Hell's Kitchen

Season 9 Episode 11

HK9: Day Ten

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2011 on FOX

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  • A new face of Chef Ramsay presented here...


    Since this season started we witness a more ruthless and impatient Gordon Ramsay...It was enough to presented 2 bad dishes to be kicked of the kitchen as we witness in Paul's case...However this episodes we were presented a more patient Chef Ramsay...HE maintained his composure a lot more and waited before kicking cooks from the kitchen...I liked it what can I say...I know a lot of people find this show funny and laugh at the contestants but I had a boss like Ramsay is with low patience and it wasn't pretty to be scolded...

    In connection with what ArmyOfQuad said, I think he doesn't understand that Gordon Ramsay runs the kitchen and decides who goes and when, it's not that easy to kick someone...He was more patient this time because he saw that weaker cooks than Elise were still there and had to be eliminated first...

    The cook I admire most is Tommy, sure he isn't the best cook and has a low chance to win but boy is he submissive...