Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 1

HK6: 16 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on FOX

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  • A Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Review, from a Mid-Season Retrospective view.

    Hell's Kitchen has always been one of those reality shows that can get you scratching your head. Why would 17 people subject themselves to what would be considered abuse in the real world? Why would casting select people that believe that they're the best chef in the world when in reality they're useless? Who knows, but the bottom line is that it is all part of the fun (and the ratings too)! Season 6 looks like a good one. I've liked this show but have never been able to watch a whole season, until now. As we know, only one of these 17 contestants will win, and frankly I can see four of these guys winning: Van, Dave, Ariel and Kevin. Some of the others though, you knew they were going home from the first night. Lovely was not so lovely in the kitchen. Joseph had a stick stuck so far up his rear that junk was coming out of his mouth, making him a very angry (and annoying) individual. And I'm surprised that it took so long for Jim and Andy to bite the dust. But I think Ramsey made a huge (no pun intended) mistake for letting Robert go. Clearly one of the leaders of the Blue Team, his only flaw was that he weighed as much as a canoe! So far this season has been great, I just hope the right person wins, and by the right person I pretty much mean anyone BUT Suzanne!
  • What did I expect? It's on FOX.

    I had never seen this show before, but tuned in as one of the chefs (Suzanne) is from my local area.

    This is a horrible show.

    I even tried to accept first that this show is on Fox, and second that the entire premise was for Gordan Ramsey to swear a lot. But who the hell casted 17 people who can't cook? What's with every single confessional including a bleeped f-bomb? Although I know it is Ramsey's schtick, if I had that many people who couldn't cook in my kitchen, I'd lose it, too.

    What really frustrates me is that all of this crap is done on purpose... (1) The culling of the cast to 17 talentless, foul mouthed, hot headed dolts. (2) The director allowing every confessional to include a myriad of bleeped out cursing. (3, and probably worst) These "contestents" have to - there's no two ways about it - have to be coached to be insufferable. Why do I say that? The guy who wants to punch out Ramsey and "ain't no one's b1tch" was asked a simple question once, twice and three times. Answering the damn question would have gotten Ramsey off his case. Not only was there no reason for the guy to go off, but unless that was scripted (or at least really, really hinted at) why is that guy even on the show?

    For a moment, allow me to mention Suzanne. Other than Ramsey not liking her risoto, she didn't make any major errors in the challenges, so she is likely to be around for a while. But what was she doing egging on that moron that was arguing with Ramsey for no apparent reason.

    I will probably watch this season to see how our local contestant does, but this is certainly not a show that I will watch in the future.
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