Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 12

HK6: 5 Chefs Compete


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The remaining aspiring chefs are presented with their first true individual challenge-- to create entrees that not only taste good but also look good. The dishes are judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit Magazine. The two dishes that look best are tasted by Gordon Ramsay and Barbara Fairchild and two chefs get a surprise when the results are declared a tie, making them both winners. The two winners get to enjoy a photo shoot for Bon Appetit, while the losing chefs are made to don prison garb and perform community service. During the punishment, one chef that has been struggling sustains a further injury. The evening's dinner service turns out to be something of a disaster. All seemingly in it for themselves, the aspiring chefs find themselves unable to work as a team and mistakes are made throughout service. Though the service is completed, Gordon Ramsay finds himself appalled. Every chef faces the threat of elimination, but one chef who has been skirting elimination for several weeks finally goes home.

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