Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 10

HK4: 6 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2008 on FOX

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  • The most dramatic dinner service this season as the chefs work together for the first time.

    Jen on the girls' team and Matt on the boys' team wasn't that way for long. On a building up high in the sky, the six remaining competitors joined together to form the merged black team. Ramsay shows them their future restaurant in the making and the money they could win. Again, I am disgusted at Matt, but who [wouldn't] wanna smell 250,000 dollars?

    In the first individual challenge, when Corey lifted her dome and revealed a lobster, I absolutely love Christina's gasp. I would totally wish I had lobster too. With Bobby's tough duck, Corey's lack of use of her whole lobster and Petrozza's breast that had so much done to it, they were out of the competition. With Matt's hardly-anything-wrong veal, Christina's fascinating sea bass and Jenn's non-overcooked, non-dry, sliced beef, Chef Ramsay had a difficult choice. From the TV screen, I would've picked Christina's sea bass, but oh-my-god, how unfair. Jen got her dish in Chef Ramsay's menu and a dinner with last year's winner, Rock. And she brought Corey. I felt so sorry for Christina. She cooks and she cooks and she pan-sears a sea bass worth being in the Top Two dishes, and only gets to boss the boys around during delivery.

    Wow, dinner service was so dramatic. Matt wants to send Christina home? Yeah, right. I laughed so hard when Matt couldn't even repeat the orders Chef Ramsay had just read out. Petrozza has the likes of a pig yet again, while Jen, Bobby, Corey, Christina and Matt all fail to communicate with one another. And that's just half of it.

    Corey burns her hand and for a brief while, refuses to go see the medic under Chef Ramsay's orders. Matt eats more wellington than the customers. Bobby, Christina and Matt can't remember the orders. Matt completely loses focus and blames it on a migraine and the lack of team players on his team. And when Matt expresses his pain to Chef Ramsay, and Chef Ramsay tells Matt to get out. Absolutely hilarious.

    Chef Ramsay then tells Jen, and Christina, and Bobby, and Petrozza, and Corey to leave for just Jen's burnt rice. Matt's speech was completely pathetic. Going into elimination, I was looking at this review and you know whose name came up the most times? Matt. To me, he was sure to be going home.

    And so the six of them came to a consensus to nominate the meat-station-duo, Matt and Christina. Corey nominated herself as well, and both Christina and Corey gave pretty heartfelt arguments as to why they should stay. Again, Matt's speech was pathetic.

    Both Corey and Christina said they never quit, prompting Chef Ramsay to send Matt home. Again, hopefully C&C make it through next week as well.

    Good episode. Dramatic, attention-grabbing and the one sent home deserved it.
  • It's about time!!!

    Matt should have been kicked out of Hell's Kitchen ages ago. I have no idea how he managed to stay so long but he did.

    Everybody seemed to be messing up in this episode. Jen left rice on a stove and forget about so it got burnt before anyone noticed.

    Corey burned in her hand in flames while cooking and actually argued with Ramsay about seeing the medic (not smart Corey are trying to get eliminated!) Both Matt and Christina failed miserably on the meat section and couldn't get it together.

    Bobby was definitely not at his best he made some silly mistakes. Petrozza was the only who didn't completely screw up.

    I'm think it's gonna be Petrozza in the finals if he steps up and tries to be team a leader.
  • The weak links are all finally gone...

    I have gotten more frustration than enjoyment out of this show this season and I hope now that Matt is gone that will end!

    I think running a kitchen is about communication and attention to details and how Matt managed to stay so long when he has neither has been driving me crazy! Jen is annoying, but she usually gets the job done... Matt never did.

    I don't know how this group is going to get it together... have they not realized by now that you have to have team work to win this... you can't just do your own thing and everyone else be damned!

    For me I like Petrozza and Bobby, I think either of them could inspire a staff... Jen might be a good cook, but she is too closed off and too full of piss and vinegar to inspire a team... Next week should be fun watching the "cooking class"
  • in which matt finally gets eliminated!

    so last week, chef ended the show by putting jenn back on red and matt back on blue. it didnt matter because this week they were combined into one black team. after the merge, the group got a tour of London, the restaraunt in which the winner will become executive chef. individual challenges began, which jenn won. she started crying which was actually a little endearing to me. it shows me that she wants it, and she's taking the comepition seriously. she won a trip to vegas and chose corey to go with her. (why??) if it were me, i think i wouldve chosen christina, ragardless, because she was the "runner-up" in this challenge. so they go to vegas and have a chat with rock, the winner of last season, at his restaurant. jenn's challenge winning dish was added to the night's dinner menu. it seemed like everyone was in it for themselves this week, except maybe petrozza (who's starting to grown on me) and bobby. needless to say service didn't go well; matt lost his mind, corey fell apart, and christina messed up the meat station. in the end, christina, corey, and matt were up for elimination and ultimately, matt was (FINALLY) sent home "for all the right reasons". YIPEEE!!
    now, i dont know much about this biz, but so far, i really dont see anyone who's capable of running a restaurant. i vote for corey to go home next week!
  • BARF!!! The show looked even more like an re-enactment.

    Of course the Beef would win... You can do almost anything with it. DUCK??????? As much as one can say. It might as well been Calamari, Rabbit, Frog legs, Goat, or SweetBread. Unless you prepared it before, You wouldn't know what to do with it. It was just before the show started when the comment was made. Who assigns the stations? Louross was terriable on the meat, but he kept on being put on the meat station. Now This was Jen's dish, and Chef admitted it was a risky dish. Jen should have been on that station since it was her dish and she knew how it was to be done.. If this is the way Chef Ramsey finds the weakest point of each contestant. Why bother with the nominations.
  • The reward challenge was interesting, some good dishes, two that even surprised Gordon. Jenn wins the reward but self destructs at service. Matt loses it completely.

    They are starting to show they can cook, but prove they cannot work in a kitchen together. I still do not see the talent required to do the job, and I am not alone here, as neither does Gordon.
    The menu they had to cook for the dinner service is not rocket science but they way they approach it you think we are building a manned spaceflight to Pluto. They have no clue on what it takes to work a real dinner service let alone run one.
    I want someone to wow me, no one has. At least in Season 3 Bonnie ran around the dorm in her panties, not that does not count in cooking but at least it was a bit of sex in a rather overdone over hyped show.
  • good episode...

    The contestants finally merge into one team. These are the cream of the crop, so they're supposed to be good, right? Well, they all did well in the individual challenge, but Jen won. She cries too much; it was getting annoying. She chose Corey to go with her on reward which was weird because they hate each other, but they do seem to always put their differences aside for rewards. Matt and Christina started bickering, which got annoying also. They're both babies, Matt moreso. Dinner service was terrible. Petrozza and Bobby seemed to do the best while everyone else had big problems. I figured they would be able to finish service, but they didn't. Matt finally went home! I'm happy about that. Overall, another good episode of Hell's Kitchen.