Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 13

HK4: 3 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • good episode...

    The final three compete and the final two are then revealed! First, the challengers ate breakfast with their families and then were asked to recreate the dish that Gordon fed them. Christina won...and Petrozza was in second. At the dinner service, Christina was terrible on fish and Corey was terrible on the hot plate. Petrozza was good on both. Corey was sent home. I don't really like Christina, but she was better on the hot plate so I think it was the right choice to send Corey home. Petrozza is my favorite so I'm happy he got through. Overall, this was another great episode of Hell's Kitchen and now it's down to 2!
  • From three chefs down to two, after a family visit, a taste-and-cook challenge and a dinner service where the aspiring chefs took turns standing in Chef Ramsay's shoes.

    Aw dang! I wanted Corey and Christina to last 'til the end. Petrozza is good and everything, but he is so sloppy. Can't wait 'til the next episode where Jen, Matt, Corey, Ben, Louross and Bobby come back to help the final two out.

    I really hope Christina wins in this case. I think that she deserves it after winning so many individual challenges and doing generally well in dinner service, except for the times where she burns Chef Ramsay's hand or her salmon. I think that she's been the most consistent and the one with the most exposure since the beginning when Corey nominated her to go home. I think she is totally what Hell's Kitchen is about and I hope she wins.
  • Much more beliveable in reguards to a reality show. a few pre focused shots, but not as obvious as in earlier shows.

    Cory seems to have just lost it, a nervious break down, Stressed out. I could say it would be conceiveable that the pressure made her concentrate on her station that when she had to go to the hotplate it blindsided her. It would be easy for Christina being a Culniary student to study and look at everything Petro didnt surprise any of us here by having to do the yelling part. he's such a teddy bear. He needs to be much more agressive to sastisfy Ramsy's taste. Ramsy's comment on he has to be more aggresive and demanding in the kitchen everyday to me is a road to a heart attack. I couldn't see Petro going to work everyday to yell and gripe at everybody. Christina can be a witch. She may end up being the winner because of it. Petro has never won anything, and would be great if he did win. But he has to be a monster, I don't think he would last. Christina to me is more of a Cook rather than a chef. She travels the beaten path rather than to lead.
  • Lol, it's cheer leading kitchen!

    I thought it was hilarious when chef Ramsay started doing a cheer when critiquing Christina's leadership ability. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    Christina messed up quite a bit this episode (burnt fish, overcooked scallops, raw fish). She had a pretty rough start compared to everyone else but she managed to redeem herself leading at the pass. Her voice started to get really annoying though when she was yelling. I thought my ears where gonna bleed.

    Petrozza did very well this episode and proved that he can lead kitchen despite not seeing that the risotto was missing peas. Corey didn't do as good as the others on the pass. She didn't show good leadership this episode unlike in the past. She's really gone downhill since the beginning. Although i thought it was little shocking that Christina beat out Corey in elimination considering how bad Christina does during services (burning Chef Ramsay's hand twice. Looking like a deer caught in headlights when she's messes up and not being consistent). Christina is just not ready to lead a kitchen in my opinion. I think Petrozza has the best chance of winning it all. The previews look interesting for next week.
  • This had it all, a very close reward challenge and a razor thin decision on who would go to the finals. Christina won her third reward challenge in a row and made it by the skin of her teeth into the finals.

    I am replaying the episode in my head. Christina has a lot of talent, and probably the best palate of the final three, that is why she won the reward challenge today, she found the one ingredient that no one else did, that showed something to me.
    As for the diner service, I think she had a major case of nerves and it showed. But when it was her turn in the window she was the only one to taste and catch a dish before it went out, something that chef does all the time.
    While both Petrozza and Corey had better nights overall, Christina has had a better showing throughout than either of them and that is why she is in the final. She has a lot of talent and I think heads up she will beat Petrozza, while he has more experience she has more training and much more recent. She will put out a better menu and that will tilt it in her favor.