Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 7

HK5: 10 Chefs Compete


Full Episode: HK5: 10 Chefs Compete


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Chef Ramsay challenges the teams to create delicious tapas style, or small portioned, dishes out of left-overs. Both teams put in a valiant effort, with Chef Ramsay declaring it the "closest ever." The winning team is sent to enjoy a day at the races, while the losing team completes prep for both kitchens. During this grueling punishment, one chef earns their team's wrath by having to be babysat and threatening to quit. At that evening's dinner service, one chef messes up so badly that they are sent home in mid-service. Another doesn't fare much better, but manages to barely avoid elimination.

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high stake situations, temper tantrum, snobs versus slobs, Cooking, fight for survival