Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 9

HK6: 8 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2009 on FOX
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The two teams are presented with the challenge of creating crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Both teams present some tasty crepes, but one chef presents a crepe that "looks like diarrhea" and that chef's team goes down in defeat. The losing team is made to prep both kitchens ahead of service, while the winning team gets an exclusive lunch at a fancy French restaurant and also gets to playact as mimes. Before the evening's service, one chef sustains a nasty injury that compromises their performance when they return for service. French food is on the menu at Hell's Kitchen, but no less than three chefs find themselves not up to the job. Ramsay kicks all three out of the kitchen, leading to a surprising moment when both teams still manage to complete service. With so many chefs kicked out, Chef Ramsay ends up asking both teams to work together to come up with nominations for elimination.


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  • Chef Ramsey's mercy seems boundless…. why?

    Last night's episode had a collection of emotions in it: excitement, suspense, and for some, a sense of disappointment. Honestly I feel bad for Andy, because in the end he should have lost long before he sliced his fingertips off! He had been "on the block "3 times before last night, and now he'll think that he lost because of his accident and not for the real reason: because he can't cook his way out of a paper bag! Now I really feel bad that Robert left. At least if Andy had left then he wouldn't have sliced up his hand. And lets face it; everyone knows that he wasn't going to win, so why keep him on? And as for Suzanne…I'm not sure why Ramsey is keeping her on. Yes, she is a good cook, but being good doesn't mean much if no one likes you. You can't be good at what you do but a bad team player and expect everyone to work with you, this isn't House! The rest of the Red Team is getting better while she is getting worse, and its her lone ranger attitude that is doing it. And Ramsey's trick of thinking he is going to get rid of Suzanne is not funny. I really thought she was going down last night (and last week for that matter), no, she gets another chance. Trust me, that will be a mistake. But one cook is quickly changing my impression of him: Dave. At first I though Dave was just a skaterboy that got lost and ended up in a kitchen, not the case. Dave is showing all of us that you can make excuses for not succeeding, but they won't get the job done. The kid has been doing better with one hand in two weeks than what his teammates in that same time. Lets just hope that what happens to him next week doesn't ruin him. This is my prediction for who will leave next week:

    Blue Team: Suzanne. The Blue Team lost all their driftwood until Suzanne came onto their team, If they lose dinner service, she's gone for good.

    Red Team: Sabrina. The Red Team is building their team as well, and surprisingly Tennille hasn't done anything stupid for 2 weeks, and if she doesn't, then Sabrina's time is up.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Rewards Challenge: Each team was given 20 minutes to create breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert crepes.

      Reward: The Red Team won this challenge and was rewarded with an exclusive dinner at La Cachette Restaurant, one of L.A.'s premiere French restaurants. Additionally, they got to dress up as mimes and do playacting.

      Punishment: For losing, the Blue Team had to prep both kitchens ahead of service, which was that evening.

    • Team Change: Following the elimination, Suzanne was transferred from the Red Team to the Blue Team.

    • Nominees for Elimination: Chef Ramsay kicked out three chefs during service-- one from the Blue Team (Andy) and two from the Red Team (Suzanne and Sabrina). Based on this, he decided that even though both teams completed service, it was not fair to pick a winning team. He therefore asked both teams to get together and come to a consensus on two chefs to nominate for elimination. Suzanne was nominated for bringing down the entire pace of the Red Kitchen and Andy was nominated for inconsistencies during service.

      Eliminated: Andy. Sabrina was also asked to step forward, but this was merely a scare tactic to warn her to wake up.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Chef Ramsay: Andy has had good and bad moments in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, most of them were bad.

    • Kevin: (in an interview segment) We don't want Suzanne. We don't want her at all. But it doesn't matter what jacket Suzanne has on, I mean, she's gonna go home. You know, just like everybody else. I will be the last man standing.

    • Chef Ramsay: (regarding Suzanne) I don't want it anymore. Ariel, Tennille, help me out here. Are you better without her?
      Ariel and Tennille: Yes, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: You are?
      Tennille: We know it's gonna put us down. We know it's only gonna leave three girls in the kitchen. And we'd rather work with those three than work with her.
      Chef Ramsay: You want her out that bad...

    • Suzanne: There's no way I'm going home. Absolutely not.

    • Suzanne: The fact of the matter is I was trying to get everything right.
      Tennille: (in an interview segment) Suzanne just does not get it. She completely sunk the kitchen.

    • Tennille: (in an interview segment) Chef had enough confidence in me and Ariel to get the job done.
      Chef Ramsay: Service, please.
      Tennille: That made me feel pretty good.

    • Andy: (in an interview segment) Chef Ramsay told me to **** off, so I'm outta the kitchen. But Chef Ramsay just yells to yell and I don't think necessarily that you need to be a douche nozzle to make a kitchen run well.
      Chef Ramsay: Anyone who acts like a ****ing idiot can piss off.

    • Dave: (in an interview segment) At this point, Andy is dangling off the edge of a cliff by a dandelion and that thing's about to snap.

    • Chef Ramsay: Dave, don't take this the wrong way, but you're 10,000 times better cook with one hand.

    • Van: (in an interview segment) Dave's running around the kitchen all crazy, sliding around. Dave's got one arm, but that fool can cook.

    • Chef Ramsay: Two steak, one beef, one halibut. Yes?
      Suzanne: Yes, five minutes, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: Five minutes?
      Suzanne: Yes, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: Why so long?
      Suzanne: I need five minutes.
      Chef Ramsay: Hey, come here, smart-ass. I wanna know why so long!

    • Kevin: (in an interview segment) It's crepes, man. Fold it, fold it, flip, flip, package it and you're done. I mean it's not rocket science.

    • Van: (in an interview segment) The Blue Team's cursed. Blue Team needs a miracle tonight.

    • Chef Ramsay: (after observing that Dave's dessert crepe looks like a "plate of diarrhea") I asked for a crepe, not a plate of crap.

    • Suzanne: I like the fact that this crepe is this kind of street food.
      Ariel: Oh, come on. (in an interview segment) He just wants to know what the **** is in the crepe.
      Suzanne: I like the fact that we can use decadent ingredients, uh, and still make very good flavorful food out of it, but not take it to this crazy, you know, level that doesn't represent the crepe very well.
      Kevin: (in an interview segment) Shut up, already.

    • Chef Ramsay: (regarding Tennille's lunch crepe) The sensation's very, very hot.
      Jean-Philippe: It is.
      Tennille: (in an interview segment) Man, I never seen two grown-ass men so scared of spice before in my life. Come on, get a grip.

    • Narrator: With time running out--
      Tennille: I can't get this right.
      Narrator: -- none of the chefs have made a crepe that they are comfortable putting in front of Chef Ramsay.
      Sabrina: This takes a lot of practice. (in an interview segment) Chef's like "just push it around with this cool little stick and viola." (in the kitchen) I don't know what I'm doing wrong. (in the interview segment) No viola. There was no viola for me.
      Chef Ramsay: Two minutes to go!
      Dave: Mine's **** ****!

    • Van: (in an interview segment) Chef Ramsay's up there speaking French with whistle britches. (grunting in a French accent) Oh, oh, oh, oh.

    • Ariel: This is a matter of Suzanne's personality changing. I don't know how she's gonna change it, but she'd better start doing it because no one's gonna put up with it.

  • NOTES (1)