Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 11

HK5: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on FOX

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  • Out of hell and then back in

    After the elimination of Giovanni in the last episode, it's now down to the last 5 chefs: Robert, Danny, Ben, Andrea and Paula. Chef Ramsey then announced that he would be shutting down Hell's Kitchen....for a few days. The show isn't over yet, the chefs are all simply taking a trip out to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see their new resturant at the Borgata. When they get there, they enjoy the sights, seeing what their resturant would look like and relaxing in the spa.

    Unfortunately, Robert starts getting heart pains and has to be rushed to the hospital. He misses out on the flight and has to come back the next day. When he does come back to Hell's Kitchen, he tells Chef Ramsey that he is done. He hands Chef the jacket and leaves Hell's Kitchen.

    So now it's down to the final 4. The chefs have to prepare a dish that they would be serving at the Borgata and are also given immunity for the next night. Andrea won the competition; how, I'll never know. Her dish didn't look very presentable and her dinner service was even worse. Ben fell apart halfway through and Andrea made them sink even lower. At the Chopping Block, Ben and Paula are set for Elimination, but Ramsey sends Paula back in line and sends Andrea up. After some scolding, he gives Ben and Andrea one last chance because Robert had left the Kitchen earlier. And that's that.

    It's really sad to see Robert leave. He wasn't the greatest chef in the kitchen, but he certainly had a lot of personality and a lot of heart. Unfortunately, that heart under all that fat could not take all the stress. See ya, big guy.

    The dinner service was another typical disaster. Ben had to leave the kitchen AGAIN and Andrea screwed up on the fish AGAIN. And we have to go through this same torture AGAIN next week. Without a doubt, Ben and Andrea will be eliminated and Danny and Paula will move on to the Final 2.

    Predictions? I actually believe that Danny might win. He's been a soldier throughout most of the show. Paula is just...there. She barely communicates with the other chefs and one of the biggest factors of the last dinner service is communication. So, I'm rooting for Danny on this one. See you guys back in Hell next week.