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  • Food for Thought . . .

    Scallops. Risotto. Some sort of square pan-fried fish. Steak. Ho-hum. Junior Master Chefs are expected to cook different dishes every episode - why can't these professionals? I'd like to see MORE variety in the menu. I know the contestants aren't necessarily picked for their talent in the kitchen, but honestly! Even I wouldn't burn scallops three times in a row, three nights in a row. A new menu and new talent are needed - these simple mistakes and simple menu are getting old.
  • plastic

    Where does this blow up I need to know who is at fault on the front lie for serving plastic?????? The kitchen is not totally to blame!!!!!!!
  • Don't hang onto "colorful characters" too long

    My husband and I started watching the show this fall, watching old seasons on Hulu. We just finished season 9. We really like the show, find it very entertaining, and it has even inspired me to try cooking a few things that I have never cooked before, like scallops, risotto and cauliflower puree.

    We have noticed a tendency in the show that "colorful characters" (think Lacey or Sabrina) tend to hang around the show for an episode or two longer after it becomes obvious that its time for them to go; we assume this is to create more drama and excitement on the show. Which is fine. But in season nine a "colorful character" (Elise) was hung onto far too long and in our opinion this really detracted from our enjoyment of the show. I thought she should have been eliminated about halfway through the season; my husband, who is more generous, thought she should have been eliminated about four episodes sooner than she actually was.

    For all the drama and interest they create, a big part of the enjoyment of having a colorful character on the show is the satisfaction of seeing that person get what's coming to them when they are eliminated. At the absolute minimum Elise should have been eliminated after the episode in which she lied to Chef Ramsay; he's never let a contestant get away with lying to him before, and seeing someone get away with something of that magnitude doesn't make for enjoyable viewing. She drove every other contestant that season crazy and started driving us crazy too! There's a line between drama that sucks you in and drama that repulses you, and season nine definitely crossed that line into the repulsive category.

    We hope that season ten will be better! We like to watch a little craziness, a little drama, but the show seems to be getting steadily trashier each season and last season with Elise was over the top. We don't like to watch trash.

    I read on a website somewhere recently that prior to season nine, Elise the "Diva Chef" was approached and asked to be on Hell's Kitchen. If true, that would explain a lot of things, such as why she was allowed to stay on the show after being repeatedly nominated for elimination, verbally abusing competitors, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of high quality fish, getting caught sabotaging competitors and getting caught lying to Chef Ramsay. A part of me wonders and almost hopes that she was chosen specifically because she's crazy and was guaranteed to make it to a certain point in the show as long as she kept the crazy train going. But I really hope they don't do that again because it was no fun to watch.

    Prior to season nine I probably would have given the show a higher rating than 6.5. Hoping things turn around in season 10.
  • He tells it like it is!

    I love the show and Chef Ramsey. I think some of the contestants think they are way more talented than they are and he puts them in their place so they can get better.
  • Favoritism

    It was quite obvious that Chef Ramsey has chosen Bryant as the winner. When he told Bryant to come up with two names for elimination, I knew it was over. Ramsey's choice for Bryant to choose the two people to be eliminated gave Bryant the competitive edge.

    Not too sure why he eliminated Roe instead of Jennifer. Roe had won a lot of challenges as opposed to the others. She is even on the Omaha Steaks Billboard. It also appeared that the others were ganging up

    on Roe to make her look bad. Maybe Ramsey likes Bullies, since those have remained as contestants.
  • racist

    O don't think ramsy is fear I think he may be racists be caught Fernando never had gone to the chopping block and the one time he goes he gets cut , I've been watching the show from the first season and I've never seen a Hispanic make it no matter how good they are
  • Gourmet, or go home

    Hell's Kitchen is one of FOX's most popular Reality competition shows & not just because Gordon Ramsay is in it.

    This show reveals to us among its many competitors who are vying for a chef's position in one of Ramsay's many restaurants in a competition to see just who has what it takes to satisfy Gordon's high standards.

    The contestants have their reasons to win that coveted chef's position, but most fall to the wayside due to their own mounting mistakes. Now i know i have once compared Reality TV competition shows to garish sideshows, but Hell's Kitchen stands out as compelling TV that shows us that behind the glamour of being a chef, there's hardships to be overcome.
  • new show

    How about a show where Gordon Ramsey surprises average families with a chance to learn how to cook a gourmet meal?
  • Coffee shop dishwashers, or Head Chefs ?

    Mr Ramsey, I noticed you stopped telling the chefs to get out , f__k off after service.

    Get out, clean up, f__k off until they do!

    I have never seen such unprofessional looking chefs as this group.

    The chefs appearance sets the mood for whats to come on the plate.

    Some look like dishwashers at a local coffee shop.

    Someday, my wife and I will get to enjoy dining, at Hells Kitchen.
  • Keisha way overdone.....

    Why does everyone allow the Joy/Keisha duo to get by with protecting each other. What they did to Rochelle was really a shit move. They obviously have a pact to keep these 2 black girls in. Keisha should have been gone ages ago. Notice each time Joy finds a reason to send another girl in. It is like reverse discrimination. I am sick of it. It has gotten obvious and I am appalled that Chef Ramsey doesn't call them on it. Keisha is slow, stupid and thinks she is the winner already. Someone stand up against those 2.
  • Take out the trash.

    Kiesha is a line cook that has the skills of a dishwasher, you're annoying unorganized and lazy, no one is ever going to respect you enough to work under you. And joy is garbage too, yeah you might be able to cook but your a sneaky ***, I'm all for Rochelle now, as for the blue team, Anton is a joke without a punch line, have you ever actually worked a line before bro? Seriously dump the trash.
  • Nose hair!

