Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 11

HK6: Day Eleven

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Something different with Ramsey leaving like that and a true surprise in seeing Tennille step up and take charge.

    For a while I've been figuring the final two will be Ariel but when Ramsey left and Tennille stepped up like she did, I may have to reconsider. After watching for many season, it gets pretty obvious who's going to make it and who's not. I expect to see Suzanne leave if not next episode the one after. I think the only reason she's there now is for ratings. Kevin will likely be behind her. But before Kevin left I figured Tennille was gone after Suzanne; I'm not sure about that anymore.

    When Chef left she stepped right up, took charge and carried out the plan of the day. Her leadership during the absence put her in a new light. In a way I think Chef was looking for someone to shine and it surprised him that it was Tennille. I think he was looking for Dave or Ariel to step up but neither one did. Further, as we all know, in the nominating process, if you don't pick who Ramsey wants to see, he'll pull them anyway. This has been proven time and time again. So even though Tennille mentioned Van, I guarantee Van was going to get pulled there anyway. I knew the instant he said, "Ariel" it was going to be followed by "back in line." She's going to make it to the final 2 if not win it all. That's why he was surprised she was nominated and that's why he called out Tennille. Ramsey has NEVER sent a strong cook home simply because they were nominated. He sends home the ones HE doesn't want, regardless of what the contestants think. That won't change. However, what I think has changed is that someone who first appeared weak is proving her worth. My guess for the final 2 is still Dave and Ariel with Ariel winning but either one of those could easily be replaced by Tennille after tonight.
  • Shock and Awe, Yet Disappointment

    I'm going to review both episodes last night in one, because those two were too good to separate! Overall, the chefs have gotten rid of most of the shaft that were on the show, but now the unity is disappearing too. The girls have never really been united, and the only thing that brought them together was their hatred of Suzanne. Now it looks like they are all going to be at each other's throats from now on. The Blue Team appears to have a sliver of their unity left, but with Van gone don't expect that camaraderie to last very long. And did you notice that how as soon as the chefs got their black jackets they went into "every man for himself" mode? Not only was that the biggest display of selfishness and backstabbing seen that night, it came back to bite them in the face during dinner service. They forgot that even though there aren't teams, there is still one team, the team of the Final 6! It's a shame that they almost failed just to realize that! On that note you got to love it when Ramsey pulls these dramatic feats (e.g., leaving the kitchen), it's so ridiculous its funny at times. Another thing that surprised to see last night was how some people rose to the bar while others plummeted to the ground. Last night looked like Van and Tennille switched cooking abilities or something! Van was struggling to cook fish: his specialty and was being crushed by the pressure when Ramsey got in his face. On the other hand, Tennille is showing clear signs of improvement. The chef we all thought was there solely for entertainment value is actually doing a good job, not enough to win yet, but still clearly better than 3 weeks ago. And Suzanne….How long will this girl stay? Who is she, Catwoman!? Her lives need to run out so that she can get out of here! She is an arrogant, selfish suck up. No one likes her, and though she is a decent cook, she does not have the skill to win it all! I hope now that Van is gone this will show the remaining 5 that showtime is over: you are staying because you are a good cook, not because you are able to entertain millions for an hour. May the real chefs please stand up, and others pack up and go home!

    Predictions for Next Week:
    Suzanne-Its time for her to go, one more slip up will doom her…but I've said this before….

    Ariel: I don't want her to leave, but at this point of the game if you're slipping more than you are cooking, past experience means nothing (just ask Van).