Hell's Kitchen

Season 4 Episode 15

HK4: Finale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2008 on FOX



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    • Chef Ramsay: Come on, Petrozza, decide what you're going to do. You only have one appetizer item left!

    • Christina: (observing the giant display screen with her image) Oh my God. Look at my big face.
      Chef Ramsay: I feel like I've been on a roller coaster for the last three months. Of all the Hell's Kitchens, this has been the one with the most ups and downs. But we ended on a high, and right now, it's time for me to get the **** out of Hell's Kitchen.

    • Chef Ramsay: Christina had the least amount of experience coming into Hell's Kitchen. But I saw something in her that was quite special.

    • Petrozza: (in an interview segment) I've met so many beautiful people. So many beautiful people. How priceless is that?

    • Christina: (in an interview segment) Holy ****ing ****. I am like so happy on ten different levels. I can't even explain it. Hey, mom and dad. I guess you don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm going to be okay.

    • Narrator: It's the final night in Hell's Kitchen and over two hours into dinner service, Christina's kitchen is at a standstill.
      Chef Ramsay: Matt, this monkfish is not cooked.
      Narrator: And Chef Ramsay is ready to take matters into his own hands.

    • Christina: (in an interview segment) I tell you, working with Matt, though, is like really frustrating. No offense, but salad is easy.
      Chef Ramsay: Come on, Matt! This is not our first night's service, is it?

    • Bobby: (in an interview segment) Petrozza, he definitely went for an impressive menu. It's a problem executing that stuff, but I'm gonna keep cool and I'm just gonna cook my ass off.

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Christina) You go that extra mile. It's not about playing safe. It's about really pushing the boundaries out.

    • Ben: (in an interview segment) Jen has been in a bitchy mood. She wants to be in the winner's circle, but she's not. I'm sorry, Jen. You just-- you just didn't make it. Get over it.

    • Narrator: With Petrozza out of the kitchen, Jen puts her energy into prepping...
      Jen: Chef Ramsay?
      Narrator: ...for her future.
      Chef Ramsay: Jen?
      Jen: Can you write me a letter of recommendation?
      Chef Ramsay: Can I what?
      Jen: Write me letter of recommendation?
      Chef Ramsay: A letter of recommendation?

    • Jen: (in an interview segment) Being a prep chef for Petrozza is like people playing the violin when the Titanic was going down. That's how I feel right now.

    • Christina: (in an interview segment) When Matt's on, he's on. And when Matt goes down, he goes down hard. But with a little bit of encouragement, I think he'll shine... hopefully.

    • Jen: (in an interview segment) I definitely know that the reason I was picked second to last is because how strong of a leader I am and they don't want to be outshined by me in their kitchen, but that's going to happen anyway.

    • Petrozza: (On his view of Chef Ramsay) He's phenomenal. Not only does he give you advice, but he tells you why.

    • Ben: How long on that risotto, Sweetheart?
      Jen: My name is Jen, not 'Sweetheart', and it is a minute and a half.

    • Christina: (in an interview) Jen pulled Chef Ramsay aside and asked for a recommendation, which I think is just shameless.

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