Hell's Kitchen

Season 8 Episode 9

HK8: 8 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2010 on FOX
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HK8: 8 Chefs Compete

Chef Ramsay is disappointed when his aspiring chefs praise fast food items disguised as five-star hotel food, with only one identifying the chicken wings from his own five star hotel as their favorite. He challenges the chefs to a blind taste test and another of them proves to be a standout, allowing their team to enjoy a day of shopping, followed by dining in a top restaurant. The losers are made to sort trash for recycling. The Red Team, having been on a winning streak, finds themselves eager to continue that streak during service. It proves to be a tough service, with several chefs kicked out and only one left standing in one particular kitchen. That particular chef is declared to be the best of the worst for their team and told to nominate two teammates for elimination.


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  • Trev owned in this episode...

    I'm not a fan of Trevor, but I must say seeing him the only one left in the Blue kitchen and being so relaxed about it was surprising...He handed on the food with some much leisure that he deserved to be called MVP of HK not only Blue Kitchen...

    What was surprising was his reluctance in agreeing to put up Russell for elimination...Let's be fair, Russell wouldn't have been eliminated anyway, but he deserved to be there: he not only adopted this destruction f*** you behaviour to his team mates but he serves bad meals, when he is supposed to be the most experienced there?

    Rob was impossible to save...Even if his name wouldn't have been put by Trevor, previous experience in this show makes it clear Gordon would have eliminated him...At least in this way he got to plead his case, even though he did it very badly.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Rewards Challenge: This challenge was the blind taste test. Chefs from each team were paired off against each other, blindfolded and earmuffed and asked to identify ingredients.

      Reward / Punishment: The Red Team won this challenge with a total of six ingredients correctly identified. Nona was the standout star, correctly identifying three out of her four ingredients, more than any other chef. For winning, the Red Team got to enjoy a $2,000 shopping spree, then traveled Michael's Mina's restaurant, XIV, for a fine-dining experience. For losing, the Blue Team had to sort through the Hell's Kitchen trash for recycling.

    • Nominees for Elimination: The Blue Team lost the evening's service, with all of their members kicked out, the sole exception being Trev. Trev was declared the obvious best of the worst and told to nominate two of his teammates for elimination. He nominated Rob for being the monkey wrench in the works and Russell for yelling, but not being motivational.

      Eliminated: Rob

    • Team Switch: At the beginning of the episode, Trev, who had previously been switched from the Blue Team to the Red Team, was returned to the Blue Team.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Chef Ramsay: If the size of one's waist corresponds to the size of one's talent, then Rob would be a fantastic chef. Instead, he just wears gigantic pants.

    • Chef Ramsay: Gentlemen, get a grip, guys, yeah?

    • Chef Ramsay: (to Rob) You've overstayed your welcome. I can't-- I can't put up with it.

    • (Trev is the only chef left standing in the Blue kitchen)
      Trev: I got a taste of what all this is about and I want more, believe me.

    • Sabrina: (in an interview segment) We gotta beat those stupid, sorry ass boys. (in the kitchen) Come on, guys, let's beat their ass.

    • Russell: I am not happy to have Trevor back on the Blue Team. I wanna get rid of him. So it's gonna get a little grimy, it's gonna get a little dirty. Let's just let the games begin.

    • Rob: (in an interview segment) Nona is the bane of my existence. I'll be honest with you. For some reason, she's my kryptonite.

    • Chef Ramsay: Wings. These are actually from a hotel. My hotel. Rob, well done. That was the only dish.
      Nona: (in an interview segment, whispering) I didn't care for the wings. Shh.

  • NOTES (1)