Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 12

HK4: Day Twelve

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • This episode was great!!! It is about time Jen left!!

    Jen definitely needed to go this week. She was becoming a pain in the butt. She was always complaining about everyone else and thinking she was always the best no matter what. I was hoping she would be the next one off. The other chefs really needed her and she was purposefully not doing what they asked to try and mess up their dishes. She didn't realize chef was listening and he finally called her on it! Way to go chef! I absolutely love this show!!!! I never miss it!! I can't wait until next week to find out who is left.
  • jen finally gone

    I was so glad Jen was booted. She was purposly sabotaging the team. She was always full of resentment and jealousy and always held grudges. It was sad to see that she was a great cook, but she allowed her jealousy to hold her back and probably always will. It seemed like things were always everyone else's fault, she never took any personal responsiblity. Cory is two-faced and Christina better not turn her back on her. She was putting her down and talking all negative to her then suddenly becomes her best friend only when it benefits her. I hope Christina or Petrozza win. Even though Petrozza is sloppy he is a good chef and he's always a team player and kind hearted. GO Petrozza or Christina!!
  • Best episode yet this season. Bet of the four.

    was the best of the four. Jen still could have made it to the top. But she was really too much, and TWO faced. Everybody, Even Chef Ramsey saw that she was a plotting back stabber. That was really too bad because she was a really great cook. But she just wasn't a team player. If she was made an exective chef, I can see her co-workers quiting or getting fired by no fault of their own. I still feel that she could have won this season. She needs to work with and not against her team. Maybe if she held out her attitude for the final two, she may have a chance. I hope Petorza wins. But he need to show more leadership. Cory needs to show more Initiative. She lucked out with that undercooked fish, because instead of Ramesy flying off the tree, it brought her more time to fix a well cooked fish.
  • good episode...

    Finally, the top four actually show that they are good enough to have a restaraunt! They finally completed a service well and without too many problems. I thought it was funny how Christina kept burning the Chef. I thought he was going to get rid of her right there! Anyways, the individual challenge was interesting. I was rooting for Petrozza, but Christina won. Oh well. . . I'm so happy Jen is gone now. She was so annoying. He was always acting b*tchy and she was selfish. Overall, this was another good episode and it's now down to the final 3!
  • YESSS!!!

    Finally Jen has been eliminated. I could not stand her. Her attitude was simply unbearable. She would lie and cheat any chance she got (ex. writing Christina's name twice when they voting for elimination). Good bye to bad rubbish. How could someone be that arrogant and full of themselves when they screw up and can't follow direction.

    In this episode i was completely and utterly disappointed with Jen she was a absolute backstabber. She couldn't cook some eggs for Corey and Christina? All she was doing was stirring risotto. She only did it eventually because chef Ramsay told her to. She was a slow bossy person who irritated everyone and i'm glad she is gone. Christina burning chef Ramsay's hand twice was a huge mistake on her part. She gonna have to really well and not mess up next week or she could get the ax.

    Corey did Ok but she not really shinning so much anymore she has to step it up.

    Petrozza has pretty good chance of winning now but he still too dirty.
  • Finally Jen goes home, about time.

    This episode had a lot to it. Corey completely screwing up the reward challenge and Jen not doing well there did not help.
    What was a surprise to me was how well Petrozza did tonight. Yes he is sloppy, but finally he had a service without anything coming back and when Gordon basically said, you can be sloppy if you have services like that.
    Jen once again tried to sabotage a team mate, she was doing nothing, one pan or risotto while someone needed help, Jen completely ignored her. I am sure that did not go unnoticed, as Chef Ramsey either knew or one of his sous chefs told him. While this is a competition, the dinner service has to be a team effort.
    Then Jen, votes twice, come on, do you honestly think we did not see through that. You are a semi talented person who did not deserve to win, go back to Waffle House where you can pull stuff like that.
    Who will go home next week, who knows. Petrozza came out of nowhere this week to shine, but one bad service and anyone can go home.
  • After being on the choping block numerous times, Jen is finally eliminated.

    Going into the final 4, I had a strong hunch that Jen would be the next one eliminated, and I was correct.

    I absolutely hated Jen. She was slow and had a really bad additude with the other chefs. The only thing covering her was her cooking. Well, tonight's dinner service was the best this season, much better than many of the others and the deciding point was the Elimination at the end and Jen decided what kind of Jen she was by voting out Christina TWICE.

    So Corey and Jen were put up for elimination and finally Jen is gone. And we're down to the Final 3.

    Christina - She has been doing very well lately and she won today's contest BUT she made the mistake of burning Chef Ramsay's hand with a hot pan handle. Will that be a factor?

    Petrozza - He's sloppy, disorganized but he is still a very good chef and he came through tonight's service almost unscathed. All he has to do is be more organized and clean and he should be good.

    Corey - Hasn't really stepped up and sort of lies to Chef Ramsay a bit (ex: sending the undercooked scallops to the dinner table with Ramsay unaware that they were raw) My hunch is that she will be the next one eliminated and that Christina and Petrozza will probably go through to the Final.