Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 3

HK4: 13 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2008 on FOX

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  • Subtitled - 'the one where Gordon cried 'Fowl''.The usual mix of wannabe chefs discover there is a turkey in the mix! Its no wonder Ramsey appears to go a little more insane each time with this lot being even more rubbish than previous groups!!!

    Ok, so the challenge appeared to be rather simple, and as always the wannabes (it would be an injustice to real chefs to call them anything else) instantly mouthed that it was o-so-easy!! Haven't these guys learned anything yet - its easy to chop a chick for the family,and even the best can make the occasional bodge of a cut, but its not so easy to get perfect cuts to pass for a Michelin starred chef.We knew it was coming - most were passed with pride but one made a complete pigs ear of it - most microwave-chefs could match 2/8 simply pulling the wings off.

    So the girlies lived it up, or at least got someone else to cook their lunch, while the guys sweated it out picking peppers.

    And would you believe it seems that nothing was learned by either side as both again produced a miserable dinner service. Remember, one of these guys/gals is up for a 1/4million job soon so i would have hoped to see at least a bit of nosh hit the table rather than dying on the hot plate. 3 days in and fail,fail,fail. I see Gordon even more stressed this week!

    The worst thing so far tho, it seems the men still cant get over the male vs female split that is currently in place. As a man with a number of years of kitchen time I find it embarrasing that the old cliches are out and about in the mens camp. They are simply embarrasing themselves considering they are not exactly running 100% themselves. Do they forget that the whole world can see their sexist behaviour - god help them if they have strong wives awaiting them at home when they are evicted cos its going way beyond banter in my book.

    I await the next instalment simply to see grown men (& women) cry as they demonstrate that their 'God given talent' is more of a curse!!!!!!!
  • good episode...

    The contestants were challenged to cut a chicken into eight peices. Sounds simple enough...well, the girls were able to do it but the boys were terrible. Well, it was actually just one of the men. Anyways, they had to pick peppers all day. Those poor guys. At service, it was a wreck again. I think the girls got all of their appatizers out, but the meat section just did terrible. Guys had a really hard time. There were plenty of classic Ramsey moments and it was pretty funny. The fat, sexist guy went home. He was useless. Overall, another good episode.
  • The reward challenge was rather simple, cut a chicken into 8 pieces. The women won, the men did not do a good job. Then the dinner service and once again a disaster.

    I am sorry but these wanna be chefs are going to make more money a year than most of us could ever imagine, an not one of them has shown the talent to earn or deserve it.
    I have been buying whole chickens for years. My father worked in a place and cut chickens for a living. He taught me how to do that years ago, and in five minutes I could have done several chickens.
    Cutting chickens is not rocket science, however several on both teams could not do it. One of them could be making a cool quarter a year without basic cooking talent.
    I am not sure if the right person when home, he was one of two on the men's team that were disasters this week, and there were a few right behind them. They guy who cannot remember the menu, the guy who cooks the fish raw, and of course the Napoleonic chef who forgets all the ingredients of his appetizer. This is like the last chef standing, not the last chef who has not gotten fired.