Hell's Kitchen

Season 8 Episode 11

HK8: Day Eleven


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The remaining seven chefs celebrate their making it to the final seven as the merged team, but Trev finds himself feeling excluded, especially given that he is one of only two men remaining in Hell's Kitchen. For the first individual challenge, Chef Ramsay challenges the chefs to each create an amazing amuse bouche. The bouches are then judged by a panel of renowned chefs, many with Michelin stars. The winning chef receives an astounding perfect score of 100/100, getting top marks for both presentation and taste. They are rewarded with a tour of the prize restaurant L.A. Market and are given the opportunity to take one other aspiring chef again. The losing chefs are made to clean the dorms, then prep the kitchen for service, being held that evening. Before service, Chef Ramsay tries to inspire the chefs by presenting them with a platter of money. Service, however, turns out to be a disaster, with Chef Ramsay shutting it down and telling all the chefs save one that he wishes he could tell them to all take off their jackets.moreless
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