Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 15

HK4: Finale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2008 on FOX

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  • didn't care for winner

    Sorry but I hated Christina and the constant put downs towards Protraza. I guess that was okay by others though. Glad she didn't get what was promised to her. She was an over rated winner.
  • Culinary student learns what it takes, while catering director takes it on the jaw. Big Bad Wolf... Not so bad after all. This season was a tossup all the way. Worst bunch of contestents that could ever be picked or cast. Concludes with complete overture.

    From the first episolde the final. They were all wannabes. No one was well rounded enought to be or do anything. All had flaws, SERIOUS FLAWS. The who season was flopping allover the place, and Personally would have walked and cancelled the season. Petoza maintained his Loveable Lump persona, and would do well to continue his current job. It got him to where he is, and he seems quite happy there. Having him get hardline on his crew would not fit him, and he would have had a hard start. Opening a new restaurant, would not suit him, as he would have had to hit the ground running. Christina, showed that she can be a witch if she need to. She treated he crew fairly, and was ready to kick butt if needed to. She showed she was able to coax Matt to participate, ad even a slacker level. If Matt was a dufus act. Cristina didn't stand for it, and relageted Matt like trying to get a kid to complete his Homework. Throw your temper tantrum later, just dou what i ask you to do. Matt wasn't getting anywhere with his shinanigans, and he came to what he needed to do. Petro is set in his style, and Cristina is learning. Cristina can change and take charge. Deal with the confilcts later, after the service is done. Petoza would never be hard nosed enough to sastisfy Ramsey, or to keep his crew tight. That may be his downfall for the show. But it still will carry him in a less high class muckety muck socity. Petroza can run a successful reataurant. But not a formal Black tie, and suit restaurant. I forsee him better in a elegant dining athmospere.
  • Wrong person won!

    I think that the wrong person had won and that really Christina shouldn't had won at all. And that the other person had the experience. Sure it is nice for a woman to win. Which, being a woman, it is hard for them to acheive in a male-dominated world. But that Louis has a really the most experience. And that Louis was laid out to pasture. Don't know why Christina won as she didn't deserve to win. Gordon Ramsey must had been blind, not to see that. Hope the next season will be better as it ended on a downer IMHO!
  • well, dissapointed, but still a good episode...

    So the two finalist compete in their last dinner services. I thought both teams were pretty even. Corey and Bobby are both good while Matt is terrible and Jen is a butthole. I thought Petrozza's menu was unique and interesting, while Christina's was safe. And, with it being safe, she still had problems executing it. Petrozza did a far better job in service. He ran out of food, which is bad on his part, but at least he compromised and made it work. If that happened to Christina she would have freaked. Well...somehow Christina won. I guess it's just because she's young. Petrozza did far better. Overall, very entertaining episode.
  • This episode had it all, ups and downs but to me no surprise who won.

    I like both of the finalists. Petrozza has experience but not in running a kitchen, neither does Christina but her kitchen at least did not run out of things.
    Both of them were stuck with real loser sous chefs Jenn and Matt, both of them self destructed, and I actually believe that Jenn did it for spite, you work at a fast food place and cannot cook an onion ring, now even I know better than that.
    Matt is just way out there. I do agree with chef on who the winner is. Petrozza had to wow them and he did not, Christina does have more overall potential and did not let her sous chefs screw her on the prep. She was more prepared for the service than he was and it showed. Petrozza on the other hand had no ingredient lists or prep lists and it was like notes everywhere, and to run a world class restaurant you need to be organized.
    That fact alone made her the winner in my book.
  • Jen please close your mouth. You too Matt.

    Jen really has no shame whatsoever. I can not believe that she asked Ramsay for a job reference. You weren't good enough to make it to the final three and you have a terrible personality. I wish Ramsay would have told her to get out of hell's kitchen and never return.

    Matt needs to go see a therapist or something. Acting the way he did can't be normal. I was surprised that Ramsay rip him a new one for the way he was talking.

    I'm kind of disappointed that Petrozza was beaten by Christina. He had a solid service, none of his food was send back because of his good quality control. The only negative think i can say is that he ran out of all of stuff which is what i think really hurt him. He should have checked and not taken things for granted. Jen sure likes to sabotage people. She can't cook an onion ring? Even i can cook an onion ring.

    Christina was good but she let a cold steak slip by her, but she did catch all the raw fish Matt was sending out. She should have put Matt on something that doesn't require cooking, that would have saved her a lot of grief.

    I guess Chef Ramsay values potential over experience.