Hell's Kitchen

Season 9 Episode 7

HK9: 11 Chefs Compete

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the beginning of this episode (after Monterray's elimination) Krupa is massively drunk, and her behavior makes the members of her team laugh hysterically. However, the next day, the 11 remaining chefs learn that they are going to be cooking with...BEER, which is a problem for Krupa since she is still hung-over. The blue team wins the challenge 3 to 2 and get to attend the 2011 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach as VIP guests, where they also try out racing in a race car. The red team must take in several deliveries of food, including ice and kegs of beer.

For dinner service, each table has a beer dispenser that customers can use freely. In the red kitchen, Elise forgets to drain her salad before service starts and blames Carrie for not doing it herself. In the blue kitchen, Natalie struggles with cooking scallops. Chef Ramsay nearly loses his patience when he discovers 30 scallops and wonders why they haven't been re-fired (Jonathan foolishly tries to count over Chef Ramsay, and is then told to "Shut It!"); as a result, Will helps Natalie with the next couple scallop orders. In the red kitchen, Jamie sends out a raw sea bass and Krupa sends out a raw venison while Elise's loud mouth disrupts concentration in the kitchen. In the blue kitchen, Natalie has trouble with the scallops, Jonathon struggles on the Wellingtons - which he blames Tommy for bad preparatory skills; and Krupa continually struggles on the entrees. Fed up with the blue kitchen's mistakes, Chef Ramsay kicks Natalie and Jonathon out of the kitchen, leaving the rest of the team to finish service by themselves. While both teams finish service (despite Jonathon threatening to quit, but suddenly changing his mind), Chef Ramsay declares both teams losers and asks them each to nominate two people for elimination. The red team nominates Jamie and Krupa, and the blue team nominates Jonathon & Natalie. Before making his decision, Chef Ramsay tells Natalie that he's lost, and that maybe she should 'do the "honorable" thing' and give him her jacket. But, she refuses. Chef Ramsay tells Krupa that her time in Hell's Kitchen is over.

After Krupa's exit, there is no reason given for her elimination as this episode ends with Chef Ramsay telling both the red team & blue team "we're not done yet" which is followed by "To Be Continued..."

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