    Someone please make Richard trim those nasty ass nose hair that just continues into his mustache. Its totally gross!!! I wouldn't be able to eat anything he had his hands on in fear that I would find some in my food. Yuk! I mean, isn't there some kinda rule about facial hair when your profession is a Chef? Hes really hard to look at with giant nose hairs sticking out of his nose..
  • Time for Chef Ramsey to go..

    Hells Kitchen and other shows are no longer entertainment. It is time for quality programming.
  • Question for Chef Ramsey

    Why are no chefs ever wearing hair why do I see episodes where chefs dip their spoon in a sauce to taste and then back in the sauce with the same asking??
  • chef donkey

    What a sad cooking show hosted by an even sadder line cook. Why not get some real culinary talent and stop slicing the scallops so thin that they are very difficult to cook in chef donkeys celebrity diner. How much did gordie have to pay to get the michelin star. He is probably more deserving of a goodyear retread.
  • Shut Up Kashia

    I can't stand that chick please for the love of god shut her mouth! I can out cook her with 1 arm blindfolded, and drunk ! She can't speak proper English so I take it you guys are promoting ignorance! Just kick her off no one and I MEAN NO ONE will miss her ..


    someone who really can't stand ignorance..


  • Good, not as great as .

    I really like this show a lot but, not as much as Kitchen Nightmares. Chef Ramsay reminds me of myself when I go to restaurants. It seems I have trouble controlling my tongue when I taste something bad. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a place that claims to have fresh fish and on the sign it said "Fresh-Frozen" and I said to the guy behind the counter "Is it fresh or is it frozen?" he laughed and said it's "Freshly Frozen" I'm like you have got to be kidding me. I got quite angry and said "F*** there's nothing fresh about frozen fish".
  • Smokefree

    The first thing to go when you smoke is your taste! I adore chef ramsey, however, he should choose his applicants based on "non-smoking". It's disgusting to watch the episodes when they are on break and see the contestants smoking away!
  • Nicole

    Nicole is smoking HOT, reminds me of Sandra bullock except I think Nicole is HOTTER. Who cares if she can cook or not when she looks the way she does. Hope she makes it to the end...
  • Hells kitchen s12 has started!!!!

    Check for s12 as it has started !!!
  • Season 12 has started

    The site needs updating for season 12
  • get the F##& out of the kitchen

    new season, new contestants. Let the madness flow. bitches!!
  • May be a bit too much, but hey, I`d watch for a while

    The show is clearly staged from my point of view but I gotta admit, they did a better job on that than Survivor and the contestents are good enough to watch in a way.
  • More Enjoyable Than Other Reality Shows

    While I believe this is somewhat scripted and staged, I still find this show amusing. I don't really find the contestants to be interesting, despite the drama the show creates for the chefs. Even though this might sound wrong, the part I find so amusing is how Gordon Ramsey yells at the contestants. (Well it's called Hell's Kitchen for a reason). Most likely he yells like that to motivate the chefs to do better and maybe provokes some of the issues the other chefs have against each other. Overall, I wouldn't watch this regularly because it'll get too repitive for me, but it is a good way to kill an hour every now and again.
  • Not as enjoyable

    I am finding that all the nasty, judgemental remarks by the aspiring chefs in regards to their fellow competitors mistakes to be taking most of the enjoyment out of the show. I wish they would do away with this practice all together
  • Sick Money Making Scam

    It was so obvious that Mary held the kitchen and G'nel did not as Gordon had to advise G'nel how to take control. I am an ex Hotel General Manager and agree that Mary's yelling was called for as Dan was sabotaging her service and when your head is on the line as a Head Chef and you have paying customers at that level, you have to take control and deal with things decisively infront of everyone. Most Head Chefs are terrifying, they have to be to take control of all the testosterone and egos bunched up together in one hot kitchen. Mary had the most 'A' star comments about her dishes upon tastings too. J'nel it seems is an amazingly exceptionally creative chef and that's what he went for in direct violation of his own statements about 'best leadership' and 'most admired dishes'. If he had just said that's why he chose J'nel then no one would feel Mary had been cheated. I am interested to know how many people agree/disagree with this analysis. Thanks.
  • Chef Ramsey hell yer !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gr8 tv viewing for us, my step son even loves the show,ramsey is a credit to his profession really - i'd love to apply for the show but i'm not going to new york for the show lol .

    oooooooooooops hells kitchen is on , byeeeeeeeee
  • I never watched another episode again.

    I watched season one and at first it was promising. I agreed on every jacket taken until it came to Elsie, I lost complete faith in the show when she was asked to leave. The fact that she was conspired against in the kitchen while gone and deserving everything she earned only shows that conniving cowards get their own kitchens. I observed such cowardly and disrespectful tactics used against her to the point she was shunned out after never doing the same to any other chief. Gordon was a fool to let such political backstabbing methods determine a place in his very own establishments. The fact remains she had no experience but not only had a real pallet and a natural gift to cook she did so never stepping over others through the entire season one. So as they say in England this show is complete bullocks.
  • POor gordan ramsey lost his brain somewhere

    OMg i am so pissed that Janel won she didnt deserve that at all! UGH! Gordan i used to watch you with my mom, but she passed away but ive kept watching you and now i sit here and shake my head in shame at your poor decision. Janel had no control over her kitchen, mary even finished before janel while janel was still knee deep in finishing shame on you gordan ! shame on you! i hope she doesnt drag your place under at the thing you know we will find you and your recipies and your cookware at walmart..........
  • A squeaky girl does not a lose make!

    Mary was the stand out tonight-she had more success in the kitchen and showed herself a leader, just because Ja"nel was calm???? I think not-but you will remain my television boyfriend, I love the way people are surprised you can be a jerk-but, you have heart,
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