Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 11

HK5: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on FOX
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After having shut down Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay sends the remaining chefs off to New Jersey to dine in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, where one of them will be running a restaurant, hoping to inspire them by showing them the level of success that they can have. They meet with the hotel's top staff and enjoy a tour and the fine dining, but one chef's fun is cut short by a medical emergency. That chef proves unable to continue in the competition, turning the final five into the final four. Chef Ramsay challenges these remaining chefs to each create a signature dish that they would serve at the Borgata Hotel. The winning chef receives a free pass, making them safe from the next elimination, but both that chef and Chef Ramsay may come to regret it. The next evening, the chefs cook for a fully booked kitchen, but all of them and two in particular, struggle mightily, leading one to briefly kicked out. Though all diners are served, the service is rather a disappointment, leaving Chef Ramsay with a tough decision.


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  • Out of hell and then back in

    After the elimination of Giovanni in the last episode, it's now down to the last 5 chefs: Robert, Danny, Ben, Andrea and Paula. Chef Ramsey then announced that he would be shutting down Hell's Kitchen....for a few days. The show isn't over yet, the chefs are all simply taking a trip out to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see their new resturant at the Borgata. When they get there, they enjoy the sights, seeing what their resturant would look like and relaxing in the spa.

    Unfortunately, Robert starts getting heart pains and has to be rushed to the hospital. He misses out on the flight and has to come back the next day. When he does come back to Hell's Kitchen, he tells Chef Ramsey that he is done. He hands Chef the jacket and leaves Hell's Kitchen.

    So now it's down to the final 4. The chefs have to prepare a dish that they would be serving at the Borgata and are also given immunity for the next night. Andrea won the competition; how, I'll never know. Her dish didn't look very presentable and her dinner service was even worse. Ben fell apart halfway through and Andrea made them sink even lower. At the Chopping Block, Ben and Paula are set for Elimination, but Ramsey sends Paula back in line and sends Andrea up. After some scolding, he gives Ben and Andrea one last chance because Robert had left the Kitchen earlier. And that's that.

    It's really sad to see Robert leave. He wasn't the greatest chef in the kitchen, but he certainly had a lot of personality and a lot of heart. Unfortunately, that heart under all that fat could not take all the stress. See ya, big guy.

    The dinner service was another typical disaster. Ben had to leave the kitchen AGAIN and Andrea screwed up on the fish AGAIN. And we have to go through this same torture AGAIN next week. Without a doubt, Ben and Andrea will be eliminated and Danny and Paula will move on to the Final 2.

    Predictions? I actually believe that Danny might win. He's been a soldier throughout most of the show. Paula is just...there. She barely communicates with the other chefs and one of the biggest factors of the last dinner service is communication. So, I'm rooting for Danny on this one. See you guys back in Hell next week.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Extra Helping: In a feature shown during a commercial break, Chef Ramsay responded to a viewer letter that asked him why he curses so much and if he thinks he needs anger management. "Gee, thanks," responded Ramsay. "If only you knew, what I had to deal with every day, you'd *** curse too. That's all. Next."

    • Rewards Challenge: The remaining chefs were each given 45 minutes to create a signature dish using any of the ingredients in Hell's Kitchen.

      Reward: Andrea won this challenge and was rewarded with a free pass, making her safe from elimination following the next night's service.

      Punishment: No chef was subjected to a punishment in this episode.

    • Nominees for Elimination: Chef Ramsay was disappointed with the night's service on the whole and asked everyone as a group to come up with two nominees for elimination. On the block, he asked Andrea for the nominees and she named Ben for being the weakest on the night and Paula for lack of communication. Paula was quickly returned to the line and Andrea was asked to step forward.

      Eliminated: Nobody. Chef Ramsay was extremely annoyed with Andrea's performance on the night, but kept his word to give her a free pass. Since he felt that her poor performance contributed to Ben's failure, he felt that he couldn't eliminate Ben with a clean conscience and therefore decided to give Ben another chance.

    • Robert experienced chest pain during a trip to the Borgata Hotel and was forced to leave the competition due to health issues.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Michael Facenda: (as the chefs look over the restaurant space of the winner) Are you okay? You're speechless?
      Andrea: Yeah. That doesn't happen often. Just go with it.

    • Robert: (on the Borgata's Restaurant Row) It's like a fine dining food court at, like, one of the baddest malls ever!

    • Chef Ramsay: Final four, the best of the best, the cream of the crop. Let me just tell you something. Tonight wasn't even mediocre. Tomorrow is comeback time.

    • Chef Ramsay: Best ever service, my ass.

    • Chef Ramsay: Where's your fight, man?
      Ben: It's here, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: Where is it?!
      Ben: I've got it, Chef!
      Chef Ramsay: Then wake up, you donut!
      Robert: Yes, Chef!

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Ben) You are ****. You are so ****, you don't even realize what you're doing.
      Danny: (in an interview segment) It's like, 'Oh man, Ben, come on. You know better than that.'

    • Ben: It's hot. Hot pan.
      Chef Ramsay: Yeah, that's what's called hot. Leave it then, leave it!
      Ben: Yes, Chef, yes, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: It's when you go like this, you go- 'I'm good, I'm good. I'm brilliant, I'm from Chicago!' ****.

    • Chef Ramsay: I can't give you any form of motivation. If it's not in there naturally now, it's never gonna be. Move!

    • Robert: (in his exit interview) I knew I was comin' in as the underdog. I knew I had to fight and scrap my way to the top. I have no regrets.

    • Ben: (in an interview segment) I feel awful for Robert. It's upsetting to lose a friend, and, you know, a competitor in that way. He's a bang-up guy and I'd be honored to work for him.

    • Chef Ramsay: Okay, big boy, let me just say how pleased I am to see you.
      Robert: Thank you.
      Chef Ramsay: Yeah, how are you feeling?
      Robert: Not good. Not good.

    • Danny: (in an interview segment) You know, it's definitely reassuring to hear that, you know, food is not an afterthought. Food is definitely one of the main priorities at Borgata.

    • Ben: Here you are, on your way to the end of the tunnel, and the end of the tunnel has sent you its personal form of transportation.

    • Chef Ramsay: Get out there, get yourselves inspired, and start smelling that level of success that one of you is going to be experiencing. Keep your eyes open. 'Cause when you're back, you're back in hell, for the final push.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: May 19, 2011 on Barrandov

    • Also Featured:
      Michael Facenda, Director of Marketing, Borgata Hotel Atlantic City
      Nicholas Kurban, VP Food and Beverage, Borgata Hotel Atlantic City
      Ron Ross, Executive Chef, Borgata Hotel Atlantic City