Hell's Kitchen

Season 7 Episode 4

HK7: 12 Chefs Compete Part 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2010 on FOX
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The two teams are challenged two each create a dish based on ingredients chosen by rolling dice with letters on them. Though one team makes some strange choices, the results end up being close, with the final determination coming down to the quality of the cooking rather than the nature of the dishes. The winning team enjoys a thrilling day experiencing a wind-tunnel, while the losers are made to clean up the front of the house and then prep both kitchens for service. During this prep, one chef has a breakdown and has to be brought back from the brink. The evening's dinner service features a number of flops, but also some surprisingly strong cooking from several chefs, including one that Chef Ramsay had been riding particularly hard to date. A surprise comes at the evening's elimination when Chef Ramsay makes a sudden change-up.


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  • Typical episode with just the right amount of tolerable drama.

    As we all know Hell's Kitchen has got to be filled with drama, and as we all well know it's filled with quite a lot of it. In this episode, however, it's overall moderate, especially relative to episodes from past seasons, and even including the current one.

    The episode begins with quite an interesting new game leading to a challenge. It involved what seemed like multi-sided dice (dodecahedral?) with alphabetical letters on the faces. Each person from each team would roll a die and whatever the letter was marked, they were given 10 seconds to come up with an ingredient that would work well together with others.

    Quite an interesting game and very fun to watch as people both struggled and succeeded greatly in coming up with items. I appreciate changing the typical format of the challenge-making that we're all used to.

    The women's team lost the challenge and the men were treated to their award. While the punishment was severe, it wasn't retching or disgusting as some can be. Very good.

    Dinner service involved celebrity guests and overall the level of yelling was at an average if not minimal level. Quite a welcome surprise to me as the drama can get a bit too overwhelming.

    Minor niggle for me would be the women's side mix-up with the lobster and crab wherein the container with "crab" in it actually had lobster. This is a bit irksome as the whole sabotage tactic by surreptitiously mixing ingredients or turning off the stove and whatnot seems unfair. Then again if the difference between lobster and crab is readily discernible and something seems off when you add it, that should be a warning to double check at least. In the heat of the moment and with the rush to get food out, I wouldn't expect it or hold the contestants to it however.

    No player was eliminated in this match, and the ones put up for elimination were swapped to the other teams. Quite interesting, especially this early in the game, as anything could go. I'm sure this must have happened because Andrew had absconded. Understandable. I look forward to the next episode.

    Overall an 8 out of 10. Very good, above average with the correct amount of drama and yelling to suit my ears.moreless
Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier

Himself/Celebrity Diner

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Debi Mazar

Debi Mazar

Herself/Celebrity Diner

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Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston

Herself/Celebrity Diner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Rewards Challenge: In this episode's challenge, each team had to roll six dice with letters on them. Each time they rolled a letter, they then had to name an ingredient that started with that letter. Each team then had thirty minutes to create and cook a dish using those ingredients.

      Reward / Punishment: The Blue Team won this challenge with a pan-seared halibut with a bacon, pea and crab ragu, salsify puree salad of crab and endive. The Red Team lost with their mango glazed pan-seared duck and pureed turnips with ham, mango and beets. Chef Ramsay was more impressed with their dish, but dissatisfied with how they cooked it, as it had raw fat. For winning, the Blue Team got enjoy a thrilling experience in a wind-tunnel. For losing, the Red Team was made to clean up the entrance hall by scrubbing the floors, washing the carpets and polishing the mirror, then had to prep both kitchens for service, which was being held that evening.

    • Nominees for Elimination: Nilka and Salvatore were declared the best of the best for the Red Team and the Blue Team and asked to each choose a fellow chef for elimination. Nilka chose Autumn, stating that she has book knowledge, but did not perform. Salvatore went with Scott for not cooking meat well and backing up the kitchen.

      Eliminated: Neither. Chef Ramsay was highly impressed with both kitchens' overall performance and decided to cut Autumn and Scott a break. He told them both to take off their jackets because he was switching up the teams. Autumn is now a member of the Blue Team and Scott is now a member of the Red Team.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Chef Ramsay: After our best service yet, I decided to give Autumn and Scott another chance. But they'd better excel or they'll both be gone.

    • Chef Ramsay: Salvatore, you can cook.
      Salvatore: Thank you, Chef.
      Chef Ramsay: You're not a pizza chef. Stop downgrading yourself. Trust me, you can cook. Just don't stop.

    • Chef Ramsay: There's a big difference between rare and raw. What are you doing Scott? What the **** are you on?!
      Scott: Nothing, Chef.

    • Fran: (in an interview segment) Nilka did such an incredible job on meats. She kicked ass and she had it all under control.

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Autumn) Help me to understand where your respect for ingredients is. You handle fish like you're a **** donkey. I don't-- I don't get it.
      Nilka: (in an interview segment) Aw, the princess got yelled at tonight.

    • Jay: (in an interview segment) Scott, I don't like the way he talks to people. He's condescending.

    • (Chef Ramsay has told the Blue Team they are going "skydiving" for their reward and Jason is scared)
      Jason: (in an interview segment) Jason don't jump out of **** planes. Do I look like a bird, a condor, a **** pterodactyl?

    • Nilka: Autumn, she just wanna be in control. 'No, I have to do it, or else.'

    • Chef Ramsay: Is that an Italian suit?
      Salvatore: Suit is a suit, Chef. Doesn't matter. We're cooking.
      Chef Ramsay: Good answer.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: June 15, 2010 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: September 13, 2010 on ITV2
      Czech Republic: June 20, 2011 on Barrandov
      Norway: June 28, 2011 on TV3