Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 11

HK4: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • I hope that someone rises above the rest, but right there is no one I would hire to run a high class establishment, not even close.

    The desperate housewives cooking challenge was interesting. It was nice to see people who only know where the kitchen is because the Perrier is in the fridge find out what those other appliances are for.
    Jen wants to win so bad she was cheating but got caught once by Gordon and more than that by her peers. Winning that way is not the right way.
    The two young girls Cory and Christina taught well, they both admitted it was tough, but then they probably were on top of each part of the prep and made sure it was done right, and then tasted the dish to fine tune it. I did not see as tasting was prohibited, just the cooking part.
    The reward she got was amazing, to see how world class chefs put dishes together and then eat them is wonderful and it definitely will help her in the future.
    As for dinner service, Jenn has been a bust lately, Petrozza is under the radar and Bobby has and was just bad.
    I read a review somewhere about putting the people in their worst stations and that is why they do badly. In the real world, you may be working the meat one day, fish the next, and hot appetizers the following day. To run a high end place you have to master all of them and not just one or two of them.
    You also have to know what to look for when the food goes out and Bobby and Jenn have been bad there. I guess at a Waffle House you can serve slop, but not in fine dining.
    Both of them could have gone home, but the self proclaimed black Gordon Ramsey went home.
  • Alot of clutter and activities going on. Distractions galore! But more beliveable than past.

    Boobies?! So what happened to the Show? Whishy Washy Trophy Brides?

    Whatever... Bettween Bobby and Jen, It would have been a hard choice. Bobby may seem like a general. But like in the eyes of most foot troops. Easy for the General to talk. While the troops are on the fron line, The Officers will be at home with their families, or in the war room planning. Bobby needed to take the lead when things flounder. Saying he dosn't want to get in the way is not the sign of a leader. To lead is too take command. Jen still needs to know that she is NOT the leader yet. Ramsey is still the top boss. Top Boss are never wrong, even after they screw up. They never apologise, and never say oops. Ramsey holds the key. Suck up and kiss ass. After you get your kitchen, the fault falls on you. Now you push. Ramsey is in charge... Any Screw Up is his neck onthe block. Still Question all those perfect camera shots. They must have a dozen cameras on each person. then cut and splice for the show.
  • ...

    day eleven begins with the first ever hell's kitchen culinary school challenge. each chef takes on a domestic housewife and teaches them how to make a lobster spaghetti. the housewife with the best dish and their teacher wins the challenge. christina wins a lunch with chef ramsey as well as chefs mark peel and ben ford. the night's dinner service included a "12 top" of hawaiian tropic models (im rolling my eyes right now). everyone started off rough, with petrozza and corey flying under the radar. chef ramsey eventually gets so sick of jenn and her attitude, he kicks her off her station. despite numerous set backs, they managed to complete the 12 top and the rest of dinner service. christina ends up choosing jenn and bobby for elimination, and in the end, bobby goes home.

    i think bobby was a stand-up guy, and while ive been rooting for jenn, i think tonight shouldve been her night to go instead of bobby. i just hope she can suck it up and start shining again. the housewife thing did not appeal to me, but it wasnt as bad as i thought it'd be. but the highlight of then night, for me, was definitely jean phillipe running into the glass door! now we're down to the top 4!
  • Desperate cooking housewives

    Lol Petrozza, when was the last time you met an attractive woman.

    Anyways, I am kind of disappointed that Bobby was eliminated over Jen. She's so arrogant, rude, and can not take any kind of criticism from anyone. She's nothing but a child that frets whenever noting goes her way. Bobby was more tolerable than her.

    This weeks dinner service Bobby and Jen both messed up pretty badly but a least chef Ramsay trusted Bobby enough not to kick him of his station the way he did to Jen. It's only matter of time before Jen cracks under the pressure and is eliminated.

    It looks like Corey and Christina are doing pretty well, Petrozza has to step it up and start leading if he's gonna stand a chance.

    I hope Jen is eliminated next episode.