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  • HK4: Finale
    Episode 15

    The two finalists prepare for the final dinner service of the season, knowing that one of them will be crowned the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Neither wish to fall down on the job with an executive chef position worth a quarter of a million dollars at stake, but they find themselves faced with two giant albatrosses -- Matt and Jen. Neither are happy at returning for the final service as prep chefs and neither look to be at anywhere near their best. With these problems to manage, Petrozza and Christina also work to finalize their menus and the design of their new restaurants. Once everything is in place, the two chefs set to work on the final service with two very conflicting menus. Despite various setbacks, both turn in strong services that leave Chef Ramsay in agony as to which he should choose as the winner of Hell's Kitchen.

  • 7/1/08

    The final two chefs are asked for ideas to create their own style of restaurant, both in design and a complete menu. Both chefs face the pressure of being the top two, each in different ways. The chefs are sent on a trip to New York City where they receive a special greeting in Time's Square and enjoy the atmosphere of the London NYC. They also face off in a final reward challenge in which they must cook their signature dish. Back in Hell's Kitchen, the chefs evaluate the restaurant designs and begin making their selections for the teams that will aid them in the final dinner service.

  • 6/24/08

    The remaining three chefs enjoy breakfast with their families, but only one of them realizes that they are being tested. When one chef wins the day's challenge, they enjoy a day of sightseeing and fine dining while the other two are left to a crushing punishment. The chefs face an extremely challenging dinner service that is made even tougher by the prospect of running the hot plate. Following assertiveness testing by Chef Ramsay, the chefs head into dinner service where they're tasked to discover sabotaged dishes during their turns at the pass. One chef makes some major mistakes during service, but finds redemption during the hot plate challenge. With no clear winners and losers, the three face the challenge of each nominating one of their own for elimination.

  • HK4: Day Twelve
    Episode 12

    The four remaining chefs are asked to create an original dish for a group of 80 pregnant women. Some chefs excel, but one finds their performance quite lacking when they're still preparing food while the women are busy eating. The winner of the challenge is sent on a fashionable reward that sends two of the other chefs into rank envy. At the evening's dinner service, one chef tests Ramsay's patience by twice serving him a pot with a hot handle that burns his hand. Another chef, however, makes an even greater mistake by failing at teamwork at many key moments.

  • 6/10/08

    The aspiring chefs teach the art of gourmet meat preparation to housewives, with the winner of the challenge given one-on-one time with chefs Mark Peel and Ben Ford. The losing chefs are made to give Hell's Kitchen a top-to-bottom cleaning. The chefs later struggle to complete their most complicated dinner service yet. With only five left, they face a full restaurant as well as a twelve-top table and an added special. Some chefs thrive, but others crack under the pressure and dinner service on the whole turns out to be well below the expected standards.

  • 6/3/08

    The two teams are combined to create a single team. Each chef is asked to create a dish designed specifically to please Chef Ramsay centered around a single main ingredient. The new unified team struggles to complete its first service together. Two chefs scheme together to plot another's downfall. The winner of the challenge is invited on a very special trip -- a visit to Vegas and a meeting with Rock Harper, the winner of the show's third season. The show's medics are put the test when things once again get a little too hot. One chef goes ballistic when the pressure of the evening's dinner service gets to be just a bit too much.

  • 5/27/08

    To test the remaining chefs' timing, Gordon Ramsay has the two teams compete in relay race. The winning time enjoys a day at the beach complete with surfing, while the losing team cleans Hell's Kitchen from top to bottom. The teams are later challenged to create their own menus for the evening's dinner service, but one team is hampered by behavior from a member described at best as overenthusiastic. At the service, one chef is repeatedly booted off his stations while another loses a table after taking too long to serve steaks. During the elimination ceremony, Chef Ramsay gives one of the chefs a special power.

  • HK4: Day Eight
    Episode 8

    The remaining chefs are challenged in a task that requires them to create a total of four dishes with 20 ingredients. With the teams uneven, one of the aspiring chefs on the Red Team has to join the Blue Team instead. One contestant's hopes of becoming the next big talent in chefdom are placed in jeopardy by a cutting injury that requires medical attention. The chefs face their toughest audience yet when two food critics arrive to evaluate their performances.

  • 5/13/08

    The remaining chefs are seriously humiliated when a surprise taste test from Ramsay suggests that none of their palates are up to snuff. Their tasting skills are then put to a blind test that ultimately comes down to a head-to-head competition between two chefs. The winning team enjoys a luxurious spa day, while the losers face a day of vigorous spring cleaning. The chefs return to a fine dining menu for the evening, but with mixed results. After two previous complete dinner services, service is once again shut down early, with one team in particular singled out. The result is one chef's fall-from-grace after Chef Ramsay asks every member of the losing team to nominate someone for elimination.

  • 5/6/08

    A fantasy birthday celebration is the order of the day for the remaining aspiring chefs. The chefs cook for a sweet 16 party, but the mood in Hell's Kitchen is anything but sweet. Team members on both sides continue to suffer infighting. After a challenge, one Team is rewarded with a day of go-kart racing, while the other spends time decorating with an overly flamboyant party-planner. At dinner service, trouble erupts when food of both the undercooked and overcooked variety is sent out. At the episode's elimination ceremony, one chef breaks ranks in a surprising switch.

  • 4/29/08

    Vanessa struggles to continue in the kitchen with a burnt arm. The aspiring chefs compete in a challenge to create gourmet pizza. The winning team enjoys a day of gourmet food, while the losing team is forced to prep pizza. Later, the teams struggle to complete a pizza-themed dinner service. One member of the losing team is sent out to do home pizza deliveries. At the episode's elimination ceremony, Chef Ramsay sets the chefs straight on who it is that determines their fate.

  • 4/22/08

    Teams compete in a pasta challenge for a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, but one contestant is sent to the hospital following an accident. In the evening's dinner service, the Blue Team and Red Team compete to be the first to finish all tickets for their kitchen on the first-ever Hell's Kitchen family night.

  • 4/15/08

    With two aspiring chefs already eliminated, the remaining chefs are challenged to each cut a chicken into eight pieces. At dinner service they are challenged to prepare chicken dinners family-style.

  • 4/8/08

    The contestants must divide halibut into six-ounce fillets in the first challenge. During the dinner service, one member of each team works as maitre d'. At the end of it all a contestant is eliminated.

  • 4/1/08

    In the season four premiere, a new crop of Hell's Kitchen chefs begin their journey for the final prize.