Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 1

HK4: 15 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2008 on FOX

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  • It is hard to recapture the magic of Season 1 and Season 2 but still awe-inspiring to watch outcomes like season 3 and hopeful that season 4 can repeat at least a season 3 outcome

    Basically after season 2 you had real doubts about the quality of chefs that appear on this show. I do give credit to Rock for being a outstanding chef amongst the hacks and wannabes of season 3 with the few exceptions but where are people like Michael and Heather who really knew what they were doing throughout the competition. Among all the contestants you see real disappointment in how little it takes to pass of as a chef. But thats what makes the show so interesting isn't it. To see the crash and fall of those who annoy and simple cannot cook in Hell's Kitchen with confidence. After this episode Bobby has a long way to come back from and Louross seems to be the most inspiring however still ranks among the more talkative ones that includes the loudmouth Jen. All in all good starting episode we see little prospect among the chefs and some really eccentric and interesting characters who we hope to develop to be another Michael of Heather (Louross and Christina). Maybe Bobby will shine as Rock did in the last episode but he has to make some effort first no more catching flies with his mouth open.
  • good start to the season...

    Gordon is back and is his usual self! I really thought it was funny how he went in the bus with the wannabees and eavesdropped on them. The wannabees seem really bad this year. They were terrible. Both teams just completely fell apart. There were no excuses! It was just terrible. I guess I like the little guy the most right now, but it's early and hard to tell. Overall, I'm really happy to see the show back and it was a good first episode. Gordon is his usual firey self and it's so entertaining! I didn't like the new lady sous chef. She seems timid and I liked Mary Ann. I like the sous chefs because they curse and are firey like Gordon (well, not so much) and she just seemed out of place. Oh well, at least Scott is still there.
  • Another season of wannabe's.

    I've been waiting for the start of the new season for Hell's Kitchen and I was not disappointed I must say. I think it was a gas when Gordon disguised himself to listen to the blowhards talk themselves up to the others. And boy was the gas let out of thier balloons real quick when they attempted to fix thier signature dish for Gordon. If 1 of 15 dishes was all he liked although he thought one other was seasoned correctly, its going to be a female winner this year for sure. Talk about all talk and no action Bobby as a Captain of the men's team was a disaster. Considering he is an executive chef he should have shined instead his bulb went out. Dominick was the obvious choice to leave because he was clearly not in his element. Bobby has to step up or if he is nominated again he is history. The woman were a bunch of whiners too they had so much trouble with apitizers and then 1 get annoyed that she isn't selected captain when the original stepped down. WAAA WAA WAA. She didn't shine except to get the risotto right after being foreced to step up.
  • This was an introduction to the new potential chefs. Some of them did not look like they belonged, but they all think they can cook.

    I have just caught this series in reruns and decided to try to catch a season from the beginning. I think the first thing they had to do showed just how much they have to learn. I saw some dishes that were poorly thought out. The one guy who tried to impress Gordon only to have him throw up has to go back to the drawing boards.
    Who cooks without tasting the food, both teams did exactly that when it was time to cook for the public. How stupid is that? I do not see much talent in either kitchen right now.
    Any one of a bunch of guys could have been sent home, and the same could be said about the women.