Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 11

HK3: Finale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • And so it's the end of Season 3...

    Whenever somebody watches Hell's Kitchen, they always are able to find a chef that they think is the real deal, who knows what they're doing and can work with his/her fellow chefs to make a great team.

    Heather from Season 2, for example. Everybody loved her. She was quite possibly one of the best, if not the best chef in the show and she deserved that resturant. Now what about Rock and Bonnie?

    Well, ever since the beginning, I just wanted Bonnie to leave. She could not cook and she was really annoying. She got better at the end, but she was still acting like a complete b**ch.

    And Rock. Well, okay. Rock won. Bonnie lost. But throughout the season, Rock also was not working with his other chefs as a team. He suffered through the ass and that's why they lost a lot of the challenges.

    As a matter of fact, none of the chefs in this season were great. They all had no idea what they were doing. Risotto was everywhere. Food wasn't being cooked right. And also, you know how in season 2 they showed a clip of Heather at her new resturant? Why didn't they show that in this season? One can think. Maybe they're not ready yet or maybe it closed down?, because that sucks because the place was ginormus!

    Anyway, this finale just wasn't as good as the season 2 one and I also hear that chef Ramsey has this new show out called Kitchen Nightmares. How many shows can you have?! Can't you just stick to one?! Well, who knows. It might actually be good, but I prefer Hells Kitchen better. 8.1/10 for this episode
  • Rock Walks Away with 250K a year...

    As it comes down to it, Rock, whom we all knew would win from the start of the whole thing, has done just that. He has won Hell's Kitchen S3.

    Good for him, I think he has earned it, and as the end came down to it, he stated that it was not for him, it was for his family. To give them a better life and busted his butt to get there. Good for Rock and his Family.

    Now we must all wait to see Season 4 come to a start and see if Julia makes a return, or if we get to visit Rock during Season 4.
  • No real winner

    Come on, really. Is Rock a great chef that deserves his own place? Is he really going to run a high end kitchen? No. He's not bad. But, I'd rather see him running an Applebees than a Vegas restaurant. He'll be running the breakfast service within 6 months. The problem I had with this season, is that there were no really great cooks or leaders. It was all schlock. Now, don't et me wrong, I love this show for the drama. But, I thought Michael was awesome in the first season, Heather was pretty good in the 2nd. This was 3rd rate. I'd much rather see Ramsay do a Top Chef spinoff with bona fide chefs. Not these chef wannabes.
  • It's Rock Vs. the Bonnie (ditzy blond) to see who will run the kitchen in Las Vegas!

    In another great finale Hell's Kitchen lives up to the hype! Rock and Bonnie designed their own restaurants, designed their own dishes and even got to pick their own chefs to work in the kitchen with them. On a side note, Rock made a bad choice picking all of the men for his team. Did he already forget that they lost almost all of the challenges? Ug. Rock seemed to take everything that Ramsey had told him all season and took it straight to heart. His kitchen ran better, his food was simple but at the same time elegant and his side of the restaurant seemed to just be better. He was clearly the winner this season.
  • Not too good nor not too bad!

    Bonnie and Rock are the two finalists and that they
    Have survived the bullying of chef Ramsay as ell as
    Put up with some good and not so good teammates and In the end, Rock won. Rock I knew would win because
    This was both a professional and personal mattter for his
    Business as well as trying to win to provide for his Family. Though Bonnie was good and that she will one
    Day no doubt run her own restaurant. As six of their
    Former teammates get to come back. Rock had the better
    Leadership skills. As Bonnie did but not as good as Rock.
    NOt too good nor too bad of a finale.
  • Rock and Bonnie battle it out. They immediately start work and start making their menus. Meanwhile six contestants come back. Rock and Bonnie get to pick three for their team. Rock and Bonnie get to manage their resturaunts. Rock wins.

    This episode was great. We finally got to learn who the winner was after I had expected to last week, when I didn't realize the finale was split into two parts. This episode, Bonnie and Rock battled against each other while trying to run a resturaunt. They also got to make their own menu and design their own resturaunt. Even though I thought Bonnie was better at running a resturaunt, Rock still won. I thought that Rock was going to win, but I liked Bonnie better. I always for some reason pick the underdog like Blake Lewis or Katherine McPhee. This was a great episode, but it could have been if Bonnie were the one making $250,000 a year at the Green Valley Ranch Resort.
  • This was such a great episode

    You knew Rock would win, and I was rooting for him from the beginning so I'm glad he did. I was also rooting for Julia so it sucked when she was out, but hey it's just a show, and that was cool she gets to go to culinary school. I knew that the only way Rock would lose is if he really made a mistake, so when Bonnie was having the problems with the designs and running out of food as well as when the one dish came back I reall knew it was in the bag at that point. He was great the whole way through she wasn't until the end, he also has the confidence were she isn't so sure of herself, which she would need to be to make the decisions that you need to run a restaurant.
  • It was clear from the beginning who would win.

    Rock was the only executive chef in the bunch and was pretty much a lock to win it all right from the start. It was his job to lose. In the end he came through rather well despite being surrounded by marginal competitors who were more of hinderance than an asset. The midget and Aaron, the asian cowboy, were ludricous to the nth degree; though they did provide some laughs early on.

    Rock held his kitchen together despite the abysmally bad Josh who kept overcooking everything. Josh insists hes an excellent cook - LOL! Talk about dillusional. Rock finally moved him to another station allowing for a successful service.

    Bonnie was also battling incompetence and rebellion in her kitchen, making the best of a bad situation. Some day she might be ready to run her own restaurant but not yet. She has potential but it will take a few more years and more development of her leadership skills before she is ready.

    The win meant alot to Rock, not just for himself but for his family. Hope he does well in his new job. Knowing Rock was pretty much lock for win took away much of the suspense but it was still a pretty good ending. Hopefully next season the contestants will be much more qualified to make the finale more suspenseful - all of them being executive chefs would be good. Plus making the finale live to prevent leaks of the winners identity would also help.