimination to decide the winner. It was of course, the first half of the finale. The show starts offf as Ramsay seperates the restaraunt in two. Now, Rock and Bonnie not only had to be the head chef of the restaraunt, they had to desighn it as well, and choose the items on it. We already know that one of Rock's items will be the fried chicken with crab meat. Bonnnie's signature dish is spaghetti with shrimp. Although Bonnie's dish was liked more by the Vegas chefs, the two chefs Mike and Heather, former Hell's kitchen winners, liked Rock's. Whe they got back they choose their teams, Rock got Vinny, Josh, and Brad. Bonnie got Julia, Jen, and this other girl that I don't remember. Going into the challenge, based on their earlier performances, Rocks Team is worse.Brad seemed descent, but Rock seems to have better leader ship skills. It will be battle of the sexes on the second part of the finale, and only one will come out on top, to prove that they are the best.
  • Rather dull episode where not much happens.

    No outbursts, no drama, just cooking.It was nice to see Rock interacting with his 2 kids.

    Rock and Bonnie complete the final challenge to impress several chefs including Season 1 and 2 winners. Of course it comes down to a 3-3 tie and Bonnie wins - very predictable. Its as if the final 2 chefs wanted to vote for Rock for voted for Bonnie because Ramsay told them to since he has the hots for Bonne and loves to see her smile. I cant prove this its just a feeling.

    Next week is the finale. If Rock doesnt win, I will be stunned. Bonnie is a decent cook, but I dont think she has what it takes to run a kitchen. Rock is more focused and driven to succeed because hes doing it for his family as much as for himself.
  • Although the episode was ok it was far from the beast This was defently one of the worst two part season Finnly's of Hells Kitchen. At times it was really boring.

    This episode started out really boring they review everything that happed this season and every elimination. The two remaining chefs meant with there families and stared designing there restraints. Gordon Ramsey then took them on a trip to the Green Valley Ranch and Resort to see where they could be potentially working. They then faced off in another challenge where they would take the main dishes of there menu and be judged by actors and famous people including the winners of season 1 and season 2's Hells Kitchen. After that they went back to the dorms to be greeted by there team mates from this season. And Bonnie and Rock picked there teams.