Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 12

HK6: 5 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2009 on FOX
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The remaining aspiring chefs are presented with their first true individual challenge-- to create entrees that not only taste good but also look good. The dishes are judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit Magazine. The two dishes that look best are tasted by Gordon Ramsay and Barbara Fairchild and two chefs get a surprise when the results are declared a tie, making them both winners. The two winners get to enjoy a photo shoot for Bon Appetit, while the losing chefs are made to don prison garb and perform community service. During the punishment, one chef that has been struggling sustains a further injury. The evening's dinner service turns out to be something of a disaster. All seemingly in it for themselves, the aspiring chefs find themselves unable to work as a team and mistakes are made throughout service. Though the service is completed, Gordon Ramsay finds himself appalled. Every chef faces the threat of elimination, but one chef who has been skirting elimination for several weeks finally goes home.


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  • It's not so much becoming someone elses to win as much as it's becoming Ariel's to loose.

    I still think Ariel is going to win it all but NOT if she keeps slipping. She's been one of the strongest chef's in the kitchen but now it seems the pressure is getting to her. She's gone from sure footed to self-doubt. She better get her poise back and fast.

    No surprise Suzanne is gone. Ratings for the top 4 and beyond carry themselves, Suzanne with her attitude and lack of friends has served her purpose, keep people watching till they get to the top 4. There was no way she was making it past tonight. Unless a major catastrophe happens I still see Dave and Ariel as the final 2, with Ariel taking it. Next on the block will probably be Tennille. But if she puts in another performance like she did when Ramsey left, look for Kevin to turn in his jacket next. If by some chance Dave is unable to continue then expect to see Kevin and Ariel as the final 2, with Ariel still taking it all.moreless
  • Justice is Served, the Catwoman is Dead!

    I honestly believe that last night's episode should have been dedicated to Robert and Van: two great cooks who should have never have left before Suzanne! But that's OK, because either way she is finally gone! My only question now is, "why did she stay on for so long?", but I'm not going to obsess over that anymore, I think we can finally say that we are down to the best chefs. But as we saw last night, their biggest problem is that they are so concerned about they themselves winning that they constantly forget that they need to still work together. One feud within the Final Four that confuses me is the Tennille/Dave fight. Just why is Dave mad that Tennille put Van on the chopping block? Yes, I know its because they didn't agree to do that before, but in case everything forgot Dave has put Van up on the block every time he's had the chance! So unless he changed his mind about wanting to get rid of Van he has no reason to be upset, Tennille just did what he failed to do. Another thing about this lack of unity is that though I still appreciate their cooking skills, I'm beginning to loose respect for these people. Dave, who has spent the whole season being the one-handed underdog, is now turning into a bitter, angry gimp, and don't get me started on Kevin. Of the four chefs there, I think that he has the strongest chance of winning, the problem is that he takes every opportunity to remind us of that. Its good to have confidence, but once you step into arrogance and actually scheming to try to get one of your teammates to leave (when as a whole you still have lousy dinner services) is rather nauseating to watch. Now that we down to the Final Four, its time for these chefs to start acting like a team again, at least long enough to successfully complete one dinner service!

    Predictions for Next Week;

    Ariel: She needs to get back to where she was before, if not, its Game Over for her.

    Dave: Unless they are grossly exaggerating his plight in the previews, I think Dave is on his last legs, and the sad thing is that it has nothing to do with his skill.moreless
Suzanne Schlicht

Suzanne Schlicht

Season 6 Contestant

Tennille Middleton

Tennille Middleton

Season 6 Contestant

Ariel Contreras

Ariel Contreras

Season 6 Contestant

Dave Levey

Dave Levey

Season 6 Contestant

Kevin Cottle

Kevin Cottle

Season 6 Contestant

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Head Chef

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Rewards Challenge: Each chef had to put together a single entree that would be graded not only its taste, but also on its presentation. The dishes were judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit Magazine, who picked two dishes that they felt had the best presentation to be graded by Chef Ramsay and Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild.

      Reward: Ariel and Kevin's dishes were selected as having the best presentation. Upon tasting them, Ramsay and Fairchild chose to call it a tie, making both Ariel and Kevin the winners. For winning, they got to travel for a photo-shoot for Bon Appetit with Ramsay and Fairchild at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, with their dishes featured. Additionally, their dishes appeared on that evening's menu at dinner service.

      Punishment: For losing, the remaining chefs had to dress in convict jumpsuits and then do clean-up work on a road adopted by Hell's Kitchen. Once they got back, they then had to clean Hell's Kitchen, including steam-cleaning the red carpet.

    • Nominees for Elimination: There was no best of the worst in this episode. Each chef made their share of mistakes, so Chef Ramsay asked them to all come together to nominate two chefs for elimination. Ariel was nominated for inconsistencies on the meat station, serving raw chicken and lamb. Suzanne was nominated for serving raw fish and overcooked scallops but still believing that she had a good service.

      Eliminated: Suzanne.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Chef Ramsay: Suzanne had a red jacket. She had a blue jacket. She had a black jacket. Now she has no jacket.

    • Chef Ramsay: Nobody's getting an easy ride. No way. Have you got the message?

    • Chef Ramsay: It was like watching a giant souffle just collapse. Not good enough.

    • Chef Ramsay: Tonight we completed a service. Big deal.

    • Chef Ramsay: Hey, Kevin. You-- you wonder why I go a little **** dolally. It's in front of you. Just all taking place naturally. Oh, **** me. **** me, **** me, **** me, **** me. Everything ****ing table, I'm getting screwed.

    • Suzanne: (in an interview segment) I really don't feel very good about myself right now. I know I can do better than this. Raw food is like number one no-no in the kitchen.

    • Kevin: (in an interview segment) First Ariel sends raw chicken. Now Suzanne's sendin' up sushi. These girls just can't cook.

    • Tennille: (in an interview segment) Man, Chef was on Kevin like white on risotto.

    • Dave: Is there anything new on cold apps, like salads or anything?
      Tennille: No. What a ****ing idiot.
      Chef Ramsay: I don't care if you guys don't like each other. Right now in this kitchen, you're gonna give some attention to detail and work as a team. Yes?

    • Kevin: (in an interview segment) Dave, he truly poses a threat to me winning. I want him to leave this competition.

    • Chef Ramsay: When was the last time you were in Bon Appetit?
      Kevin: Never.
      Ariel: Never.

    • Tennille: (in an interview segment) Are you serious? Did we commit a crime in not winning today's challenge? You know, I'm not a convict, I'm a chef, and I can't stand lookin' like I just got out of LA County.

    • Dave: (in an interview segment) The fact that I have to be near Tennille today makes me nauseous and, uh, if I hear Tennille bitching, I'll lose my mind.

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Kevin, regarding his dish for the challenge) I've never seen so much fruit blend so well together with a piece of fish in all my life.

    • Suzanne: (in an interview segment) Fourth place. My dish was a piece of art. But whatever.

    • Dave: (trying to explain his dish for the challenge) It's a pan-seared red and yellow, uh... (in an interview segment) I don't speak well in front of crowds.

    • Suzanne: (in an interview segment) Oh, I totally hope I win this challenge. Bon Appetit Magazine is huge. I read it. Everybody I know in the industry reads it.

    • Kevin: (in an interview segment) I'm definitely kind of sitting back, watching people kind of fall apart.

    • Dave: Why'd you change your mind up there and make me look like a **** ****?
      Tennille: I didn't change my mind. Did you blank out?

  • NOTES (1)