Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 6

HK4: 10 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2008 on FOX

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  • Between the sweet sixteen party, the party planner from hell, the mother with the attitude of a stone, and then of course the rather lacklustre service you knew it wasn't going to go well. Not a great day....for the chefs in HK or for the viewers!

    A 'sweet sixteen' party, now they are dragging the barrel out to find new ideas. And that party planner needed a serious slap, he's not the first one they have used nut he is most definately the most annoying. i also thought the mother looked like a stuck up moo half the time, although when she put down the planner for the lack of silver plates she went up a notch in my estimation - from terrible to simply awful.

    I still find it amazing that one of this lot will get such a cool job at the end. Gordon looks like he mayhave bitten off more than he can chew as no-one seems to be able to find even a half decent balance of cooking skills, general attitude and leadership potential.

    I did feel a little sorry for the chefs during the challenge, or more specifically the tasting, when the soon to be 16 year old announced she had never eaten shrimp or indeed had tried a variety of fish. i had to check the program hadn't been relocated to a central region, or the girl was a closet vege...but no I had heard correctly, Living by the seas and probably stuck to Burgers for a diet. Who's to blame I wonder?

    the less said about the service the better, probably because it was so uneventful. Fish and Meat fell over at the crucial moments, and Bobby taking over Matts station, with Matt simply giving up, were they only highlights. No other highs or lows were worth noting....simply boring!!!!

    Even the eviction lacked spirit, this despite Matt finally airing his grievances about lack of team work. Well if he stood up for himself it would help instead of being a walking sulking depression. Hopefully his move to the Reds will wake him up - and shake up the whole show.

    My final thoughts:

    Poor, very poor compared to most days. Who's to blame for this bunch and how much input does Gordon have in planning the challenge rewards (which again was almost passed over) or the 'alternate dining' services, this one in particular seeming forced!
  • The sweet sixteen party from hell, with the party planner from hell, and then of course you have Gordon Ramsey.

    I am still amazed that someone will get a job offer for 250K after this. Most of them could not work short order let alone fine dining.
    The dishes they supplied for the reward challenge were not that impressive. Less impressive was the fact the 16 year old had never eaten shrimp or most fish, what was this kid eating, McDonald's and Wendy's.
    I feel the women should have one but them Mom whispered in the daughters ear and game over.
    The food service was less than impressive. They could not even accomplish this simple menu correctly. They cannot cook fish or meat, what can they make.
    Bobby took over when Matt self destructed again, Matt just does not have the chops. Bobby may have the most skills in the men's kitchen. He seems to know how to cook and how to take charge, something sorely missing on the women's side, but they work better as a team.
  • Terrible, terrible, terrible.

    This season is the worst. Where did they get these contestants? Each one is dumber than the next. They can hardly put a sentance together, and their attempts at character-assassinating their teammates in the little one-on-one camera asides are just the worst jumbles of masacred cliches and mixed metaphors. This season is so lame it makes me feel they went to a special ed class to get the contestants. And Ramsey! It's like his producers told him to be an even bigger b*stard, but it's soooo unconvincing? That whole puke scene in the first episode? How fake was that? I am so disappointed because I really liked this show the first few seasons. But these contestants are just plain confusing because not only can they not cook, even the most basic fare, but they are just soooooo stupid! Matty looks like an escapee from a prison for the criminally insane. I'm waiting for him to come up with a menu item that features a comfit de la teammates -- chopped into little bits. "Thank you, chef, it's a new recipe I'm trying out". How did they get on this show, and couldn't Ramsey draw any better quality contestant than this? I wouldn't let any of them flip my burgers let alone run a 4-star restaurant at 250K -- fuggedabout it.

    The only contestants even halfway on the ball are Louross and Rosanna. I hope they persevere....