Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 5

HK4: 11 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2008 on FOX

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  • good episode...

    Vanesa decided to leave because of her burn. I guess it was a good decision because she couldn't do anything, but then she has to live her entire life wondering what would have happened if she had stayed. Anyways, the girls won the challenge again and got to go out while the guys had to prep a ton of pizzas. Finally, both teams completed a service and no one completely screwed up. No one else was sent home. Overall, I thought it was a good episode. There was still plenty of drama and cursing and good-looking food. Oh, and those girls are b*tches.
  • First the wannabes have to learn how make a gourmet pizza, with pretty predictable consequences, and then have to serve the winning effort for tonights special.

    The pizza challenge was fun. Gordons example was apparently worth a whole load of caboodles as a result of layers of truffles. Personally i thought it looked like a tree had walked up and shed some mouldy bark on top!

    However, when it came to the wannabes (still refuse to call them chefs) it was the predictable mess on the Mens team with a whole better attitude in the Womens kitchen. matts attempt nearly made Ben puke recalling his day 1 attempt at poisoning Gordon. Ben also upset LouRoss by comparing his try to 'Pizza Shack'. At least at this point they were interacting, albeit poorly, unlike the virtual silence during the planning and prep phase!

    Guess who won...yes another victory for the women by the smallest of margins - actually the smallest of grit on Bens Mushrooms. Another case of 'good idea, poor presentation'. I would feel sorry for the men but they bought it on themselves again.

    Now for the sad(ish) news, Vanessa chose not to continue due to her injury. for one am unsure how to feel about this. She certainly wasn't the worst although how much of that was due more to the poor standards next door rather than her own high skill level we will never find out.

    Service was a big improvement with both sides completing, not without tears, heartbreak and a little subterfuge from Petrozza to bail out LouRoss and slip some hastily re-served steaks under the nose of Sous Chef Scott [god help them if Gordon or Scott watch the highlights!].The little extra punishment of having to home deliver pizzas fell to Ben who predicatably made a hash of thing, understanadle trying to drive a little rickshaw around a city he didnt know. [the best bit was the warm up when JP delivered the vehicle to the team and hit the corner of the kerb, for a split second i'm sure i felt the world hold its breath to see if the little trike would tip over]

    As a result of Vanessa leaving the teams were lucky enough to receive a present of no eviction tonight, but not before they went through the routine of nominations, lucky gits get to fight another day.

    Yet again the girls seem to be demonstrating better teamwork, even with the suspicions and backstabbing. the men still dont seem to have a clue how to comumnicate. nothing has changed then nut I bet they will all party a little tonight. Whats the betting that an early wakeup call is in order after a night of undeserved celebrations?
  • The pizza challenge was good, Vanessa went home because she felt she could not give it 100 percent. I admire her for trying.

    The winning pizza was interesting, the losing was also, but dirty mushrooms do not win.
    The girls seem to have their stuff together much better and the guys are not a team. Yes the are all trying to win a job, but a kitchen is a team effort.
    Both of them had bad moments tonight, but both teams finished service, I guess even bad cooks can get it right once in a while.
    I think that not sending someone home was the right move. I know some of them are on a short leash. Next week seems to be an interesting. I am actually looking forward to it.