Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 10

HK5: 6 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on FOX

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  • An eventful episode that was enjoyable to watch, but was tainted with stupid stunts that were rather annoying.

    Ok, lets review the concept of this show, since it seems to be necessary to do so for the dumb*** producers and editors. Get a group of people, put them in a group job interview that is run by Ramsey, edit the video footage to show us the overview of how that went. This concept is simple enough and results in a series I enjoy watching.

    However, in many businesses, you have this element of "suits" that need to poke their noses into things. What is a "suit"? Well, a "suit" is a person that is a businessman that has through whatever means been put into a controlling position, yet is clueless about the business that he is making controlling decisions about. The music industry is a prime example of an industry that has been ruined by "suits". This episode has 2 examples of things that I would guess the "suits" did.

    Firstly, the episode starts off by Ramsey asking who the 2 weakest chefs are, and doing a fake out by implying he is firing them, only to do a gotcha. Which I must ask, why was this necessary? What was the point of this? You know, I accept the fact that they do this bull**** drama creation with the placement of commercials at key moments. I continue to put up with this annoying unnecessary drama building. But this is just over the top, and serves no purpose but to basically piss off the audience.

    The second is Ramsey's closing of Hell's Kitchen at the end of the episode stunt. Are we really expected to believe this? I mean, it was followed by a promo showing next week's episode. The fact that there are still several episodes to go is enough to not take Ramsey seriously. This is just a bull**** stunt, a scripted stunt, to build drama, and is nothing but a filler distraction from what the show is about, the contestants actions in the challenges and in the kitchen. I don't watch this for scripted bull****.

    Another prime example of the "suits" action can be found in the weekly promos for the new episode. How often has the promo featured clips taken out of context, misleading you into thinking something was going to happen in an episode that plain and simple didn't happen? Is it really necessary to stoop to false advertising this show? It's just plain annoying and really puts me off. These things don't drag me in and make me want to watch, they're annoyances that I'm forced to put up with to continue watching the parts of the show I do watch.

    Much like the music industry, I think the TV industry is in need of less suits and more creative people. I am sick and tired of 100 channels of nothing but crap, and even the shows I like are now turning into crap. I beg of you in the TV industry, please give us quality TV, and cut the crap.