Hell's Kitchen

Season 3 Episode 2

HK3: 11 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • I never seen that before...EVER!!!

    I have never in my life seen in HK where a kitchen side was totally shut down. My goodness, why is Alan still there, cant debone for nothing, and Eddie; well he tried and got the axe anyway. As for the Red Girls, it was a total opposite of what happened last week and with the breakfast meal coming up, I totally think that the girls will rock once again because of the short order cook that they have. But hey, to be in the service and eat in Hells Kitchen, good for them. Makes me want to get back in the Military...
  • No real winners on this show yet.

    So far, I fail to see how it will be possible for any of these contestants to win because they all stink. I felt bad for Little Eddie when he wasn't firm enough with his teammates and it caused him to be confused. At this point in his life though, he should already have realized that if he wants to be heard and/or taken seriously, he needs to be loud and firm. So, I think Ramsay made the right call there between Eddie and Josh. Vinnie continues to irritate me.

    Last week I felt bad for Aaron. He's 48 and overweight. He didn't feel well and he cried. This week, he's still 48 and overweight and not feeling well. He didn't cry as much as he did last week. I don't understand why this guy doesn't ask to see a doctor if he's cramping and not feeling well. When he spaced out in front of Ramsay, why didn't chef insist that he be seen by a doctor? Of course, I realize he may have done this off screen and it was never put into the show, but still...a small clue that perhaps he was seen by someone. Aaron has issues. He doesn't have confidence in himself and that might be what makes him nervous. He said the others were "younger" and "better than I am"...he needs to knock it off and start kicking ass. He berated himself saying all he knows how to cook is Chinese food. Why did he even bother trying out if he doesn't think he's good enough???

    Like I said, so far, nobody in these groups jumps out at me as a potential winner. The girls have no respect for each other and they don't know how to be teammates; it seems like they are only in it for themselves. The men are no better. The only thing that saves this season for me is classic Ramsay. Someone clearly needs to step up before Ramsay starts cursing and commenting about how there will be no winner this season!

    Gave it 9.6...all for Chef.
  • Crowd:"Hey Grandpa! What's for supper?" Grandpa Jones: "Chicken and Snot!" Crowd: "Yum-Yum"

    Day two of the Gordon Ramesy's hellish ramage continues. I'm glad that I'm not a cook. But to gordon, cooking is more than just frying eggs, or hamburger. It's a job that should be appreached. I write reviews and I appreached that. The theme is appreach what you lkove to do. Gordon Ramesy love to cook and he hates to see people screing it up. that's why he gets mad. today the cooks skin fish and get into fights with Gordon over the food they cooked. Plus Aaron playing comedy relief and he cry his eyes out. Next week, more of the same.
  • Definitely the standout among the reality shows this summer (and let's face it, that doesn't take much), Hell's Kitchen was back with another installment of whiny wannabe chefs.

    Definitely the standout among the reality shows this summer (and let's face it, that doesn't take much), Hell's Kitchen was back with another installment of whiny wannabe chefs. After their disastrous first night at the restaurant, Gordon Ramsey wakes them up to take them fishing. Oh did I forget to mention by fishing, Ramsey meant catch fish with your bare hands while still in your pajamas? Of course Ramsey went for the easy joke comparing the size of a tuna to the size of Eddie. C'mon Ramsey, I expect high-brow English wit!

    No sooner did the chefs "catch" their fish than did they have to prep them. Oh did I forget to mention that by prep, Ramsey meant peel the skin off and squeeze out the fish eggs? The red girls had to go up against the blue boys sans Aaron. Did I forget to mention that Aaron had another breakdown after catching fish and was sent back to bed by Ramsey? For being the oldest member, he sure does act like a baby. In the end it was the red girls team that was able to skin more fin. Their reward? Deep sea fishing. After the morning they had, I'm sure the last thing they wanted to see was more fish.

    The girls continued to lead after the restaurant opened. Aaron continued to screw up, leaving bones in the fish fillets and add his own "special" ingredient: the sweat off his nose! He continued to act like a child when introducing himself to customers: "Hi I'm Aaron. Well of course I am! It's on my shirt!" But Aaron wasn't the only chef screwing up: Eddie couldn't cook spaghetti, Josh couldn't cook steak, and Benny just plain couldn't cook. Not surprisingly, Ramsey shut down the boys' kitchen and declared the girls the winner.
    Surprisingly, Benny and Aaron avoided the chopping block. Instead Josh and Eddie went head-to-head (maybe spatula-to-spatula). Now Eddie I can understand: the kid's got heart but he doesn't have talent. Josh however does have some chops. Maybe a strategic move by Rock, putting Josh into the bottom two? All I have to say is watch out in the kitchen Rock. You never know when a stray fish might hit you in the back of the head.
  • Getting to know the contestants!

