Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 5

HK6: 12 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2009 on FOX
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The two teams of aspiring chefs are asked for their challenge to create three dishes for a homecoming party for Staff Sergeant Otis James. Two chefs receive a briefing from his wife and then their teams put this knowledge to work, but only one does a good job of it. They are rewarded with a day of mock fighter pilot combat, while the losing team is made to decorate for the surprise party under the direction of Ramsay's wife, Tana Ramsay. The dinner service sees the return of the Sergeant from a tour of duty in Iraq. He is pleased by his food, but Chef Ramsay isn't pleased by the performance of one of the teams. One team performs so badly that the other team ends up completing not only their own tables but the other team's as well.


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    Amanda Davenport

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    Suzanne Schlicht

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Rewards Challenge: The dinner service in this episode was a surprise party for Staff Sergeant Otis James of the U.S. Marine Corps. For the challenge, Chef Ramsay brought in his wife, Mrs. Latasha James and had her explain her husband's likes and dislikes to Robert of the Blue Team and Suzanne of the Red Team. Both teams then had 45 minutes to prepare and cook items for a menu based on these tastes.

        Reward: The Blue Team won this challenge with two out of three dishes and was rewarded by becoming fighter pilots for the day. They got to fly in fighter jets and were trained in aerial combat maneuvers.

        Punishment: For losing, the Red Team was made to decorate the entire dining room ahead of the party under the supervision of Gordon Ramsay's wife, Tana.

      • Nominees for Elimination: The Red Team had a total meltdown during dinner service and failed to send out even a single entree. Asked to present the evening's nominations, Tennille explained that her fellow chefs had nominated Tek for deflating in the past several services and herself, but she didn't feel that she should go up. She suggested Amanda instead. Ramsay called forward both Tek and Tennille and then had Amanda step forward as well. He had Tennille state her case, then agreed that she didn't deserve to go and had her step back in line.

        Eliminated: Tek

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Tennille: I hate losing! I'm so pissed off, that if I didn't think that I'd have to pay for it, I'd be breaking **** right now!

      • Chef Ramsay: I kept on waiting for Tek to emerge. She couldn't even handle her station. Tek had a total meltdown.

      • Tek: Life is not over for me after Hell's Kitchen because I am a crazy bad-ass girl and I'm a hell of a lot better than Chef Ramsay saw.

      • Suzanne: No more ****ing pussyfooting. No more 'Girls are girls, we've gotta be sensitive.' This is real, guys.

      • Chef Ramsay: Raw lobster tail. Blue steaks. No teamwork, no communication and just a complete meltdown. I was dying there.

      • Chef Ramsay: Ladies?!
        Red Team: Yes, Chef?!
        Chef Ramsay: That was no **** heroes' welcome. That was pathetic at its best.

      • Robert: (in an interview segment) That's it. I can hear it. It's them bitches crying!

      • (Chef Ramsay summarizes the Red Team's utter failure on the evening's dinner service.)
        Chef Ramsay: It's a ****ing restaurant, not a sushi bar. How can you get confused with a raw ****ing grilled lobster?! I don't know where to go! I can't even turn 'round and look in the dining room. I'm so ****ing embarrassed! This is still your first table-- (indicates the Blue Team) that's their last! **** off! We haven't sent an order out!

      • Suzanne: (in an interview segment) Tek talks more of a game, but if she can't back it up, she's going home.
        Chef Ramsay: This might not be important to you, madam-- hey, madam, this is ****ing serious and you're ****!
        Tek: Yes, Chef!
        Chef Ramsay: I'm so embarrassed! We haven't sent an entree out!

      • Chef Ramsay: (regarding Tek's steaks) Fingers are going through it! It's blue!

      • Jim: As soon as the first four steaks came in and then another five behind that I went, 'So this is the game we're playing tonight. It's steak-o-rama here in Hell's Kitchen.'

      • Chef Ramsay: You're really making me look stupid now! I ****ing trusted you there for one second.
        Sabrina: Yes, Chef.
        Chef Ramsay: I turn my back and I get screwed!
        Sabrina: Yes, Chef.

      • Narrator: With a new menu, the teams must work together, but the women fear the men are sabotaging the competition.

      • Sabrina: (in an interview segment) Dang. For someone so mean like Chef Ramsay, he sure can snag a good-looking wife.

      • Tennille: (in an interview segment) Suzanne never once actually communicated what it was that Staff Sergeant James liked. We weren't on nobody's agenda but Suzanne's.

      • Dave: (in an interview segment) Even though I have one arm, I'm not out of this game. I'm here to win and nothing else.

      • Tek: (in an interview segment) It's just frustrating, because, I clearly can cook, and I'm not used to being counted out.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Van: We felt the need for speed!
        Van is making a reference to one of the best known lines from the movie 1986 Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise and followed the lives of a number of naval aviators who felt "the need for speed!"

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