Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 14

HK4: 2 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on FOX

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  • good episode...

    The finale two finally get to design their restaurants and menus. Petrozza had trouble thinking of his menu while Christina did it easily. I thought it was halarious how Christina hated everything Jean-Philippe brought out while Petrozza loved it. It shows how different the two are. The two hopefuls got to go to New York and visit Gordon's London restaurant. They had to cook their dishes and then have them judges. Petrozza finally won! Woo-hoo! When they got back, Petrozza loved his restaraunt while Christina hated hers and all of the stripes. It was funny how ticked off she was. Overall, good episode and I can't wait for the conclusion.
  • Christina finally looses a challenge.

    It's about time Petrozza wins a challenge and beats out Christina. I really hope he wins in the finale. He's always been a team player and he we was the first person to talk Christina when everyone else ignored her when she won the clothing chanllegene. He's a straight up gentlemen.

    Christina is starting to get really cocky, it might be her downfall. She's gonna have to do her absolute best if she's even gonna have a chance to beat Petrozza.

    The choices for the team selections were pretty obvious. Based on the previews i think that Petrozza picks Matt over Jen, but i could be wrong. The previews for this show are always extremely misleading.

    The only thing i didn't get about this episode is why Whoopi Goldberg was there? It seemed kinda of thrown in and out of place.
  • While this episode sets up the final clash it was too drawn out. They could have done it in 30 minutes and had a 90 minute finale rather than dragging this one out to an hour. Petrozza finally wins a challenge.

    I think Christina has a better grasp on what she wants to do and how to do it and this is from a woman 22 years younger than Petrozza. I think he is not one to run a big demanding place like one of Ramsey's, while Christina has no experience I think she can do a better job. She is more organized and can see the big picture. Petrozza took forever to get a menu together. If I was in a competition like this my menu would have been figured out before it started and fine tuned with things I learned along the way.
    I wish them both good luck, and by seeing the teaser from the finale Petrozza needs all the luck he can get, he has Jenn.