    After watching day 2, I wondered how many people around the world (i.e. Waffle House cooks) and thought they should've entered! Apparently, you dont have to actually BE a CHEF, because the guys got took to school! I absolutely love this show. Chef Ramsey is like a Simon Cowell on steriods and pissed off. LOL
    I can't wait to see how he deals with the loudmouth on the guys team.
  • Two episodes into season 3, time for my two cents.

    Season 3 of Hells kitchen. The contestants in season 1 did not know what to expect. The contestants in season 2 should have known what to expect. The contestants in this season are complete idiots when they still not know what is going to happen to them. Still there they are 12 people of whom 6-8 of them don't belong here. How can you, after two complete seasons mess up your signature dish. By know you should know.

    How can you, after two complete seasons still think you can stand up to Gordon Ramsay? By know you should know.

    All this aside, I still like the show, and I’m happy there where 12 people who wanted to try. I keep watching this until one of these contestants has the guts to knock down Ramsay.

    (Excuse me for language errors, I’m Dutch.)
  • Men showed that they were cowardly wimps!

    The men thought that they could beat the women really bad but their overconfidence caught up with them big time. And what is worse, Gordan Ramsay caught it all. As he scolded the men hard time. As they were sent reeling while the women worked very hard to get to where they were and are at so far.
  • Wow-- And all the males are chef's back home. Oh my word. I'm glad I'm not from their home towns, I'm not one for food poisoning.

    Out of character for Ramsey to be so compasionate to a person with stage fright or a medical reason. Then again he brought it all on himself (Aaron) why is he even there, and why now does he choose to change his diet? And hello sweat in the food by three male's, cold fish (rubber) not to mention the feel sorry for me routine. okay just nasty I'm amazed nobody got sick that was dinning. The woman well tha wasn't cool what they did to the guys just befor going into the kitchen, but got to give them credit it worked. All the guys were still remembering short shorts from earlier and not paying any attention to the task at hand.
    I do wish two could of been eliminated Eddie and Aaron. So who will be the one who gets a customer sick next week? Is it Aaron or Vinnie?
  • Girls kicked the guys hard!

    They at it again at 6am trying to catch there own fish. First compitition is to skin a fish and take out the eggs.. The boys lose by one. The girls handed it to them all night. Cowboy has to de-bone the fish table side, big man is sweating and crying again and again. Loser. The guy needs some help. As he had to take a break the guys got hit hard, and little man had to pay. This was a funyn episode and of course i think it was good cuz i love cooking and i find it interesting the way they make food.
  • Girls Rule and Boys Drool!! And this episode is an example of exactly that.

    In this episode, something happens that I've never seen before in Hell's Kitchen. After one episode, the girls pull together and though I think some skill levels are higher than others, they pull together and run like well oiled machine. They win the challenge beforehand by filleting the fish best, winning just by one fish. Afterwards, the guys get an eye full when one of the girls decide to wear her booty shorts or whatever but maybe they should have been more focus on the upcoming dinnertime. Once again Aaron is a mess and it a wonder that he's still there, since he actually sleeps during the challenge, and the punishment the boys have to take for losing the challenge. But as for the men team, they are all over the place and maybe some just a little bit too confident in their challenges. When the women are close to getting their dinnertime done, and the men are still fumbling in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay dismisses the men from dinnertime and lets the women take over all the orders coming in which they complete. In the end, Eddie gets voted off. Not my first choice, but maybe they're keeping Aaron on as a easy win for end. Personally, they need strong players right now, because nobody is standing out on their team to me. The women are working smoothly together but I can't say @ this point who is the best. Maybe Joanna a little bit and Melissa. On the men's side, Vinnie only stands out because of his mouth. And I still can't even figure out why Aaron signed up. I guess we'll see why on the next "secrets revealed from reality tv" on VH1. Girls won everything on this episode. Anxious to see the next show since how uniformed soldiers will be on their.
  • How many ways can the contestants screw up? And you better believe Gordon Ramsey catches them all!

    I can't imagine any of the contestants running their own restaurant at this point. While the girls maintained some form of cooperation, the guys were falling over each other. Rock must feel like Aaron is no competition and left him to sweat out another episode. But each team still has people without confidence and little experience to get them through the end. This season is almost unbearable with all the crying and breakdowns from both sides. Hopefully they will pull it together and work out their shortcomings. If they learn anything, I would hope it is doing 1 thing extremely well.
  • I wouldnt want any of these clowns cooking anything more complicated than fast food (and even then only after it was nuked in the microwave to prevent food poisoning).

    What is up with the guys? Rock picks the little guy and Josh to be fired leaving the asian cowboy to literally sweat it out - all over peoples food. WTF is up with that? That guy is as useful as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest; he cant even remove bones from a fish. He is the Sanjaya of Hells Kitchen. You know hes doomed, but they will keep him around for kicks. I forget the little guys name but hes gone so it doesnt matter - he had zero chance of winning anyway.

    As for the women, they are too overconfident - next time one of them will get the axe. Probably the dumb blonde (as Ramsay calls her. The only reason they looked good was because the guys were so bad.