Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 9

HK4: 7 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 27, 2008 on FOX

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  • Matt makes me sick, and Jen makes my eardrums hurt. Petrozza is still sloppy, Bobby is still an idiot and makes a fool of himself. Go Christina and Corey!

    I love the relay challenge. I liked that Corey and Christina won, I think they're actually good enough to make the final two to be honest. Matt and Louross are such babies, Jen and Louross have too much of an attitude, Matt and Petrozza are both sloppy and slow, Bobby and Jen are all so inarticulate in their words, I'd be surprised if C&C don't make the finale.

    Actually, I don't wanna continue this review. I hate looking at Matt's face and listening to Jen's voice or Bobby's slow and naive words. Petrozza and Matt's sweat and sloppiness makes me sick and I don't believe Chef Ramsay puts up with it for so long. I mean, Matt's SWEAT made a dish salty. Not just one of them, three of them! Disgusting. I would rather eat awful-tasting food, than food that was unclean, uncooked, or unhygienic. I don't want to get sick from my food. Argh.

    I think all the guys this season were awful. Remember that idiot, Jason? Picking his toes during service, slacking off. And Rosanne starting fires all the time. How unsafe must that be? I hate this year's cast. I would think that all these cooks could at least manage all this a bit better, don't you think?

    Okay, whatever. Um, to sum up this episode. I liked Louross, after Corey, after Christina. Shame he couldn't make it any further. I want the other four that are still there to go home, one by one, two by two, whatever. Chef Ramsay throwing JP into the beachwater was amusing to watch. The menus weren't that creative. I hope Corey and Christina do well next episode.
  • good episode...

    It's getting pretty sad that some of the chefs left are terrible. Matt still sucks and his team had to basically work without him and Louross just crumbled. Matt sweating was disgusting. It was weird to see so many plates come back from the kitchen so late in the competetion. I think Matt should be next to go. Petrozza did well; he's been constistent through the whole competetion and he's my favorite. Jen is really annoying and she's arrogant. The red team won the challenge and the dinner service. I don't know why Ramsay decided to switch up the teams because no one likes Jen or Matt so nothing will change if you swtich them. Oh well; overall, another solid episode.
  • From entertainment to car crash TV in one series.

    Maybe I shouldn't have started to watch "Top Chef". Maybe I shouldn't have watched "The F Word" (UK). Whatever.... I used to enjoy this show, now I'm just annoyed. Has Ramsey chosen chefs from his "Kitchen Nightmares" show? If not then how come it seems as though he picks chefs who can't actually function in a kitchen!!!! Some of these contestants label themselves as chef but I seriously would hate to visit any restaurant they work in! Surely consistency is a by-word in successful restaurant work? I watched the latest episode after I'd seen his latest UK "F Word", in which he had 4 celebrities (non chefs) cooking an appetizer, main & dessert for a restaurant of 50 people. This week it was the turn of "McFly" who served 150 covers of which they made 115 paid for dishes, and the only real complaint was that their souffle pancakes were too big! These guys have no kitchen experience & no real cooking experience either - by their own admission they live off takeaways - and yet... they pulled off a kitchen stint with more flair and consistency then any of the chefs have on "Hell's Kitchen" this season.
    If I had only ever watched "Kitchen Nightmares" and this show then I could have been left believing that eating out in the US was a risk. Then I saw "Top Chef" and was relieved to see some excellence in a kitchen. Personally I feel that "Hell's Kitchen" would be much better if the next band of contestants were more like "Top Chef"s than "Kitchen Nightmares". At least it would feel more like a competition and less like a car crash... I mean who would want to visit a restaurant run by any of these guys?? and yet Ramsey is willing to employ one of them to run one of his. I would suggest than any potential customer avoid the place like a bowl of salmonella!
  • both teams fail at dinner service

    wow. what a terrible dinner service. i cant believe both teams actually finished. matt and the red team had plate after plate come back. probably because matt was sweating in it! EW! and the blue team just couldnt get it together at all. louross tried to send out raw meat and jen tried to send out a soupy dessert. jen needs to swallow her pride and start working as a team. glad chef put her in her place and told her her menu ideas sucked. in the end, it was between her and louross for elimination. was rooting for louross but can understand why he was sent home. then matt was called up and chef asked both of them to take off their jackets. gasp!! i'll admit, my jaw hit the floor. but then he made them switch teams so now the red team is all women and the blue team is all men again. wouldnt have minded if chef had sent them both home but that wouldve been a little too much. matt MUST go home next week! and judging by the previews it just might happen. and on a side note, i hate corey!
  • The red team clicks and the blue team still cannot get it together.

    Jenn is starting to get on my nerves. Louross has out lived his usefulness. The reward challenge was won once again by the Red Team and mistakes by the Blue team and Jenn cost them the win.
    When they got to choose their own menu's the red team got it done right away, and Jenn tried to force her ideas on the others and they were not good. The dinner service was not good for either of them, but Louross shows that he is out of his element, he cannot cook and once again he put out undercooked food.
    It is not hard to cook meat. He was sent home, but then Chef Ramsey shook up the teams, putting Matt back on the Blue team and Jenn back on the Red.
    I think Matt is the next to go.