Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 15

HK5: Finale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on FOX

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  • was not happy with winner

    I really prefered Paula and guess what my choice was better than Ramsay. Danny got the job and quit two months later than went to run a bar. Got pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Paula proceeded to become an executive chef and rather successful.

    Danny was clearly lying and putting on a performance nothing more.
  • This was an excellent Season Finale to the most enjoyable reality show on TV.

    The match-up between Paula and Danny was the perfect choice - they were not only the best chefs throughout this show's run (well, at least this season), and they continually delivered episode after episode. What made this finale so impressive was Gordon Ramsey's way of staying out of the way except for some much needed criticism for both Danny and Paula. I thought each respective chef had some phenomenal qualities, and, had either one of them ended up winning, I would have been happy. But Danny's menu appeared more appetizing, he kept his "brigade" in order and won this competition with a strong performance. Excellent way to end the season, or, from what rumors say, series.... (?)
  • The finale had a little for everyone. Both Chefs had trouble in the kitchen, I thought Paula had the weaker back team and it showed. But they both made it through dinner service with different menus and approaches.

    I normally miss an episode here and there during the season but this year I got them all. Paula and Danny were the two best all year long. Paula was more consistant but Danny won one more challenge. I think Paula has a better skill set in the kitchen.
    Danny's theme was not the best and it showed because of his age but his food was good. Paula had a better theme in the dining area and her food was also good.
    It was a close finale, I personally would have went with the better skill set but Chef Ramsey said that Danny showed the most improvement and learned more than any chef he ever met in such a short time. I am not saying he is wrong, but I would want someone a little older running such a big name place.