Hell's Kitchen

Season 6 Episode 9

HK6: 8 Chefs Compete

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The two teams are presented with the challenge of creating crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Both teams present some tasty crepes, but one chef presents a crepe that "looks like diarrhea" and that chef's team goes down in defeat. The losing team is made to prep both kitchens ahead of service, while the winning team gets an exclusive lunch at a fancy French restaurant and also gets to playact as mimes. Before the evening's service, one chef sustains a nasty injury that compromises their performance when they return for service. French food is on the menu at Hell's Kitchen, but no less than three chefs find themselves not up to the job. Ramsay kicks all three out of the kitchen, leading to a surprising moment when both teams still manage to complete service. With so many chefs kicked out, Chef Ramsay ends up asking both teams to work together to come up with nominations for elimination.

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high stake situations, temper tantrum, snobs versus slobs, Cooking, fight for survival