Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 8

HK4: Day Eight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2008 on FOX

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  • They are starting to show some of them can cook, but still would not be a good diner line cook.

    Jen goes over to the Blue team and starts ruffling feathers. They blew the reward challenge by not putting the veal on the fish dish for a quasi surf and turf, and with a stupid move like that deserve to lose.
    Then the dinner service. The women started out good but slowly but surely self destructed, just like the men have done on many previous shows.
    I could not envision working for Gordon Ramsey, he would make me crazy if not homicidal. He expects perfection and should get it from real chefs, but he is working with wanna be cooks who have trouble boiling water.
  • good episode...

    Jen joins the blue team and then the teams have to create four dishes with twenty ingredients. Louross screws up and Jen is a whiny little baby and can't get over it. Anyways, the service went well for hte blue and the red team just completely died. Rosanne finally went home, even though she deserved to go three weeks ago. Overall, it was a good, entertaining episode. Matt cut his finger (which was really gross) and he did poorly on service. Jen is annoying and so is Corey and they always talk about rising up and being the leader and they talk trash about each other all of the time. Overall, again, this was still a good episode.
  • Guess who joins the blue team?

    Jen, agrees to join the blue team. I know, Jen hates Corey soooo much! Jen was right about not being "stupid". I thought blue team went downhill at first, but went back up. I'm pretty happy that Matt is continuing to go on. The challenge was good for the red time. The winner got to get into InTouch Weekly and a photoshoot, which accutally showed the fashion life of Matt. And the "next time on Hell's Kitchen" made it so exciting to see what happens next and who gets elminated next. I think next up is blue team. But now, that three are left it's gonna get hard.