Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 7

HK4: 9 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2008 on FOX
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The remaining chefs are seriously humiliated when a surprise taste test from Ramsay suggests that none of their palates are up to snuff. Their tasting skills are then put to a blind test that ultimately comes down to a head-to-head competition between two chefs. The winning team enjoys a luxurious spa day, while the losers face a day of vigorous spring cleaning. The chefs return to a fine dining menu for the evening, but with mixed results. After two previous complete dinner services, service is once again shut down early, with one team in particular singled out. The result is one chef's fall-from-grace after Chef Ramsay asks every member of the losing team to nominate someone for elimination.


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  • still not completing dinner services?

    This is getting kind of sad. They, yet again, couldn't complete a dinner service. They didn't even make it half way, well, the girls did. Ben was just terrible; he's had several bad weeks and he can't cook. Rosanne did terrible, yet again, but dogded the bullet. Jen just had a meltdown. Seriously, she get's screamed at once and looses it? Matt, somehow, did well. I was really surprised. I thought he would do terrible because he did terrible on the mens' side. I guess the team atmospheres are really different...I'm happy Ben is gone and I think Rosanne should be next. Oh, the taste-testing competition was sad; they're a lot worse than last year. Overall, good, entertaining episode.moreless
  • These people would struggle to boil water.

    The teams had to taste meatless meals and not one of them notice. Then their palates were tested, and the women won it hands down, with the help of Matt.

    Now for dinner service, the men's team struggle continues. They cannot seem to get anything right, and Ben who has been living on borrowed time finally met his due.

    Who can cook, and who will win the job. I have no clue as no one seems to have the talent to boil water or cook. This is a reality show with no basis in reality.

    If the people going to Gordon Ramseys new place watch the show they will order wine and drinks, as they know the food will suck.moreless
  • Will these guys ever learn?

    Week after week all these guys do is whine and cry and complain... if they would stop blaming other people for their problems and listen a little they would probably improve each week...

    Instead they are all so self centered... No one has any concept of Teamwork... really if they were so great individually they wouldn't need a reality show to get ahead in the business...

    You have Jen and Bobby talking about how great they are and how they are going to win... Please... Jen, you're skin is too thin, don't let people get you down and lose that chip on your shoulder... Bobby, you can't go solo in a kitchen, you need those guys, get in sync with them or get out...moreless
  • Embarrassing

    Neither side did anything right, chicken was served raw on several occasions. A chef who had never done anything right, finally did 1 thing right and celebrated about it and looked like a puppy piddling all over himself, yet they weren't called out. Stations were left dirty, and they didn't get out their "product" yet they were barely called out.

    It was made clear to the viewers that the person selected to leave was chosen several shows before this one due to some sort of grudge held by the Chef.

    The person sent home had only their 2nd bad day, but they worst part about this day was that they served some lamb a little undercooked, even though others served their food raw.

    And the person kicked off had easily the best pallet out of their entire team.

    Just pathetic! And one person saved them self by admitting they were crap, and for that they were heralded for being brave, thats called breaking down, which was plainly obvious by the unstoppable tears after the dismissal.moreless
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Head Chef

Bobby Anderson

Bobby Anderson

Season 4 Contestant

Ben Caylor

Ben Caylor

Season 4 Contestant

Scott Liebfried

Scott Liebfried

Sous Chef (Blue)

Jen Gavin

Jen Gavin

Season 4 Contestant

Louross Edralin

Louross Edralin

Season 4 Contestant

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Usually the taste test ends when one Team is so far ahead that the other Team is mathematically out of it, but this time Chef Ramsay continues in order to play out the great rivalry of Matt vs. Ben. He gives them a dish with ten ingredients, and after tasting it, they must alternate naming the ingredients. Matt and Ben each name four ingredients correctly, and the Red Team wins 9-5.

    • After the elimination, Chef Ramsay asks for a volunteer from the Red Team to join the Blue Team, who are now down to 3 chefs. He gives them the night to decide who it will be.

    • Although there was no winning team, Chef Ramsay complimented both Matt and Petrozza. Ramsay said Matt had made 'the best risotto ever in Hell's Kitchen' and called Petrozza a gentleman for not backstabbing other members of his team.

    • Rewards Challenge: The teams competed in a blind taste test, attempting to identify foods by taste alone, the team with the most wins. Since the Red Team had five team members, Chef Ramsay had Jen sit the challenge out in order to make the teams even.

      Reward: The Red Team is treated to a 'Spa Day' on Hell's Kitchen's transformed patio.

      Punishment: The Blue Team must clean cleaning the dorms and kitchen 'from top to bottom.' Ben also is made to serve the Red Team drinks.

    • Best of the Worst: None

      Nominees for Elimination: Louross by Ben, Ben by Louross, Petrozza by Bobby and Petrozza.

      Eliminated: Ben

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chef Ramsay: Ben left a manual labor job digging ditches to get back into cooking, but all he did in Hell's Kitchen was dig himself into a hole. A hole too deep to get out of.

    • Matt: I thought it was cat because it was kind of stringy. Not that I've ever eaten cat before.

    • Chef Ramsay: Tonight, we were overconfident, lazy, slow and somewhat pathetic. Both kitchens.

    • Matt: (in an interview segment directed at Ben) The scapegoat's no longer there and you got no one to blame. Wake up, buddy.

    • Narrator: More than half of the Red diners are enjoying their entrees.
      Red Diner 1: Yes.
      Red Diner 2: It looks real good.
      Red Diner 3: That's really good.
      Narrator: Diners on the Blue side are also eating -- anything they can find.

    • Chef Ramsay: Look at me, look at me. His scallops are ****ing cooked, are you ready?
      Louross: Five minutes.
      Chef Ramsay: **** off, five minutes!

    • Chef Ramsay: No answer from ****ing laid-back Ben -- he's more laid-back than an ironing board.

    • Matt: (in an interview segment, regarding the Blue Team's punishment) I love the fact that they had to go clean toilets. I wish it was Ben scrubbing from the bottom of my toes.

    • Matt: (in an interview segment, regarding the spa treatment reward) I hope they have eyebrow wax. This metrosexual is getting done up.

    • Chef Ramsay: I'm really seriously disgusted with all your palates and not one of you spotted fake chicken, fake sausage and fake beef.

    • Corey: (in an interview segment) Matt is not gonna be there for long. He's gonna probably last, I would say, a day, before, he's probably -- now he's really gonna get voted off.

  • NOTES (1)