Hell's Kitchen

Season 8 Episode 7

HK8: 9 Chefs Compete Part 1

Full Episode: HK8: 9 Chefs Compete Part 1


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The remaining aspiring chefs compete in the seventh episode of the eighth season of Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay challenges the chefs by having them name ingredients based on letters spun on a roulette wheel, then asks both teams to cook dishes using the ingredients that they named. The winning team enjoys a night at a fancy hotel, while the losing team is made to peel potatoes to be used in french fries. The next day, Hell's Kitchen opens for family night, including a children's menu. Despite a number of hangups, including slow service to Chef Ramsay's own family, the service goes well on the whole. This leads Ramsay to make a surprising decision come the evening's elimination.

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high stake situations, temper tantrum, snobs versus slobs, Cooking, fight for survival