Hell's Kitchen

Season 8 Episode 6

HK8: 10 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on FOX
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Hoping to find leadership and stoke passion, Chef Ramsay swaps the teams of two of the aspiring chefs. For the day's challenge, each chef is asked to create a unique salad and the team with the most favored salads wins. The challenge ends in a tie, so the victory is determined by the single best salad. The winning team enjoys lunch at the Getty Villa, with the creator of the best salad getting his work featured on Bon Appetit. The losing team is made to clean, prep and set up both kitchens ahead of service, which is being held that evening. During the evening's dinner service, the aspiring chefs face the added pressure of serving celebrities at chef's tables. Some rise to the challenge, while others find themselves on fire or kicked out. Though service is completed, Chef Ramsay finds it to be filled with speed bumps and decides that there is no winning team. He then goes on his own to determine the evening's elimination.


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Team Switch: At the beginning of the episode, Melissa was swapped to the Blue Team and Trev was swapped to the Red Team.

      • Rewards Challenge: For this episode's challenge, Chef Ramsay asked each team to create five unique salads in 30 minutes.

        Reward / Punishment: The challenge was tied up at 2-2. As such, the best salad was the tie-breaker and that turned out to be Rob's for the Blue Team. For winning, the Blue Team got to enjoy lunch at Getty Villa. Additionally, Rob's salad was featured in Bon Appetit, as well as on the menu at Hell's Kitchen, plus he got to attend a Bon Appetit photo shoot. For losing, the Red Team had clean, prep and set up both kitchens ahead of service, which was being held that evening.

      • Nominees for Elimination: Though both teams completed service, Chef Ramsay was disappointed in both and asked them to each nominate one chef for elimination. The Red Team nominated Sabrina for freaking out on the garnish station and Boris for having done pitifully on three stations so far. Chef Ramsay, though pleased with the nominations, decided that he also wanted to hear from Nona and Melissa.

        Eliminated: Melissa

    • QUOTES (19)

      • Chef Ramsay: Melissa had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket and now she has no jacket at all.

      • Melissa: I did struggle a little tonight.
        Chef Ramsay: You struggled a little?

      • Chef Ramsay: (to Boris) I haven't got much patience left.
        Boris: Yes, Chef.

      • Chef Ramsay: (regarding the evening's dinner service) That was filled with more speed bumps than a church parking lot. Horrific.

      • Chef Ramsay: (to Boris) Hey, come here. Yeah. Come here. (whispering) Get out. Get out. (shouting) Get out!

      • Vinny: (in an interview segment, regarding Melissa) She just can't cook.

      • Melissa: I cooked the **** out of all the scallops. I ****ed the team, Chef.

      • Trev: (in an interview segment) I will take this Red Team by the back of their hair through the next couple of dinner services, just to make sure we get it ****ing done.

      • Russell: Quit sayin' you're sorry and just do it right.

      • Russell: (in an interview segment) I'm done being nice. I'm gonna call everybody out from here on out because the end of the day, I wanna ****ing win.

      • Rob: (in an interview segment) I may be big, but the skinny guys had better watch out. This is what a woman wants.

      • Melissa: (in an interview segment) I feel good about the Blue Team. I'm starting to relax and we're beginning to bond a little bit.

      • Trev: (in an interview segment) Now I'm stuck doing punishment with a bunch of chicks.

      • Vinny: (in an interview segment) The fact of the matter is Melissa just can't cook. She's sloppy with everything she does. I mean, come on, fatty duck breast? Like, that's rule number one.

      • Russell: (in an interview segment) Boris had sweat dripping off his head like a moose in the middle of the desert. We're ****ed even if his dish tastes good.

      • Rob: (in an interview segment, upon finding out that the challenge involves making salad) I don't look like a salad guy. I am so screwed right now.

      • Trev: (in an interview segment, after being switched the Red Team) Yeah, wow, o-kay. We just started melding as a team. Guess I need to rethink everything now.

      • Trev: (in an interview segment) I love the boys. They're my guys, no matter what. We've got a lot in common, we seem to get along. And I know one of us is gonna win.
        Vinny: It's definitely gonna be more bros than hoes, I'll tell ya' that right now.

      • Melissa: (in an interview segment, regarding Sabrina) I know what I'm capable of and I know what I'm doing and there is no way this snot-nosed brat is gonna beat me.

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