Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 7

HK6: 10 Chefs Compete

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The teams participate in a challenge that requires them to roll dice to determine ingredients. One team makes seemingly poor selections but surprises everyone with an excellent dish. That team is sent on a private plane trip to Las Vegas, while the losing team is made to clean and prep both kitchens for service and take part in delivery day. At the service, one chef makes a return to the competition. The teams are presented with an additional challenge-- chef's tables. The service on the whole is mostly strong, but when one team flounders at the end, their service is shut down by Chef Ramsay. Named best of the worst, one chef is forced to make difficult choices for nomination, leading to the elimination of a seeming frontrunner.

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high stake situations, temper tantrum, snobs versus slobs, Cooking, fight for survival