Hell's Kitchen

Season 5 Episode 15

HK5: Finale

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Danny and Paula go head-to-head to determine who will the fifth season of Hell's Kitchen. Paula tries to get Lacey straightened out, while Danny discovers that Giovanni has a chip on his shoulder following his dramatic elimination from Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay evaluates the design of the two finalists' restaurants, Sunergy and Velvet Hammer, and finds them both up to snuff. He also gives them both suggestions on their menus. During the evening's dinner service, both have their struggles, but both complete a strong service. Chef Ramsay is left with a very tough decision, saying that it was the best final dinner service and he honestly means it. Ultimately, one of the two is crowned the winner of the fifth season of Hell's Kitchen.

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high stake situations, temper tantrum, snobs versus slobs, Cooking, fight for survival