Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 2

HK6: 15 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on FOX
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Following the previous day's disastrous first service, Chef Ramsay decides to test the chefs' attention to detail by having them work with shrimp. He pits the two teams in a challenge clean shrimp to exacting standards. The winning team is given a fabulous lunch, while the losing team is made to prepare shrimp cocktail and segment lemons for the next service. At the next service, one chef from each team is asked to serve shrimp cocktail tableside. In the process, one of them gets into a snit with maitre d' Jean Philippe and both are told to cool down by Chef Ramsay. The evening's service goes so badly that Ramsay shuts both kitchens down and has the chefs simply serve shrimp cocktail so that everyone gets something to eat. Chef Ramsay tells both teams to come up with two nominees, but when it comes time to present those nominees, one chef refuses to present them properly. Grilled by Chef Ramsay, this contestant demonstrates anger management issues, throws off his jacket and challenges Ramsay to a throwdown in the parking lot.


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  • Both kitchens go from zero to zero

    The second part of the two hour season opener shows that not even robert can salvage a bad crew. Both teams are struggeling to become the best kitchen and no one is cooking, Even though the men have won both reward challenges by 1 point ech they show that they are not the better team at service. They have 7 prima donna's who can not work together. I would really like to know how these professionals on the outside seem like amatours on the show. It looks like another great season by the first two shows. god help these chefs.moreless
  • Aspiring young chefs are put to the ultimate challenge.Dreams of fame and fortune.they must compete providing their best in the kitchen. If they do,they are rewarded to a ride on Ramsay's personal yacht. Those that fail suffer humiliating punishment.moreless

    Being completely honest, I am a true fan of this show, but, i realy can't wait to see next week's show. I wish this episode was 3 hrs, because I really want to know what happens. Although the people competing this year seem to be a little unqualified (???) I am still enjoying the show.

    I could believe the personality clashes this year and if I were John Philip~~I would have punched someone's light out. The Texan needs to be knocked down a few pegs!!!and just who did he think he was or who does he think he is. His attititude needs alot be be desired and John Philip really didn't need to hear "grief" from Gordan Ramsey.

    AND the guy who wants to duke it out with Gordan Ramsey- he's a loose cannon also!!!!I was in awe!!!!!!! I don't get it!!!here you are on a reality show try to become THE CHEF as a wonderful restaurant and this is how you act!!!?????

Amanda Davenport

Amanda Davenport

Season 6 Contestant

Sabrina Gresset

Sabrina Gresset

Season 6 Contestant

Tennille Middleton

Tennille Middleton

Season 6 Contestant

Tony D'Alessandro

Tony D'Alessandro

Season 6 Contestant

Van Hurd

Van Hurd

Season 6 Contestant

Lovely Jackson

Lovely Jackson

Season 6 Contestant

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Rewards Challenge: The chefs from both teams had just ten minutes to dehead, deshell and devein as many shrimp as possible.

      Reward: The Blue Team won this challenge with 45 shrimp, beating out the Red Team's 44. For winning, they were sent to Newport Harbor for lunch featuring a lobster seafood platter and raw bar, followed by dessert on a 100-foot megayacht.

      Punishment: The Red Team was made to create shrimp cocktail for the next dinner service and segment lemons, removing every seed.

    • Nominees for Elimination: No team won this episode's dinner service, as both put in an abysmal performance and were told to select two nominees for elimination. The Red Team nominated Tenille, for serving raw shrimp to a pregnant lady and Lovely, based on overall performance and experience. For the Blue Team, Joseph was asked to name the two nominees and said Tony was being eliminated and "he knows why" and Andy, no reason given.

      Eliminated: Neither. When Chef Ramsay first asked Joseph for the nominees, he said simply that they knew who they were. Ramsay got annoyed and asked him again for the "first nominee and why," at which point Joseph gave both names. When Ramsay continued to call him out on this, Joseph said he wasn't no ****, threw off his jacket and challenged him to a throwdown in the parking lot. The episode ended as "to be continued..."

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Van: (on serving shrimp scampi tableside) Hell yeah, that shrimp was Van-licious tonight! They were lovin' it, they were eatin' it all up. It's all about charisma and finesse. (footage is shown of Van dropping a pan of shrimp on the floor) I wasn't havin' too much finesse when I dropped that pan on the floor, but they still loved it!

    • Jim: (seeing JP posing on the front of Ramsay's yacht) In comes the boat with that crazy Belgian with the sock down his pants and a sweater over his shoulder. It was ridiculous.
      Tony: (in an interview) I give it up to JP- I wear tight pants! He's just got style!

    • Tek: (segmenting and de-pitting lemons) I'm getting to know these lemons better than some people I've slept with.

    • Tony: (jubilant after winning the shrimp challenge) We are the ****! (looks uncomfortable) For now...

    • Joseph: We could keep talking like this out in the **** parking lot. I don't give a ****. What do you want me to say?
      Chef Ramsay: I ask the questions, you give the **** answers!
      (Joseph throws off his jacket and tells Ramsay to step outside, standing right in Ramsay's face; the episode ends as "to be continued...")

    • Joseph: I ain't no **** bitch, Chef. I don't give a ****. I ain't no bitch.
      Chef Ramsay: What?!
      Joseph: I'm not no bitch.
      Robert: He's trying to bring the best out of you. You gotta look past this.

    • Chef Ramsay: Who's the first nominee for the men?
      Joseph: They can speak for themself, but they know who they are.
      Chef Ramsay: Hey, smartass? I asked you to tell me. Who's the first nominee, and why?
      Joseph: No prob. Tony and Andy.
      Chef Ramsay: Listen, I know you may be slightly stupid. First nominee and why.

    • Jim: (in an interview segment) Van's a powder keg. His temper starts goin' and he has his **** the world attitude.

    • Sabrina: (in an interview segment) Until you are Gordon Ramsay, don't give lessons and don't be a know-it-all.

    • Van: (running around, in the weeds) Behind! Behind!
      Jean Philippe: Don't run in the restaurant, please.
      Van: (in an interview segment) Jean Philippe better stop trying to tell me what to do, I know that.
      Jean Philippe: I'm going to explode, huh? I'm going to explode, my friend. Listen to me!

    • (Chef Ramsay steps in to mediate a feud between Van and Jean Philippe)
      Chef Ramsay: Hey, what's the matter between you two?
      Jean Philippe: There's a language barrier there, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: What do you mean, 'there's a language barrier'? He's speaking English, you ****.
      Jean Philippe: I know, but he's from Texas.

    • Tennille: (regarding Robert) Everybody thought this guy was like a godsend. He's no different from any of us! All he is is bigger and talk more!

    • Chef Ramsay: Can you cook?
      Tony: Yes, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: What can you cook?
      Tony: Anything, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: You are dreaming. Move Tony, yeah?

    • Tennille: You can clean shrimp. Good for you. That doesn't make you a good person.

    • Joseph: I'm glad I get to get out, but I don't really care.
      Dave: (in an interview segment) Joseph, he's a complete ****. He's a little hotheaded, you know. He's being a little too intense-- in the way he disrespects Chef Ramsay.

    • Robert: (in an interview segment) I'm back in the kitchen and I'm like ****, I never left.

    • Robert: Fat boy with a dream is back, yeah. I'm gonna lead our team to victory, or I'm gonna die trying. I'm gonna blow it up.

  • NOTES (1)